Be a teacher for Bill Gates

  Chen Hui is an ordinary teacher at Central South University of Forestry and Technology. As a teacher sent by the Chinese Ministry of Education to the United States to promote Chinese, she stayed in the United States for more than four months last year.   On
  Thanksgiving Day at Gates’s family in
July, 43-year-old Chen Hui came to St. George’s School in Washington State, USA. She will serve as a Chinese teacher in the middle school of the school for two years.
  Soon, Thanksgiving is coming. Chen Hui received an invitation from student Ruibin and Fei Lige’s mother to be a guest at their home on Thanksgiving Day. At this time, Chen Hui knew that Ruibin and Felige’s mother was Bill Gates’ sister.
  On Thanksgiving Day on November 21, Chen Hui came to the home of Bill Gates’ sister. On that day, a dozen people from three generations of the Gates family gathered here for Thanksgiving. Chen Hui was the only guest they invited.
  Entering the door, two kind-hearted old Americans stood up from the sofa in the living room. One was Bill Gates’ father and the other was his stepmother. The tall old man smiled and said: “Happy Thanks Giving!” His wife said in fluent Chinese: “Welcome, welcome.”
  Bill Gates’ stepmother has an elegant temperament. She is in the Seattle Museum. Work, love Chinese art, speak fluent Chinese, have been to Changsha and Shaoshan in Hunan, China, and have a Chinese name-“Ni Mi”.
  At 7 o’clock in the evening, the banquet was about to begin. Before the meal, everyone had to say a few words of gratitude. It was Bill Gates’ turn to say. He pondered a little, and then said profoundly: “Thank you all for your kindness to me. Support…” Bill Gates turned his head to her again and said: “In addition, I also want to thank you. You taught me how to say’you’ and’you’re welcome’. For this, I feel very righteous to you!”
  ”Very righteous?” Chen Hui did not understand, frowning.
  Bill Gates immediately realized that he was wrong. He thought for a long time and said, “Well, it’s not’I feel very righteous to you’ but’I feel very ant to you’.” Chen Hui Suddenly, he smiled and said, “No! It is neither’Ma Yi’ nor’ant’, but’satisfaction’.”
  After Chen Hui’s explanation, everyone in the room understood, and a burst of happy laughter broke out. At this time, Bill Gates blushed and said to Chen Hui: “Your English and Chinese are so good. You should accept me as a student.”
  Chen Hui said excitedly, “It’s a great honor. Let’s study together!”
  the use of high technology to complete the job
  after Thanksgiving afternoon of the third day, several Microsoft staff dressed in blue uniforms came to her home, I saw them busy divvying out a new laptop from a cardboard computer. It turned out that this was a teaching tool that Bill Gates gave Chen Hui so that they could communicate with each other on the computer. Chen Hui was moved by Bill Gates’ sincerity.
  When the first time was in class, at the appointed time, Bill Gates hadn’t appeared yet. Just when Chen Hui estimated that Bill Gates would definitely not be able to come, an MSN instant dialog box popped up on the computer in front of her desk. On the computer screen, Bill Gates was sitting in his office greeting Chen Hui. He apologized and said that he could only take a 10-minute class.
  Only 10 minutes of study time! Flexible Chen Hui immediately adjusted the content of the class. She told Bill that Chinese people are most concerned about keeping promises. In front of the microphone on the laptop, she explained the pronunciation and meaning of the two Chinese idioms, “A promise is made of gold” and “A gentleman says a word, a horse is hard to chase” in the simplest and most popular language.
  The next day, Chen Hui was about to go out, but heard someone knocking on the door. The person came was a salesperson of a communications company. It turned out that Bill Gates, in order to facilitate communication with Chen Hui, helped her apply for a network connection with a communications company, and also specially purchased a mobile satellite phone with GPS function. When she turned on the phone curiously, a voice message suddenly popped out. Chen Hui hesitated to listen to it, oh my god! Bill Gates actually heard the sound of “a promise of money” and “a gentleman’s word, a horse is hard to chase”.
  He speaks slowly and his pronunciation is not so accurate, but he can hear him being serious. Chen Hui quickly wrote an encouraging text message in English and sent him. After a while, Chen Hui actually received another reply: “Thank you, Ms. Chen. I am learning to send Chinese text messages.”
  Chen Hui couldn’t help being stunned. Only then did she understand that in order to learn Chinese well, Bill Gates bought a mobile phone that can write Chinese.
  Chinese-language assisted Gates to sign the bill successfully.
  In January 2007, Bill Gates negotiated a cooperation project with a Chinese-German businessman. The businessman felt that his economic interests had not been maximized, so he resorted to the negotiating tactics of retreat as advancement and expressed the need to modify it. The framework agreement that has been signed before. Bill Gates said in a bit crappy Chinese: “Sir, do you know that a gentleman is hard to chase a horse with a word? We have to keep our word!” The businessman never dreamed that Bill Gates could speak a few more Chinese, knowing Can’t fool him, have to compromise.
  Later, Bill Gates told Chen Hui of the incident, and Chen Hui took no time to praise him for his rapid progress. Bill Gates actually replied: “I am the master, round trip Chinese culture is very deep, my life can not finish school and I found that learning Chinese can make people happy…”