The healthiest schedule

  Get up at 7:30. Researchers at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom found that those who got up at 5:22 to 7:21 in the morning had a higher level of blood in their heart, so they got up after 7:21. Physical health is more beneficial.

  7:30-8:00 Brush your teeth before breakfast. “Brushing your teeth before breakfast can prevent your teeth from getting corroded, because after brushing your teeth, you can apply a protective layer of fluoride to your teeth. Or, wait for half an hour after breakfast, then brush your teeth.” British Dental Association Health and Safety Researcher Den Watkins said.

  8:00-8:00 for breakfast. “Morning must be eaten because it helps you maintain your blood sugar,” said Kevin Wilhelm, a nutritionist at King’s College London. For breakfast, you can eat foods such as oatmeal, which have a lower glycemic index.

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After the sage

  The peace and prosperity of the world. The descendants of great men, celebrities, and sages, repairing the temple, continuing the genealogy, and worshiping the ancestors are very lively.

  According to the latest revision of the Confucius Family Tree, there are more than 2 million Confucian people. There are also reports that the Zhu Xi family is the largest family in the world, with 8 million people, including more than one million overseas, who have caught up with the population of a small country.

  What are the reasons for so many descendants of the sages? It is about developing tourism and attracting investment, which is called “culture, Taiwan, and economic singing.” After getting over the head, the people satirized it as “a liar to set up a stage, and a grandson to sing a play.”

  I know a middle-aged peasant, surnamed Fan, and famous Guoliang. The level of education is not high, and the appearance is not astonishing. I opened a large truck to make a living. After earning a small amount of money, he moved his family to the county town and continued to drive large trucks to make a living. In short, he is a very ordinary person.

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Money, really is the bastard

  The financial crisis that swept the world in 2008 has worried many people. I am a poor person, not afraid of losing anything, there is nothing to worry about, but I am very interested in understanding why this is all. Systematic thinking is always based on the pursuit of the source. “Currency War” not only solved the mystery in my heart, but even completely destroyed my poor knowledge of political economy, and has since produced a terrible consciousness: money, really a bastard.

  Speaking of who is the richest person in the world, people may vote for Bill Gates. I didn’t believe that Gates was the richest, a software seller, and sometimes used some “black screen” means. His tens of billions of confession is a few hard money, how can it compare with those exclusive monopoly? Oligarchs of life-threatening resources such as steel and oil? But I don’t know who is the richest before reading Money War. Now, the world’s richest man has surfaced: it’s not a person, but a family, a European, conservative estimate. Has a $50 trillion Rothschild bank family. Banks, where the money is made, the world’s richest man is born here, perhaps it is justified.

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Where do you focus your energy?

  You should think about how many useful things you can put in your life, your wisdom, talent, and spirit. My saddest thing is that our people are often not putting things in their own affairs but in interpersonal relationships. On, to a unit without considering how to do things well, the first thing to consider is how to deal with interpersonal relationships. This is really our sorrow, so Laozi’s “fun is not contending, so it is impossible to fight with it”. At one point, we can change our habit of “fighting in the nest” to some extent, so that one can put the spirit and wisdom into one person. Learning is used in business.

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  These days, because of the need of class, I have revisited Turgenev’s “House of Nobles.” I have seen this novel more than three times, and I have consciously remembered all the details. However, every time I reread, I read it carefully until the end; and sometimes I feel that I have watched the House of Nobles over and over again, just for the end.

  In the end, Lavrecsky found Lisa’s reclusive monastery and saw her. She walked past him. “Through the nun’s uniform, hurried and courteous pace, he walked over and did not face him. I glanced at it; only the eye on his side, the eyelashes trembled a little. ”
  I looked again,” the eyelashes trembled a little, “Yes, that is, “the eyelashes trembled a little,” did not mention “Tears,” or “tears,” the novel ends. However, why, in my memory, stubbornly left such a ending: Lisa walked past Lavrecchi, the tears on her eyelashes flashed.

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