Be careful

The ancients had a very sober and intelligent understanding of “small”, thinking that “small” is the origin of “big”, and the scourge is often caused by slight and small things. If the small things that allow the budding state to gradually develop into big things, things will often become It’s tricky to recover. So Liu Bei warned his son at the end of his life: “Don’t do evil instead of small things, don’t do evil instead of good things.” In the end, it will hurt the festival and cause regrets for life.

Lu Zhi, prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, knew this very well. At the beginning, he was slightly less than the county magistrate. Under the appreciation of Zhang Yi, a prince, he actually gave away millions of dollars, but Lu Zhi was grateful but refused. When Mother Lu passed away, officials from all walks of life offered condolences and gifts, but he refused them all on the grounds of non-kinship and unreasonable reasons.

Fan Zhongyan, a famous minister in the Song Dynasty, was very difficult in his early years. He went out to study alone and could only drink porridge every day. When the son of a high-ranking official learned of the story of “cutting the porridge”, he told his father. His father felt guilty, so his chef made a bunch of delicious food and gave it to Fan Zhongyan, but he didn’t eat it until all moldy and spoiled.

In an ancient civilized country, sincerely ceremonially greeted each other, this kind of emotional “showing good” to others, but outside the door, seemed to be inhuman. When the son of the “good-hearted” senior official came to visit Fan Zhongyan, he suddenly froze and felt that he was not coming to Taiwan. Fan Zhongyan first expressed his apology and gratitude, and then made a sincere explanation. I am used to it. After suddenly eating so many foods, can I continue to eat porridge? Can you continue to live that hard life? Therefore, I would rather these foods rot than dare to be contaminated by luxury.

Regarding Lu Zhi’s “unreasonableness”, the rebound was even more serious. Even Emperor Dezong thought that he was too “clear”, so he conveyed this meaning through others. Ai Qing, you are honest and cautious, but you have done too much It’s not so good, no matter who sent it, all refused, isn’t it very unreasonable? In the future, how can we work together with one heart and one mind without any problems? Small things like horse whips and boots mean what they mean, and they won’t hurt if you accept them. “Qing Qingshen is too overwhelming, and all the confessions are rejected, and all will be refused, fearing that things will not work, such as whip boots, and there is no injury.” In short, he said: “Benefits of bribery of goods, entertainment of the eyes and ears, common sense in the world, which is not greedy. The condition is really despicable, rather forgetting to care for the private, the family is poor, and the energy can not desire.” Yes, good-looking, and fun, there are golden jade jewelry, gorgeous beauty and the like, who doesn’t like it, and who doesn’t want to be more good, forever? I am also a flesh and blood, not to mention my poor family, how can there be no temptation? But the consequences are extremely serious. “Benefit the small, it will harm the big; the easy to start, will regret the end. When the bribe is opened, the exhibition will turn harder, and the whip boots will endlessly, and the clothing and fur will endure; the endless clothing, the end of money, and the end of money, You must reach Che Yu; you will end up with Jin Bi.”

The bearers wet shoes, and then “don’t care anymore” and “everywhere”. Once the door to bribery is opened, it will definitely be uncollectible. At first, it is horse whip and boots, then Jinyi Sable Qiu, and then I am afraid that it will be a BMW car, and eventually it will be gold and silver treasures, pearl beauty jade. I think, because “you can see what you want, how can you suffocate yourself”, tempting you in front of you all day long, as long as you have desires and hobbies, you are not afraid of you being unmoved, as long as you bite the hook, you will become Other people’s treasures, pockets, matchmaking. Coupled with the influx of swarms, perseverance, and endless corrosion of you like maggots, “I have been in love with myself, and I am in despair”. At that time, were you still you? The result of “trickles” must be “disasters in streams and creeks”. The younger ones will lose their reputations and quickly “burn the calamities”; the larger ones will be corrupt and the country will perish.

“Don’t care about the details, start with the big ones; don’t prevent the small ones, and eventually lose the great virtue.” King Wang proved this perfectly from another angle. He started with a pair of ivory chopsticks, and did not use earthen jars. Soup for rice, instead of a cup made of rhino horns and a rice bowl made of beautiful jade; then don’t eat thick tea and rice and bean soup, but Dunton Mountain rare seafood, meat pool wine forest; then wear a silk satin, live The magnificent palaces ran all the way, the construction of the buildings, the pavilions, the extravagance, the darkness, and the death of the country, the earth turned upside down.

Micro, gradually began. I wasn’t vigilant for a while, and gradually became unmanageable.

A small ant’s nest can make the Qianli embankment seep and burst; a small pinhole can make the plenum’s qi full of light; a small Mars can turn the endless forest grassland into ashes. It can be seen that how careful it is to be careful, to be careful at the beginning, and to prevent micro-progression!