A family book

  Those who have seen the animated cartoon “Smart Hugh” like the wisdom and optimism of a break. Yixiu is a true Japanese historical figure and a Zen master who has a great influence in the history of Japanese Buddhism. His mother was a nephew of the Muromachi era emperor. In order to avoid the demise of the court struggle, she left the palace with her son and went to the monastery.

  You may not know that the ending of “The Smart One Hugh” is actually a letter written to the mother at the temple.

  Mother Adult: How are you? Last night, I saw a bright star on the branches of the cedar tree. The stars stare at me, just like mom, very gentle. The stars said to me: Can’t be depressed, it’s a boy; if you are lonely, come and talk to me. When? Probably… just write here, look forward to your reply, mother. a break

  Mother Adult: How are you? Yesterday, the kittens in the temple were taken away by people in the neighboring village. The kitten cried, holding the cat mother tightly. I said to the kitten: Hey, don’t cry, you won’t be lonely. You are a boy, right? I will see my mother again. When? … sure it will. Just write here, look forward to your reply, mother and adults. a break

  A smart break, the little monk who spoke to the stars and the kitten, how much he longed for the mother’s love!

  Did the mother respond to the letter in a timely manner? unknown.

  However, the mother of Yixiu left a terrific letter in the history of Zen, which was written before she died.

  A break:

  I am about to finish this life and return to eternity. I hope that you will work hard and understand Buddhism. Only then will you know that I am in hell or have been with you. If you are a big man and know that Buddha is your servant, you should put down the scriptures and go to the Purdue. Forty-nine years in the world, there is no word to say, why? You should know. If you don’t know but want to know, then avoid doing unhelpful reverie.

  The purpose of the Dharma is to enlighten all beings. If you rely on any method, you are like an ignorant insect, although there are more than 84,000 Buddhist methods. If you can’t see yourself, then you won’t even understand this letter.

  This is my last last words.

  The book is precious. Therefore, the poet said: The family book arrived in Wanjin. The great mother who made the generation of Zen masters, their family books, and the end of the money?