A woman with vision, she will not choose these three men to be husbands.

Whether a marriage can be happy often has a great relationship with the other’s native family.

Especially for women, marry a man, he must bear with his native family. If you marry the wrong family, it is very difficult to get happiness.

A woman with vision knows that marrying a man from these three families is equivalent to pushing himself into a “fire pit”!


Born in a feudal, patriarchal family

Although it is now a new society, there are still many places where the idea of ​​male superiority is inferior.

If you find that your father-in-law is drinking six before the marriage, the mother-in-law is always whispering, such a family, must not marry.

The masculinity is so strong that marrying you is a life of suffering. And this will not only affect your future life, but also affect your next generation.

Some families, although there is no king to inherit, and no family business needs to take over, but they have the same mysterious requirements: you must give birth to a son!

Because they think: It’s just to pass you in order to pass on the family. Can you still have a son to do it?

Even they will marry their son to find a woman outside, as long as other women can give birth to a son for his family, you will be forced to divorce.

Marrying into such a family, you are a fertility tool, you will not get the respect you deserve, and your daughter will follow you to suffer their grievances.

There is no bit of human sentiment, and it is rigidly suppressed. If you have a daughter, wouldn’t you have to suffer from sin?

Such a family only regards women as a tool for having children, and women will suffer for a lifetime.

A woman with vision will not choose to marry a man like this family.

The deep-rooted concept of family does not mean that change can change. In the end, the woman is hurt.


Born in a family that is too filial

A few days ago, a young boy committed suicide by helping his parents to pay a loan, and published a suicide note on Weibo. This kind boy touched the hearts of countless people!

Fortunately, the family of three is now out of danger.

However, when the craze retreats back to the original point, the naked reality is still in front of us: China’s family like this boy is countless.

Blood is the fundamental link of Chinese society. It makes us warm, but it also makes us paranoid and directly produces “Chinese-style filial piety”, which is also the root of the suffering of countless Chinese families.

In the suicide note, the boy has always emphasized the love of his parents. When the father asked for the documents, the boy was a little doubtful, but the boy thought:

“Being a child, I have to do this.”

Women like filial men, but many people who do not know how to be filial, when dealing with the problems of their wives and mothers, only say:

“My mom speaks straight, she is not malicious, you think too much. You are right, but that is my mother.”

There are still many women who marry this kind of filial family, often facing the father-in-law’s obstruction of their marriage.

A woman with vision will not choose to marry a man like this family.

Because he is too ignorant of the other half, he can’t see your grievances. He will only leave the best attitude to the parents he cares the most, but leave the worst attitude to you.


a family who is not born and beats

Every family has a different style of work, which the Chinese call “family style.” The family style represents the behavior, attitudes and norms of the family.

We often find that every member of a family seems to be very similar, because of the family style.

If you go to the boyfriend’s house and find that they have their own family, the mother doesn’t care, and Dad says hello and goes, that means they are not very concerned about your existence.

After such a family enters the door, I am afraid it is difficult to get along well with other people.

Moreover, if you feel that the relationship between the man and the parent seems to have a big gap, you must be vigilant.

People need to know how to know, if their family is not harmonious now, then will you be comfortable when you are married?

Marriage for decades, noisy and noisy is normal.

Everyone is an independent individual and has his own ideas. Long-term coexistence can not avoid the occurrence of contradictions.

No couple is not red-faced. But the noise is noisy, and everything has a degree.

Couples who can understand each other, but after a small quarrel, but the feelings are more intense, this is the normal state of marriage.

However, if a family has a problem, it will be awkward.

If parents always quarrel, they will bring a shadow to the children.

Even children will follow their behavior from an early age and copy some scenes into their families.

A man of this kind, after a marriage, unconsciously copied the same violence to his partner.

A woman with vision will not marry a man like this family.

For your own sake, and for your children in the future, you can grow up to be a normal person.

Marriage and love are different. Love has only two people, one world. There are many people in marriage, the whole world. Love can’t be lost, marriage can’t afford it.

I hope that we will not lose, can become the woman with vision, and find a man worthy of the rest of his life.