Be sure to see a doctor within three weeks of sudden deafness

Most people have the awareness of protecting their eyes in daily life, and they are often negligent in protecting their ears. In recent years, with the popularization of smart phones, the number of violent blindness has increased significantly. Correspondingly, sudden deafness is also challenging our cognition.

During the Double Eleven Shopping Festival last year, Ms. Zhang had a sudden deafness in her left ear because she stayed up all night to empty her shopping cart. Fortunately, she went to the doctor in time and her condition was controlled.

What causes sudden deafness? Do I need to be hospitalized? How long will it take to recover?

Who do you “look for” for Suddenly
Sudden deafness (abbreviated as sudden deafness) refers to the sudden and unexplained sensorineural hearing loss that occurs within 72 hours, and the hearing loss of two adjacent frequencies is more than 20 decibels. When visiting the hospital, the doctor will perform pure tone audiometry for the patient and draw a hearing curve, and then judge whether the patient has sudden deafness based on the hearing curve.

Generally speaking, each disease has its own prone group, and sudden deafness is no exception. Sudden deafness can occur at all ages, but the highest incidence is between 40 and 50 years old. People in this age group have a decline in their physical functions, and their work pressures and living burdens are generally too heavy. Sudden deafness is easy to take advantage of.

Sudden deafness treatment must race against time
Sudden deafness is caused by hair cell dysfunction. In addition to sudden hearing loss, 80% to 90% of patients have tinnitus, 50% of patients have ears stuffy, and 30% of patients have symptoms of dizziness and discomfort. When you have these problems, you must consider whether you have a sudden deafness.

It is worth noting that sudden deafness is not only unilateral. About 2.3% of sudden deafness patients will have bilateral disease.

Once you have sudden deafness, rescue treatment is necessary, and the earlier the treatment, the higher the cure rate. Generally speaking, treatment must be completed in the hospital within three weeks. The effect of treatment within one week of onset is much better than that within two weeks.

Generally speaking, patients do not need to be hospitalized, and the treatment is mainly through infusion and oral medication, which can be completed in the outpatient clinic. For patients who are far away, they can choose to be hospitalized, which saves time and effort and speeds up recovery. At the same time, it is recommended that these patients go to secondary hospitals or community hospitals for treatment.

Most sudden deafness can be cured, but for patients with very serious illnesses, dizziness symptoms, and chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, the treatment effect may not be as expected and cannot completely return to normal. At this time, the patient needs to wear a hearing aid.

Don’t take it lightly after cure

The standard treatment time for sudden deafness is generally 10 days. If the treatment effect is not satisfactory, another course of treatment can be carried out. For patients with more serious conditions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and middle ear hormone injection therapy can be considered. Through these treatments, most patients can recover.

Sudden deafness is a sudden loss of hearing of unknown cause. After the first cure, it does not mean that the pathogenic factors have also been eliminated. Therefore, sudden deafness can recur. Diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, and excessive alcohol and tobacco are all important predisposing factors. It is worth emphasizing that the symptoms of relapsed patients are often more severe than the first episode, and the difficulty of treatment and recovery time are increased.

In terms of daily life and diet, patients with sudden deafness do not need to be taboo, but they must quit smoking and alcohol, avoid staying up late, eat lightly, and avoid overeating.

When people suffer from sudden deafness due to overwork, staying up late, etc., they must first adjust their mentality, so that they can relax, eat, and sleep well. This is conducive to the recovery of the disease.