Accompany you to the golden wedding

The door is too heavy
At the beginning of the marriage, he and she were both young, did not know how to get along with each other, and had disputes from time to time.

One of his favorite things is listening to music on headphones. But she didn’t like it, because as soon as he put on the headphones, she felt that she was separated by him in another world. He enjoys himself in the world of headphones, and she is alone in the outside world, like an unaccompanied child.

She was angry for a long time, and every time he put on the headphones, she raised her eyebrows at him, making various beating and shooting gestures behind him-it was a pity that he could not see or hear with the headphones. After several months of enduring it, she finally couldn’t help it, and snarled at him: “No headphones! I hear you, no headphones!”

He looked innocent: “I’m afraid to disturb you! Don’t you like being quiet?”

“This,” she yelled at the speaker, “I want to listen too!”

Later, he no longer wears headphones, and every time he turns on the speaker, he respectfully asks her: “My lord, what do you want to listen to?” Then he found the disc she wanted to listen to, and said: “I have the honor to listen with you. Sir?”

She patted the sofa with satisfaction: “Sit here.”

The problem of wearing headphones is resolved, but in the long marriage, small disputes continue.

After a fight, she rushed out the door angrily, walking aimlessly on the road outside the community. Walking out several streets, I vaguely felt that there was a dark figure following behind him, she was fast, and she was slow and slow. She was a little scared, and ran into a store that hadn’t closed, pretending to buy something, and stood by the shelf, staring at the glass door. Soon I saw a figure stop and ignite the smoke, it turned out to be him. She went out and gave him 10,000 eyes: “Why follow me?”

He said with sincerity and fear: “If you get lost, it’s hard to find another wife…”

She: “That’s it?”

He: “Also, your anti-tracking skills are okay…”

Even after 25 years of marriage, she would still be angry with him for some trivial things.

One day, she was angry with him, and suddenly saw him pick up the phone, and then her WeChat rang, and he turned a paragraph to her: “She was angry and broke the door. He rushed downstairs to stop her. Take the door back.”

She fainted and patted him on the shoulder: “Forget it, the door is too heavy and you are not young anymore.”

Three mashed poached eggs
Before marriage, he lived with his parents and was well taken care of by his mother. He never went to the vegetable market alone to buy vegetables. After the marriage, the young couple came out and lived alone, only to be self-reliant. At first, when she asked him to accompany her to grocery shopping, he had a strange shyness. He was always embarrassed to be seen by acquaintances. Even on Sunday morning, he pretended to be passing by the vegetable market with a briefcase.

She couldn’t understand this at all: “Please, the president also wants to visit the vegetable market, who are you?”

So every time he buys vegetables, he is ordered to follow.

After a long time, he began to accompany her generously to grocery shopping.

Later, she was pregnant and couldn’t smell the mixed smell of vegetables, meat, seafood, Shanzhen in the vegetable market, so he went alone with a folding shopping bag, went shopping for vegetables generously, and returned to report to her. He said that he had a good relationship with the vegetable vendors, and everyone greeted him enthusiastically, who gave him a few garlic sprouts, and who gave him a handful of shallots.

During her pregnancy, she madly loved hot pot. People who didn’t eat spicy food would like to change their sex, madly in love with everything spicy. As the saying goes, there is a hot and sour girl, everyone guesses that she is going to give birth to a daughter, and he and she are also very happy. She longed for her daughter to wear beautiful children’s clothes with pigtails. He thought that when her daughter grew up, she could listen to jazz and dance with her old father, just like an old Hollywood movie.

One night, it was eight or nine o’clock, and it was dark, but she suddenly wanted to eat preserved eggs. At that time, there were no unleaded preserved eggs for pregnant women at home. Seeing that she wanted to eat something so pitiful, he rushed out and ran to several markets but couldn’t find them. If they were closed, they would just not buy what he wanted That kind of lead-free preserved eggs. In the end, he took a taxi to a farther and larger farmer’s market, and finally bought a box of unleaded preserved eggs in a small shop that was not yet closed. He hurriedly took a taxi back, peeled off the preserved eggs, chopped them, and mixed them with chili oil. He couldn’t think of it–at this time she suddenly didn’t want to eat them, so don’t smell the preserved eggs! She wants to eat glutinous poached eggs!

He wiped his sweat, waited for a while to breathe, and began to grind the mess. Fortunately, there are still glutinous rice and eggs in the refrigerator. He put his brain into it, boiled a large bowl of glutinous rice and three eggs, watching her eat one by one, and drank the glutinous rice soup without a sip.

After eating, she said: “Huh? I’m sorry, but I forgot to keep one for you.”

He swallowed his saliva and went to wash the dishes.

I don’t know if it was for her convenience and he cooked poached eggs for him, but from that time on, he learned how to cook without a teacher. Later, his dishes got better and better. He was very chef-like in every move, and he was able to cook more and more dishes. As a result, she was happy to “retire to the second line”, who was so slow in cooking that she was so crying and she was really not too talented.

Well, the good days have begun.

Silver wedding anniversary
Later, he gave birth to a son, and he and she were also very happy.

As if in the blink of an eye, my son grew up and went to university outside the city. The house calmed down again, leaving him and her facing each other day and night, calling each other the “empty nest old man”.

Her enthusiasm for traveling, which was suppressed by her son’s college entrance examination for three years, began to flourish. He was not very interested in traveling at first, but since she liked it, he went with her. They went to Japan, and as an anime fan, she finally realized her dream journey; she also went to Huashan, a person who was trembling in the face of the mountains, followed him all the way to the cliff.

After buying a car, the two drove to farther places, the farthest they had been to Tibet.

She likes traveling, but does not like sports; on the contrary, he does not like traveling, but loves sports. Although she thinks she has no talent for sports, this does not prevent her from accompany him to the night run. Every day after dinner, around 7:30, the neighbors playing mahjong downstairs will see them walking downstairs hand in hand, sometimes wearing couple sportswear, going out from the side entrance of the community and going for a run on Binjiang Road.

She is not as strong as him, and usually he runs farther and takes longer. She stopped in the middle of the road, squatted on the edge of the river, chatted with the old man who was fishing at night by the barge, watched them catch a few river fish, helped them to collect the fish basket, and waited for him to call her when he ran back. Jog home together again.

This summer, their son went to Tibet on foot with two classmates. They encouraged him to go, but couldn’t rest assured, so the son used WeChat video to broadcast in real time. With that posture and tone, she thought she saw a certain internet celebrity selling goods.

This evening, the river clashed, the river was windy, and the Yangtze River reflected the lights on both sides of the river at night like falling stars. Occasionally, ships passed by with their whistle, and there were people on the night cruise ship waving vigorously towards the shore. Behind the green road, there was a young man playing guitar and singing folk songs. She heard Xu Wei’s song, and the audience applauded warmly.

She ran slowly side by side with him, feeling that this life was really good.

This day is their silver wedding anniversary. It’s been 25 years, she thought, in a blink of an eye.

Willing to accompany
There are always ups and downs in life. In 25 years, they have experienced too many things together: the death of their elders, her illness and hospitalization, the child’s rebellion, his career change, they moved from one city to another city… Fortunately, two of them carried it together.

After the silver wedding, we must look forward to the golden wedding. She said to him that she must live well, be healthy, and be in good shape. Because we didn’t take wedding photos when we got married, we must take a good set of wedding photos when we got married, but don’t wear wedding dresses-like Shu Qi and Feng Delun His marriage was like that, on the road, jumping up, there was sunlight hitting his face.

When he was young, he hated him for taking photos of various poses. This time he finally said: “Okay, take a picture, I’m happy to be with you.”