Confused I

  One Sunday, my father-in-law and mother-in-law came. After lunch, we sat and chatted together. Like everyone else, we talked about poverty, crime, theft, government inaction and so on. In short, the ugliness in life abounds. .
  I said: “The reason there are so many ugly things in our lives is because we dare not stand up and speak the truth out loud, but whisper in the corner. If each of us dares to tell the truth, life will not It looks like this.”
  Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and took a look. There was a man in a suit and leather shoes standing outside the door, followed by six people, one of whom was still holding a camera in his hand.
  The black man came up to me whisperingly, and I didn’t understand a word. At this time, an interpreter came out:
  ”This is the King of Fuzzy Country Fuzzy II. He said I wish you bright sunshine in your home, good luck and great wealth.”
  I hurriedly thanked them, and then asked them what’s the matter. The translator replied: “The king wants to visit an ordinary Russian family and see what an ordinary Russian family looks like without preparation.” After the translation, he handed over a gift from the king and a small jewelry box. .
  Of course, I didn’t turn them away because of this little gift, but out of politeness. I said, “Please come in, then. You are welcome.” The
  king’s bodyguards immediately patrolled the corners of our house, and these people in our family nodded at them stupidly.
  Finally everyone is seated. The king looked around and said,
  ”Your home is not very rich.”
  You see, we were complaining before he came. It’s time for him to say this. But I can’t let our country lose face. So I said, “Why isn’t it rich? It’s enough for a family of one.” The
  king immediately asked who the other people were. I had an idea and pointed to my mother-in-law and said it was my servant, and pointed to my father-in-law and said it was my driver. My wife pouted when she heard it, but she didn’t say anything because of the dignity of the country.
  ”These people are my masseur and her children. They came to see me.” Finally, I was referring to my wife.
  When the king heard this, he was taken aback and almost jumped up. His bodyguards immediately checked the corners, large and small rooms of our house.
  ”You live alone, so when you are not at home, aren’t you afraid that your home will be stolen?” The king asked a new question.
  We all laughed and shook our heads and said that we have never heard of such things as losing things. I said:
  ”Our Russian houses are never closed, and there has been no theft.”
  ”Oh,” the king couldn’t believe his ears, and said with his eyes wide open, “but it’s everywhere in our country. Thief. Even if you walk on the street, your pants may be taken off.”
  This time we opened our eyes pretending to be surprised. I said:
  ”How is this? This is too barbaric! Here, you put 100 rubles on the ground before you go out, and the money is still on the ground after you walk around.”
  My words made the king shocked. . Then he asked cautiously: “Then are you stealing national things?”
  I replied: “In Russia, if anyone steals national things, whoever will never get respect and help from others, he might even pay. I’ll be killed.”
  As soon as I said this, the king got up and ran out, and his bodyguards finally checked our house.
  The king said goodbye. I said to him: “You don’t need to worry about those petty thefts. Your country is incomparable to ours. Our country is a highly civilized country. But I believe that your country’s theft and robbery will become even worse. The less you come.” After
  they left, our whole family sighed with emotion at what had just happened. After half an hour, we remembered to go to another room to take a look. At this time, everyone discovered that all the valuable things at home were gone. I took a look at the small jewelry box, and the bottom of the jewelry box was written in Russian with a line of words: “I am Fuzzy II, you are Fuzzy I…”