Alien visitor from Lesotho?

  At around 9pm on September 15, 1995, in the Kingdom of Lesotho in southeastern Africa, a herder named Peter Rachasa was resting at home. He suddenly heard a strange sound from the sky, followed by a dull explosion. The sound rang.
  Rachasa met several neighbors when he went out to check. They said that they saw something hit a nearby mountain. Later, Rachasa took several people to the impact site. There, they saw a saucer-shaped aircraft made of dark gray metal. The aircraft may have broken and made a buzzing and beeping sound. The violent impact caused the surrounding plants to be ignited. Because the fire was too strong, Rachasa and others could not get close to the aircraft, and they didn’t know what it was, so they went to the police station to report the incident.
  After checking the scene briefly, the police sent Rachasa home. Strangely, about 5 hours after the impact, Lesotho’s neighboring South Africa sent armed forces to patrol near the impact point and were allowed to use lethal weapons when necessary.
  Why should the South African military handle the incident in the Kingdom of Lesotho? Who are their weapons against? What is that flying machine? Although everyone was curious, in the following years, these questions were unanswered until a top-secret report was exposed.
  This top-secret report stated that South Africa was commissioned by the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Lesotho to investigate the collision incident because the Ministry of Defence of Lesotho believed that the collision incident was related to alien civilization, and South Africa has a special agency to investigate such incidents. The report also records the investigation process in detail. Reports indicate that the aircraft is made of an unknown strong metal. Even more amazing is that the investigators found three aliens with human bodies and lizard heads in the aircraft, they are still alive. The three aliens were directly sent to a secret research institution in South Africa, and later transferred to a research institution with a higher level of confidentiality, and the subsequent situation was not recorded in the report.
  So, is that vehicle really an alien’s spacecraft? Some people believe that the answer is yes. Archaeologists have found many pictures of humanoids and humans in cave paintings in Lesotho. These creatures are similar to the aliens mentioned in the top-secret report. Research has confirmed that many of Lesotho’s rock paintings are realistic, which shows that aliens have been active in the area very early, and it is speculated that their descendants are still haunting this area, and that the aircraft is their means of transportation.
  Others believe that it is only a South African military aircraft, which is why the South African military has intervened in the investigation. Others believe that this is a fabricated story. Lesotho is a small country with a backward economy and cannot even be self-sufficient in food. However, there are some relics of ancient civilizations preserved there. If UFO can attract tourists’ attention, it may be able to drive the local area The tourism industry has increased the income of locals.