After micro-off curtains

  In a pen meeting, I met a boy named Lin. He is approachable, tolerant and mature, lively and cheerful, and there is no lack of introspective deep and rational speculation, in short, a person with very distinct personality. I was very interested to ask him to talk about the formation of his character. He smiled and told his story—

  I was born in a high-ranking family, and my family’s expectations for me were quite high, but I didn’t care about me psychologically. – This is a common problem in Chinese family education. Since I was young, I was relatively lonely and couldn’t play with other children. After I was in high school, many students knew my background, plus my personality reasons, I was a little alienated. But at the time, I didn’t know why. I just thought that they were hostile to me and deliberately made a distance with me. My heart was very hostile to them. I thought that others were hurting me, so I couldn’t help but hurt others. This vicious circle is getting worse and harder. I almost want to commit suicide. I don’t dare to have any feelings for the opposite sex—it happens to be full of acne on my face. I saw girls far away, as if they were laughing at me—the nerves in adolescence are really sensitive and fragile! That is the most confusing and painful day I have experienced so far. I went to college, and I still do.

  It was a weekend night, and everyone else in the dormitory was chatting. I was pulling the curtains in front of the bed and reading the book in the dim light. I was wearing this kind of cover to cover myself. Cloth curtain.

  Suddenly, there was a burst of room in the dormitory, and the roommates applauded enthusiastically, and then the girls’ songs were heard. The girls came here to celebrate.

  I hold the book, I don’t dare to move, and my mind is in chaos.

  The girls have noticed my curtains.
  ”Whose bed is that curtain hanging?” asked a girl named Zhao Xian.
  ”The forest.” Roommate answered.
  ”What about the forest?”

  ”I don’t know.”—This is the true answer of the roommates. They don’t usually know or care about me. I can imagine how far I have alienated them.
  ”Why do you hang a curtain?” Zhao Xian said as he walked over. I was sitting on the bunk and almost trembled. I am really afraid that she saw me satirizing me and humiliating me. I really want to take the road and flee.

  Zhao Xianyu opened the corner of the curtain and the probe looked. She glanced at me and made a face to me. The strange thing is that she said nothing, put down the curtain and left. I am confused and nervous and have some regrets. I don’t know what to do.

  The party started. They sang and danced, laughed and laughed, and swayed a sea of ​​joy. And I am like a boat, drifting alone on the ocean. A curtain separated by two worlds. I really envy them, and my heart is full of desire to participate. However, there is no courage.

  Suddenly, I heard Zhao Xian say loudly: “Below, I want to show you the most exciting show of this party – the magic.”
  ”What?” The group sentiment was high, and everyone asked her.

  ”Big – change – live – people!” The voice landed, the curtain opened, I appeared in the eyes of the public. The dementia I was sitting cross-legged at the time was shaped like a meditating monk. For a moment, the temple laughed.

  ”In the forest, I really have you!”
  ”You are quite calm!”
  Everyone, you say a word, enthusiasm and friendliness. Looking at the happy smiles, my heart was melted, and my inferiority and timidity escaped without a trace. Then I performed a mime essay “Nerdy Hit the Tree”. The whole day, the whole class knew that I was a “comedy star” with no revealing.

  Now think about it, I still thank Zhao Xian in my heart. Her curtain made me sculpt the land like a sprout, got out of the darkness, and saw the sun.

  The overflowing expression on the face of the forest is heartfelt gratitude. I can’t help but be shocked: a curtain can actually close a person’s happiness and joy! It is so hard and long to open it, but it is so light and simple.

  In fact, when you think about it carefully, many obstacles encountered in a person’s life, like the curtains in the forest, are set by themselves: when you are blind, you can’t see wisdom, when you are evil, you forget justice, and when you are despicable, you abandon goodness. When you are stupid, you defile the truth… You can meet the people who are enlightened for you, and you are lucky, but if you can’t meet them? Can you open yourself for yourself? Can you count on others to make a curtain for your life?

  I silently asked myself, thinking like a hungry.