Four if

  When Guo Taiming was 24 years old, Hon Hai Plastics Co., Ltd. was a small company with only 15 employees and assets of NT$300,000. However, his goal is clear: he wants to be the first in Taiwan and the first in Asia. First, the world first. In order to call on employees to achieve this grand goal, once, he mentioned “four if” in the staff meeting.

  The first one if:

  (1) You just answer the phone and tell the customer that you don’t know, there is no way.
  (2) You only open an order, do not contact, do not track, have problems without return, do not deal with.
  (3) You are only playing the report, not sure the correctness of the numbers.
  (4) You just answer the phone, never want the customer to feel satisfied, and never want the customer to order more goods.
  (5) You just think that you are an assistant. You never thought about your own words and deeds representing the business, the supervisor, the boss, and the company.
  Then, you are not qualified to be a competent assistant, and your work can be replaced by anyone.

  The second one if:

  (1) You have never kept your departmental performance goals in mind.
  (2) You never thought about personal goals and goals.
  (3) After giving the sample, I never thought about the result, why didn’t I have a message.
  (4) After the quotation, it has never been tracked why there is no order, and the difference can be filled.
  (5) There are more orders, never thinking about what is going on, drifting with the flow, dancing with customers.
  (6) There are fewer orders, no reason to trace, no feeling, no action.
  (7) You never thought about being more professional and trustworthy in front of customers.
  (8) Work is not planned, time is not managed, costs are not controlled, and customers are not educated.
  (9) You think it is troublesome and painful to develop new customers and new markets.
  Well, you are not qualified to be a competent business person, you are, is the burden of all of us.

  The third if:

  (1) It is very important that you do not consider customer needs.
  (2) You do not take customer complaints as a priority, and actively pursue the review.
  (3) You often don’t deliver on time, as customers will always wait for you.
  (4) The business reacts to the customer’s problem, you are annoying.
  (5) The problem of customer response quality, you suspect that he is picky and regards him as a bad customer.
  (6) You often hang “very trouble”, “difficult”, “do not want to do”, “impossible”.
  (7) You work as a routine every day, not actively looking for problems and improving quality.
  Well, you are not qualified to be a competent production supervisor, working with you, I am very tired. Every day we work hard, there is no good quality, there is no good service to back up, all the effects will be discounted, the promise to customers will jump, we will be first-class, quality second-class, service third-rate company.

  The fourth if:

  (1) There is no punishment for punishment, no reward for punishment.
  (2) If it is beneficial to the company, it does not act immediately.
  (3) Always put “review” and “re-research” on your lips.
  Well, I can only say that you are not a competent leader. ”