Do you have to own your own house?

  Perhaps we are all Haiping and Su Shi of the female writers in six or six: no matter which city they live in, in order to have a “snail” of their own, they become “new slaves.” The belief that people must own their own houses supports us to work for banks and developers – this may be 10, 20 or even 30 years. Is there only one choice between the house and us?

  New tenants and new slaves

  When “Dwelling House” was broadcast, the famous Lin Biao and his parents rented a three-bedroom, two-bedroom hardcover room in Hesheng International Garden, with a monthly rent of 6,500 yuan. Lin Biao’s life is mobile. Currently, it is mainly in Beijing and Seoul. Where is the next stop? Maybe Shanghai, maybe abroad. She is very filial, no matter where she moves, she always floats with her parents. “I am not going to buy a house, renting a house is more free. In the future, I may buy a house for my parents in an Australian town, and I will continue to float around the world.

  In “Dwelling House”, the small white-collar Haiping “followed the slave” in order to have a set of his own house. “I don’t know the life of others, but what about me? Every day, when I open my eyes, there is a string of numbers that come out of my mind, a mortgage of six thousand, two thousand five for eating and drinking, one thousand five for kindergarten, and six hundred for people. Fees are 580, property management is three or four hundred, mobile phone charges are two hundred and five, and gas water and electricity costs are two hundred. That is to say, from the first breath I wake up, I have to pay at least four hundred a day, this is The cost of living in this city. These figures forced me to slacken one day, and I couldn’t think about the next decade. I have a future, my future is in the present, in front of me.” Haiping said to her sister Haizao .

  Lin Biao is the representative of more and more new tenants in this era; Hai Ping is the image spokesperson of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of Chinese “new slaves” – although she is fictitious, but how true? Every house slave saw herself from her. Rent or buy, two different choices, two different lifestyles, and two different values ​​in the current collision

  Is the rented house not home?

  Square: Your house is equal to home

  Female reporter Wang Ling rented a house in Beijing and moved home once a year. “I don’t have the feeling of home. I don’t want to hang things on the wall… 4 years of living, memories are like pieces, can’t be spliced ​​intact, and are blown away like the wind.

  Moving too hard! In 2009, she finally gritted her teeth and bought a house in Dongsihuan, with a down payment of 300,000 and a loan of 1.2 million. “I am the title card of the head of the household, which makes me feel safe.” ”
  Anti-party: home is not just a house

  Securities analyst Miao Li drifted through many cities and he “resolutely not buy a house.” His family is enough to buy a house, but he rents two rooms and two halls with his wife. He has no sympathy for the “house slaves”: “I understand the house as too narrow. In many cases, the house affects freedom.” Miao Li said that he is a mobile age person who may immigrate abroad in the future. In my heart.

  Gong Xueping, a counselor, said: “I question the actual needs of the house. Looking at our lives, we constantly connect our desires with security. In my opinion, the 70-year-old house is actually rented. There is not much difference. This kind of immovable property rights has no meaning. All the sense of security is actually illusory.”

  Life coach Wang Zhi believes that the concept of having to own a house is the collective consciousness left by the agricultural culture. “The so-called aristocracy is the external tangible things such as land, real estate, family business, slaves, etc. These materialized ideas of the agricultural age have been passed down to today, and most of us believe that there are families, houses, and Many external things are more successful and happier. Wang Zhi believes that the house is just a life: the tool is not the direction of life, not the goal of life, nor a proof.

  Is it a passive life?

  This is a mobile era. Does a moving house limit our mobility? Will the identity of the house slave make our entire life passive?

  Square: I am free and mobile, and the house can be circulated and realized. Will not affect my freedom.

  ”Thinking that the house is a restricted person may be an excuse.” Jin Hui said, “Even if it is a mortgage house, you can go to trade. The key is that you first limit yourself from your heart.” Jin Hui is a Jilin native who has real estate in Changchun. I went to work in Shenzhen for 3 years. After I bought a house in Shenzhen, I went to Shanghai because of my work. Now I have returned to Shenzhen from Shanghai. Sometimes renting a house, sometimes living in your own house. He said: “People can chase their ideals to live, generally not subject to the restrictions of the house.” Counterparty: A house that really affects my life and my choices, more passive.

  Miao Li said that several of his buddies and children have bought a house in Shenzhen, and they can’t move to the nest. Li Xiaoqiang, a staring engineer, bought a house before marriage and paid a down payment of 400,000 yuan. He did not feel relaxed, but took a sigh of relief. He suddenly realized that he had been kidnapped by huge debts and that his entire life was gone. elasticity. Like the blind singer Zhou Yunpeng’s “Buy a House”:

  I bought a house, spent more than 300,000 yuan, and bought money for the house, all relying on bank loans. From today, you can’t just eat, you can’t drink more, you can’t travel. From now on, I have to work hard, I have to pay back my money…

  Ji Xuesong, a psychiatrist psychologist, said: “For some people, a house that is not moving is indeed a restriction. This may be true, but I think it is more likely to be a defensive reason, that is, the house does not let itself Moving, the house is deprived of its own opportunity. This limitation, I think – it depends entirely on our inner needs, you think there is a limit, it has; if you think no, it does not. In fact, the house exists as an asset One form, today, can be moved, circulated, and realized. As the old saying goes, the house is dead and the people are alive. Now, the house is alive, the person is alive, the person can leave the house, freely everywhere. Walking.”

  Do you have to have your own room when two people are together?

  When Zhao Mei and Lin Hao were married, they lived in the dormitory. There was only one mattress: when their son was two years old, Zhao Mei clearly stated to her husband: “We will buy a house! I want our own. The house. The husband who graduated from the master’s degree in management managed to calculate an account with an economist. He tried to convince Zhao Mei that we can rent a house for a lifetime. Zhao Mei is extremely angry with Lin Hao: “You Why is such a man? Why don’t you consider the future of our entire family? Why don’t you understand how much security I need? Do you want me to live in someone else’s house?” She was desperate for Lin Hao, for In the future, there is also a huge sense of insecurity and fear. The relationship between the two has also fallen into a difficult situation.

  In the questionnaire survey, we designed a multiple-choice question for women: men who have no room, please go away from me! Your attitude is –

  8.67% of people choose: my attitude is the same. It is not snobbery, but the house is too important for our happiness.

  25.22% of people choose: This attitude is too absolute. Two people struggle together, pay a down payment together, and have a monthly payment. Although it is hard, it is ok.

   11.92% of people choose: the man I love to fall in love can have no room, but if it is a blind date, the house is a must.

  8.43% of people choose: a man has no money to buy a house, can not be: A wood man is not willing to buy a house for you, nor can you want.

  18.8% of people choose: I can rent a house with a good man who has no room, but in any case still need to struggle to – set up his own house.

  13.95% of people choose: do not think that the house and security and home have a necessary connection. A man who has no room is only good, has love, and can rent a house.

   2.51% of people choose: I don’t have a house with him now. To be honest, our relationship really has shadows and uncertainties.

  9.65% of people choose: a man with a house is one of the attractions.

  0.85% of people choose: others.

  For men, we have also designed a multiple-choice question: Have you ever felt the pressure of a woman’s thirst for the house?

  15.62% of people choose: she, and her mother-in-law, are particularly concerned about whether I can take out the wedding room! I hope that I am the developer!

  48.82% of people choose: no matter whether you are married or not, it is reasonable for a man to struggle out of his house and car.

  6.25% of people choose, I know a little bit of economics common sense, it is more cost-effective to rent a house for a lifetime, but she has to have her own house!

  4.29% of people choose: Because there is no room at the moment, there is no chance to get rich in the short term, and the girlfriend (or wife) is running.

  11.32% of people choose: I have the ability to buy a house, but if I ask a woman who has a house, I don’t want it!

  13.70% of people choose: Other.

  To a certain extent, the words “the mother-in-law and the unmarried young women promoted the rise in housing prices” have a little bit of truth. We can feel that the demand for self-owned property houses, women seem to be more intense. This is related to the function of anthropology; women are responsible for childbearing, spreading life,
and appealing to the house for the safety of future generations. This is more conducive to the growth of future generations. What makes women a little gratified is. 48.82% of the men chose “no matter whether they are married or not, it is reasonable for men to struggle out of their own houses and cars.”

  Method: Let the space fill your history, personality and future

  Regardless of renting or buying, the house becomes a home. It also needs to fill in everyone’s personalized content in its time and space, fill your history and satisfy your humanities demands, so that it will become your home from the house. . “We are all unconsciously replicating all aspects of the ‘home’ of childhood.” Clare Cooper Marcus, a professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, proved that the happiest thing is surrounded by these things: we are to the past The memory of our home, the intimate connection with our love, the people who love us, and the souvenirs that we have found from all over the world.

  Rented houses are often restricted, but counselor Gong Xueping suggests that you can negotiate with the landlord to get partial modifications to the rental space. For example, you can not change the structure of the building, but you can change the layout of the room, the color of the wall, or you can hang your favorite paintings or ornaments on the wall. In this way, you can start your journey of self-space construction.