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    Disraeli’s Dream of “Young England”

      In the British Isles in the second half of the 19th century, a political star who was good at writing and writing was active. He was appointed to form a cabinet twice, and he made many achievements during his reign, bringing supreme glory to the British Empire under Queen Victoria. As the empire expanded, his fame spread far and wide. Even in the land of China in the East, his writings are often seen in newspapers. According to scholars’ research, in the late Qing Dynasty, the “Wan Guo Bulletin” and “Painting News” sponsored by missionaries were the first to publish special articles, and they spoke highly of his political career…

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    Passionate and noble love

      In 1827, Pushkin ended his exile and returned to Petersburg. In early 1828, he fell in love with the beautiful Olenina.   Anna Alexeyevna Olenina (1808-1888), born in a noble family, her father, Alexey Nikolaevich Olenin, worked as the director of the public library and the Academy of Arts Long, at this time a third-class civil servant, member of Congress, and his mother, Elizabeth Markovna Portoladskaya, was the daughter of Anna Kane (to whom Pushkin wrote the famous poem “To Kane”). Dear aunt. Olenina is charming and beautiful, with a slender waist, plump breasts, blond hair, and a sweet smile. She has the beauty of the characters in the paintings of…

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    Earthquakes and Earthquake Culture in Japan

      Japan is a country prone to earthquakes, and both the large earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 and the recent predictions of future earthquakes in Japan are shocking. However, the earthquake culture produced by the Japanese in the process of fighting against it has also aroused great attention from the world.   Earthquakes   in Japan Japan is located at the junction of the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate. Plate motion has created huge earthquake zones around the Pacific Ocean. The moving speed of the Pacific plate squeezed into the Eurasian plate is about several centimeters per year. When the deformation accumulates to the extreme, the plate interface will not…

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    One small step for the Olympics, one giant leap for democracy

      The road to democracy has never lacked bumps and thorns. The political changes of South Korea after World War II can be said to be a history of struggle full of blood and tears, and a history of difficult struggles of the Korean people in their unremitting pursuit of democracy and freedom.   Since Park Chung-hee came to power in a military coup in May 1961, South Korea’s authoritarian political system was formally established. Since then, South Korean politics has entered a vicious cycle of seizing power within the military and government or transferring power within the military. In a period of heavy political pressure and clouds, the Korean people have…

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    A Brief History of World Aviation Development at a Glance

      Two famous flying pioneers, brothers Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright, likely spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. What is certain is that in 1899 Wilbur Wright asked the Smithsonian Institution and other magazines for knowledge and advice on aviation. He may have been drawn to the large birds soaring over the Kiddy Hawk dunes in North Carolina. Why do they have the ability to soar above? He and Orville observed how birds flap their wings in flight, using their raised muscles to control their wings and flight direction. These are all key factors in flight — not just wing shape. Their judgment is correct.   On December…

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    Forgotten chapter

      Walking into the used bookstore and smelling the unique smell of old books, Mike couldn’t help laughing: there are too many ancient stories in this store, and the accumulated history is waiting to be read and shared with others. On the innermost bookshelf, he found what he had been looking for—two layers of dust-covered books tightly packed together, once the owner’s treasure, but now forgotten here in the darkest corner.   These old books from Italy, America, France, Greece are full of recipes for cooking all kinds of dishes, and they hold secrets from all over the world. They stood there quietly, tucked away in little corners of the bookstore, waiting…

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    The silence speaks

      Retro is a popular theme for this year’s Oscars, whether it’s “Midnight in Paris,” or “Hugo,” or “The Artist.” These antique-digging practices have ignited a wave of collective nostalgia among people from all walks of life in the film industry, including their love for movies, reminiscences of bygone eras, and a cherishing of classical elegance. In fact, stripped of the nostalgic factor, the story of “The Artist” is very simple to modern audiences. It uses a typical traditional Hollywood-style structure and narrative technique: In 1927, George Valentine was a first-line star in Hollywood silent films. A chance encounter with the extras Barbie, with his encouragement and guidance, Barbie slowly became…

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    Balmont, king of russian poetry

      Speaking of Russian poetry, our readers will immediately think of Pushkin and Akhmatova, who are known as the sun and moon of Russian poetry. But little is known about Balmont, the king of poetry in the early 20th century. In fact, Balmont’s fame was far above Akhmatova.   Kahn de Balmont was born on June 4, 1867 in a manor near the city of Shua. He was expelled from school for participating in a secret student group and distributing leaflets for the National Opinion Party, and he did not graduate from high school. In the autumn of 1886, he was admitted to the Faculty of Law of Moscow University, but was…

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    The desperate rebirth behind the curious monkey

      Hans Ray was born in Hamburg, Germany on September 16, 1898. He had a strong interest in animals and painting from a young age. Margaret Elizabeth Wallstein was also born in Hamburg on May 16, 1906. These two people are the creators of the popular American animation “Curious George” – Jewish cartoon illustrator Mr. and Mrs. Lei.   The advent of love is a coincidence, but also God’s will. One day, Hans went to visit Margaret’s father, and accidentally bumped into the naughty girl Margaret who slipped down the handrail of the stairs. After that, as the smoke of the First World War died down, Hans traveled to Brazil to paint…

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    Nylon stockings are also crazy

      When it comes to women’s fashion, stockings are always one of the indispensable elements. Stockings have always been known as “leg fashion”, not only can cover some small flaws in women’s legs, but also make rough skin appear delicate and shiny, showing soft lines and beauty, so there is “women’s”. “Second Skin”. However, few people know that in the 1940s, many American women regarded owning a pair of nylon stockings as one of their most important dreams, and when this new product came to the market, it was like expecting a superstar to come. Such a scene is not inferior to the pursuit of the iPhone 4s today.   It started…

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    Fast food love

      Starting a journey of discovery about instant noodles was purely unintentional.   ”200,000 packs of instant noodles were urgently transported to the earthquake-stricken areas in Japan.” I clicked the mouse and browsed the news on the website. In less than three minutes, my stomach sent a signal to me, and the sound of gurgle and gurgle came and went, like a symphony played in the stomach. The feeling of hunger is a little bit of distraction, the work at hand is impossible to complete, there is only a bowl of steaming instant noodles left in my mind, the thick soup exudes an attractive fragrance, and it keeps stirring up the stomach.…

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    English cursive script: cursive script

      Curly font is a kind of round font, which is the writing art of English letters, which originated in England in the 18th century. The letters are neatly arranged, the flowers are like small black, and some are decorated with circles. In the 19th century, students had to carefully copy the copybooks of famous people, practicing the letters and those circles and curves over and over again. Students also practice their arms so that they can move their pen more freely and powerfully. Such works are now regarded as art to be admired, and collectors are fascinated by this wonderful work of art.   Stumbled across a 1950s linen at a…

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