After choosing an unpopular major

I entered Peking University through the “National Special Program.” None of the five majors in the plan were so-called popular majors. But I had a complex of prestigious schools at that time. I thought that regardless of majors, graduation from Peking University would not be so bad, and I never thought about employment. Secondly, both parents are honest migrant workers, they have no culture, and few of their relatives have gone to college. When it comes to filling up their volunteers, they all make their own decisions.

Before entering university, apart from watching one or two episodes of archaeological documentaries on the Science and Education Channel as a child, he knew almost nothing about archaeology. The first year of studying archaeology was a big blow to me. I found this subject difficult and boring. Fortunately, this situation has not continued. Although there has been pressure, my understanding of archaeology is gradually deepening. The field practice in my junior year gave me a real sense of identity with this discipline.

After leaving the campus, we carried out a whole semester of fieldwork, under the leadership of the teacher, we excavated a prehistoric site little by little. Drilling, investigating, excavating, organizing, recording, writing archaeological reports… After all this, I really realized the hardships of this job, and it was from this that everyone finally decided whether to continue to pursue this profession after graduation.

My parents have always respected my choice and did not interfere with me. Although they also know that the future economic income of Archeology is not optimistic, and they have expressed the hope that I will turn to a profession with better job prospects, but they are just considering me from my perspective, and they simply hope that I will have a better life. . My friends and relatives around me are too limited by knowledge, and I don’t know what “bone” I am “roasting”. I only look at the sign of “Beijing University”, but I feel that the “money path” is bright, and some elders hope that I will be in politics and “be an official” .

But regarding the future development, I always feel that this involves everyone’s value orientation. If it is evaluated by income, then I must admit that the prospects for the development of archaeology are at a significant disadvantage. But a person’s development, or a person’s value, cannot be measured solely by income. Every industry has its own evaluation criteria. I think that everyone who works hard to do his job well and actively breaks through the ceiling of the industry is amazing, no matter what his profession. There is no distinction between high and low occupations, no good or bad, I refuse to label. In front of an unfamiliar field, we must maintain basic respect and humility.

I have to admit that choosing this major did bring me a certain amount of pressure in terms of employment. It is difficult to directly engage in related occupations after graduation from a bachelor’s degree in archaeology. In addition, there is a lot of field work in archaeology, which makes it difficult to take care of the family. Moreover, my hometown has a weak archaeological research foundation, and I may have to go north for employment in the future. This is also a major choice I have to face. However, choosing the Department of Archaeology is a coincidence, and it is also a kind of luck. I still plan to continue studying archaeology, and strive to get into the provincial institute or the provincial doctoral degree. If not, I will become a teacher and teach high school history or geography. It’s okay. My girlfriend happens to be studying at a teacher’s school and wants to be with her in the future.

Zhang Daoliang (Undergraduate in the Department of Philosophy, Peking University)

I studied sociology before and later transferred to the philosophy department. These two majors are not popular, but my logic for choosing them is quite the same: employment is second, mainly based on interest.

My mother and grandpa are both employees of state-owned enterprises. Grandpa was a soldier when he was young. He liked to talk about society and politics, and he also liked to talk to me. It may be affected by ears and eyes, and I also like to pay attention to and think about social hot spots. At that time, many majors could be selected for scores, but I still chose sociology. Thinking about it now, the decision at that time was rather hasty.

After studying for a while, I found that philosophy may be what I need more. Because I am unwilling to adopt a value-neutral attitude, I hope not only to consider how certain social norms are formed, but to use philosophy to demonstrate some norms that I believe. In addition, I wanted a new start, so I switched departments, and I regret that I didn’t choose philosophy at the beginning.

For this, my family can be said to do their best to support. Of course, my father has some objections, because he thinks that the employment scope is too narrow, and the philosophy is to touch the tongue-as a small business operator who is grateful to the society for giving him a foundation to settle down, he particularly dislikes expressing opinions on social events, but he still Encourage me and respect me. When I was young, he said that if my exam was less than 80 points, he would invite me to dinner, because he really felt that the exam might be pretty good. Moreover, he taught me the biggest hobby-playing games.

Until now, what I care about is what I learned in the university. I think this is what the university can provide. As for Feihuang Tengda, more conditions are required. In addition to academic qualifications, professional direction, personal abilities and even personal wishes are all important. Not everyone at Peking University wants to get ahead, and not everyone can. I think the society’s expectations and perceptions of Peking University are a bit one-sided. Today’s universities have no promises for the future, but the primary and secondary education system, which takes the college entrance examination as the end point, is affecting people’s perceptions. But on the other hand, I think those who have the will and work hard will still have a lot of opportunities to succeed in Peking University. Regardless of this, just take it as my best wishes.

Please be anonymous (undergraduate at the Department of Philosophy, Peking University)

As a second generation of petty bourgeoisie, I don’t have much pressure on life and future. Both of my parents are undergraduates, and they have no prejudice against philosophy. They have not given me too much pressure in the choice of major, but I still hope that I can choose a major with better employment prospects. I especially hope that I can take the civil service exam. Income is second, and the key is to look forward to it. I can improve the social status of myself and my family.

I always think that there is no essential difference between Peking University and the outside society, but the better point is that there will be no serious discrimination between different majors. Basically everyone feels that “all majors are very good, but I don’t have other majors. Just like it”; expectations for future employment and development are also the same to a certain extent.

But as to whether the future is bright or not, social evaluation is an unavoidable question after all. As an unpopular humanities student, of course I am opposed to labeling; but the fact is that the best thing the public is good at is labeling, and whether the parties agree or not can change nothing. I don’t think that I am the editor-in-chief and he is the president, “We all have a bright future”, but I feel that as a so-called “cultural man”, what I can do is realize that I can only and must exert the spirit of Ah Q, psychologically Contempt for the harsh evaluations and stereotypes of the outside world; however, I know that although social evaluations are harsh, they are real, and dreams are beautiful, but they cannot be eaten. Choosing an unpopular major requires deep reflection on your own needs and motivations: if you just rely on a dream to persist, it is difficult to have any future; but if you really love it, that’s great. Many unpopular majors—especially the recent Gao Frequent professional archaeology-although there is no way to get rich after learning, but there is no need to worry about food and clothing, and even accomplishment is not a big problem. In the end, people have to live their lives on their own, not on external voices.

Song Xiaoyu (undergraduate at the School of Economics, Peking University, now graduated)

In high school, I read several books by Zhou Guoping and one book on the principles of social sciences. Because Zhou Guoping is a teacher of the Department of Philosophy of Peking University, this made me yearn for the Department of Philosophy of Peking University. It can be said that before the college entrance examination, my goal is the Department of Philosophy of Peking University. However, my college entrance examination scores can be reported for economics. My parents and I felt that this score should not be wasted, so I chose to study economics.

But I haven’t experienced much fun from the course of economics. I have also practiced in a securities firm for a period of time, but this kind of work is difficult to mobilize my inner positivity and yearning. During the internship, I was suffering completely with the idea of ​​completing the task. It may also be because of my insufficient ability to withstand stress. But after choosing a double degree in philosophy, I found that life in the philosophy department was exactly the same as I had imagined.

However, after graduating from a bachelor’s degree, I still dare not make up my mind to give up the philosophy of economic choice. Because as a foreigner who wants to live in Beijing, economic pressure is the first to bear the brunt, especially now that men and women are equal. If you want to get married and settle in Beijing in the future, women must have sufficient financial ability. Although the family is well-off, they can’t do it to me. Lots of support. Even so, my family still respects my choice. In their opinion, it is more important for me to be happy and relaxed. This is rare. Relatives and friends around me generally think that management is a promising and very decent choice. Indeed, if there is not enough capital to start a business and just work step by step, the income in the financial and computer fields is bound to be higher than some liberal arts majors. But in my opinion, to obtain a very high salary, personal characteristics are very important, and the heart needs to have a strong desire for money.

In addition, the main reason for the difference in salary is the social system and market demand, which may be the inevitable result of capital dominating society. There is no good or bad for different majors. I don’t think people who like to make money are more wise, nor do they think people who are willing to sit on the bench are nobler. This society needs staff in the economic and financial fields as well as staff in the humanities field. Everyone just pursues differences.

Choosing a major is actually a gamble under the lack of information. Compared with my situation where I choose based on my interests, choosing based on my own interests may be less likely to regret.

Eden (Undergraduate at the Department of Philosophy, Peking University)

Before choosing philosophy, I studied physics, because I won the first prize in the National Physics Competition, and I have an agreement with Peking University. I used to be a straight man of pure science and engineering. I only like science. I may not be able to read an 800-word article. But when I was in high school, I fell in love with philosophy. It was philosophy that made me start to read books.

After entering the School of Physics, my grades, life, and interpersonal relationships are good, and I have also participated in scientific research projects. I think if I continue to read, I will be able to live the life I am looking forward to. However, although physics research is interesting, I still want to do things related to people. Science must be promoted, but people living in this world are, after all, people. Starting from us, there must be someone to study people-related issues. Secondly, I have experienced some deaths. To use a metaphor, I feel that the world I live in constitutes a field of life for me. Sudden death has made a hole in this field of life, so I try to mend it. It, I must accept it, and I want to explore what it means to me.

Since death, I began to pay attention to some more realistic issues. These issues may be somewhat academic. “Interstellar” has recently been rescreened, and there is a line in it that may describe my transformation: “I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of time.”

The deceased mother was most concerned about my education. My father had limited communication with me. However, he unfortunately passed away this year. But my father’s simple way of communication has a profound impact on me: “I have limited knowledge and don’t understand what you think. I just want you.” He said this sentence in this sentence, which impressed me: “You 30 Just start at your leisure before you are 30 years old. I only hope that you can settle down and have a stable life after 30.

But with regard to the various options, my father would still let me consider for myself. Other people around will also express their opinions on my choice, and there is no lack of prejudice. However, I will not treat these voices with an emotional attitude. No matter how harsh the opinions are, I can accept them and consider them rationally. This may be the influence my mother gave me, because this is my life, and I should live what I expect, not what anyone else expects.