Give me a year of freedom after graduation.

This is the last carnival at the high school graduation party. Tomorrow, you will pack your bags, leave your parents, leave your home, go to Africa to taste the original desolation, go to Australia to feel the wild cowboy, or go to the Pfalcz Woods to enjoy the life with the feral cats. Yes, this is the most popular topic among German high school graduates. After graduation, I am not in a hurry to choose a university or an internship, but to give myself one year’s freedom to realize my dream in the best time now. In fact, the amphitheatre, library or internship factory in the university can all wait for a period of time.

Go far away, this has almost become the most popular word among the young population in Germany. In the past year, Eurodesk, a travel information organization with 42 consulting offices in Germany, has served 36,000 young people who are longing for distant places, and more than 4 million people have consulted them through the Internet. German high school students seem to discuss the same topic without exception after graduation: what are you going to do after graduation?

Where to go? Which organization do you go with

In 2008 alone, about 10,000 young volunteers in Germany participated in local development assistance projects in third world countries. Sixteen thousand young Germans flew to Australia to take part in the ” work on the road” activity. Another 25,000 graduates went to various countries to work and study in order to learn a foreign language. Thousands of interns, part-time workers and language learners have started new lives in strange countries.

Listening to birds chirping in the Beihai shoal, caring for poor orphans in small towns in Chile, working as a football coach with children in Ghana, working as a swimming coach with elephants in Thailand … Such exotic jobs have excited the younger generation in Germany. At the same time, their demands on themselves are constantly improving: to do something meaningful; To find one’s true self; To learn a new language; To lay the foundation stone for one’s life journey; Try a youthful adventure – go through everything if possible.

Go to Niger to take pictures of giraffes

Michael Luo Ze from koblenz chose to go to Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, to experience a different life. In August 2008, the 20 – year – old German boy came to Hari carazo in Niger. This is a small village with 2,500 residents in the jungle. Michael was the only white man. Houses in small villages are all thatched cottages, and a refrigerator is enough to cause a sensation. Yes, there is hardly any modern atmosphere here. All you can feel here is dust and sand except the scorching sun. But it was in such a harsh environment that Michael persevered with the diligence and faith peculiar to Germans. Record our diary

Although his project manager is always on the way, and the blacks here don’t know how to deal with him, Michael himself began to learn to change his mind, no longer waiting for others to assign him tasks, but actively contacting people and going out to look for projects. ” It’s not pleasant to sit around in the shade at 46 degrees anyway. I can use this time to make some attempts and efforts.” In the process of trying, the young man realized: ” I have nothing to take out except my diploma, neither vocational training nor any experience.” After realizing this, Michael, who was once young and energetic, became more and more modest and taught himself a lot. For example, when working with a French scientist, Michael took photos of all the giraffes in the area and sorted them into different types. For example, he once compiled a computer program for Niamey’s museum. After all kinds of experience, today he showed calm and calm outside the score: ” There are always unexpected situations here. You never know what will happen until the last moment.”

Go to Pfalcz Forest to raise feral cats

German educators admit that the one-year break after graduating from high school is indeed a good opportunity to get to know oneself. It enables young people to find out their limits and understand their persistence. In order to realize all this, it is not necessary to go to another country to take risks. Maybe you can find the answer you want even if you practice somewhere in your hometown for a period of time. Therefore, Raina Braun applied to study ecology in Pfalcz Forest for one year after graduating from high school. When recalling that year, Rena said: ” It was the best investment in my life.”

In the forest, Rena can try what she wants to do. She built overnight cabins for hikers and held various protection activities for wild cats in the forest. By far the most fulfilling thing for her is a summer camp for 50 primary school students. During the year in the forest of Pfalcz, Rena lived with her colleagues in a hut in the forest, without central heating. The wood used to warm the fire was cut down by both of them. Rena smiled and explained, ” The first lesson we learned when we came here was how to cut wood with a chainsaw.” They use solar energy devices on the roof to generate electricity, use reeds to make ecological water purification devices to purify waste water, and plant potatoes and carrots in the vegetable garden for their own lives. ” I feel that I have received a year’s survival training here.” A year later, Rena already knew what she could and wished for. By autumn, Rena will start a new study career in Gibson or a university in Fulda. Her wish is to become a nutrition consultant after graduation.

Alternative service

When Malcus received the draft medical examination after his 18th birthday, he only considered one thing, that is, he must not waste his time doing nothing. If you must perform military service, no problem, but please let it add more value. As a result, after finishing basic training, Malcus climbed a high mountain 1500 meters above sea level and began to live as a mountain soldier. He spent countless days and nights in his Eskimo hut. In the middle of March, his army climbed another 1,500 – meter mountain to the 2,000 – meter Kurt Heights on Mount Vazman. Here the cold wind howled and was biting. But when it came to the heights, Malcus felt as proud as Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest. He commented: ” This is an invaluable adventure.”

Malcus chose military service, but Alex, who is more than 1.90 meters tall and has received sports training all the year round, said ” no” to military service. As long as you like, today you can choose to take civil service in sports, ecology or culture. Sometimes, you can even find a suitable post in the cultural relics administration. Alex, a baseball fan, applied for a suitable position in Hamburg Sports Association. All he has to do now is to coach the young baseball team during the day and practice at night. For Alex, ” it is almost impossible to survive without exercise, but if only exercise, life is also not complete.” Now he is applying to new york State University, where he plans to study management and then join the university team.

Nowadays, in the German workplace, going to a foreign country for exercise has become a highlight that human resources managers attach great importance to. Thomas Fritz, a consultant from McKinsey, explained: ” We want to see mobility, especially ideological mobility, in our job candidates. We look forward to reading from their resumes that I am ready to give up the old familiar environment and I can enter the new world at any time. For a global enterprise, this is the most important prerequisite for its employees. ” But at the same time, he warned: ” Although we attach great importance to the social activities of job seekers, the social activities you participate in are not only to make your resume more beautiful, but also to see your ability to accept and control challenges.”