Hang in midair

Su Bai took off the diamond mesh, wiped it with a damp cloth several times, and finally treated the catkins hanging on it. After the balcony was sealed for this house, Su Bai put on the diamond net non-stop. On the thirty-third floor, despite knowing that glass and diamond mesh are blocking it, Su Bai still feels a little timid every time he approaches the balcony. The catkins outside the window are still flying, dancing like countless moths, tireless and endless. In the sight, the buildings under construction and the tower cranes are also true and illusory, like the hazy lens in the movie. Throwing home and thinking about it, it is ruthless and thoughtful…In the end, it is the ancients, even if they are degraded, they will not lose their detached elegance. She thought, now people, who knows who still has this state of mind?

Su Bai cleaned and installed the last diamond net, and then sat down and turned on her phone to check the time: 1:10 at noon. She and Lin Nian agreed to go to the hospital at two o’clock in the afternoon, the time is very ample, she can still stay at home for a while before leaving. Su Bai sent Lin Nian a message: Are you sure you want to go? There was no movement over Lin Nian, maybe she was still taking a nap. A few days ago, Lin Nian shocked her when she told her this thing. She thought Lin Nian was talking nonsense. Lin Nian looked at her in amazement, shook her head with a wry smile, and said, not only this, there is another thing, my company has the benefits of free physical examination for employees every year, I will not check this year, you Just use my quota to check. You haven’t cared about your body in years. Su Bai smiled and said, I would like to care about…when was the last physical examination? Can’t remember. It’s time to check. The pain in the top of the head and the temples are also painful. Usually it is the kind of dull pain. When I’m anxious, I seem to have seeds arching from the inside out. Out. There is also a place where the right armpit is close to the breast, and the pain has been there for a while. One of her college classmates left, 34 years old, with lung cancer, and found it to be late. Think about it, too. In this life, people can’t be the master in life or death, what else can they do?

In the bedroom, a six-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son, one in a small bed and one in a large bed, slept like two little pigs. She squeezed her daughter’s face lightly, and the daughter “hummed” but did not wake up. She sat down at the head of the bed and yawned, feeling that her eyelids were awkward and her head was dull. All along, she has never slept at noon. She is worried that she will recharge during the day, and she will not be able to sleep at night. Just like this morning, the dawn of dawn hadn’t penetrated the curtains, and she was already awake. She turned on the phone at four twenty, and it was impossible to fall asleep. The sound of a wild cat called Chun came from outside, wow wow wow, like a woman who was crying, and then the child who cried at night next door also followed, and later, the early engineering vehicles drove by one after another road. She opened Baidu and entered a line of words: dreamed that she was murdering, ready to bury the body, but found that the body was lost. The answers given by Baidu are varied. There are a group of people who say it is auspicious, and another group of people who say it is auspicious. She can see that her eyes are swollen, and she cannot be sure which group of people is more reliable.

Su Bai sat on the bed and wanted to send a message to Jun Hao to talk about her body and her morning dream. After thinking about it and being afraid of affecting Jun Hao’s work, she had to do nothing. There is a brown stain on the wall of the bed against the finger, when is the mosquito blood stained? This is a new wall. She ran to the bathroom and picked up a clean towel, and she walked to the front to find her daughter’s graffiti. When she wiped the wall with a white towel, she felt her right breast swell. Cervical cancer, the eldest sister downstairs spent 300,000 and could not save her life. 300,000, how many square meters can you buy at the current house price? This way she feels that her chest is starting to be stuffy. This house was bought three years ago. It is located near the 40th station outside the Second Ring Road. It is 100 square meters including the public pool. The first down payment saved her and Jun Hao’s salary for five years. . A total of 33 floors, the top floor to buy. How good is the top floor, ascend the horizon, look down on sentient beings, and get close contact with the sun. Whenever she thinks the floor is high, Jun Hao throws out this sentence. Yeah, you’re so beautiful. It’s like buying pork. If it’s not because of the skinny skin of the purse, who wouldn’t buy the breast with the tenderloin? Su Bai teased him. It’s different, the more smelly the pork, the more fragrant the house. Jun Hao said.

The year before that, the home appliance company where Jun Hao worked opened another office in the field, and the department manager mentioned the matter of being stationed abroad at an internal meeting, and the few young people remained silent. None of them have a family yet, and they are weighing which side is more important. Jun Hao was hesitant when he went home to tell Su Bai about it, it was Su Bai who shot for him. Those who are stationed abroad earn an extra 1,000 yuan in salary each month, more than 10,000 yuan a year, and three months of living expenses come out. Unexpectedly, Jun Hao just left his forefoot, and there was movement in his plain white belly. Su Bai had to throw away the picks outside and pick up the picks at home. Just after resigning, Jun Hao took a vacation at the classmates’ meeting. Su Bai handed over the children to Jun Hao. He took time to gather with his former friends. After the old friends greeted each other, they naturally transferred to their respective jobs. After Su Bai said those words, she stared at their faces.


After “Oh”, there is no more text. Later, Su Bai ceased to participate in such activities, and slowly lost contact with them.

Cervical cancer…300,000…her chest is more severely blocked. The son on the bed turned over and wrinkled his nose towards her, but also gave him a mouthful. She looked at her son’s small face and reached for a stroke.

The phone lighted up, it was WeChat from Lin Nian: Well, the plan remains unchanged. Su Bai asked her: Didn’t Baidu say that it was impossible? Lin Nian said: Don’t worry about Baidu. You can do it if you are busy. Su Bai said: Not busy, I will accompany you. She looked at her cell phone at 1:30 in the afternoon. Fortunately, it was too late.

After tidying up the two children, she held her son in her left hand and took her daughter in her right hand, preparing to send her daughter to a tutoring class. This afternoon, my daughter has a three-hour class to learn calligraphy and painting. Both classes are in the same class in the community, so that you can save the trouble of picking up children halfway. While waiting for the elevator, she glanced at the door next door with an empty bowl upside down, and three chopsticks under the bowl. Last night, the children in his family cried several times. The old lady in his family was driving out ghosts for his little grandson. Most of the owners in this community are like her and Lin Nian. They are rural youths who stay in the city because of school, so it is not surprising that these old people are doing this. When the daughter was a child, her mother-in-law lived here for a while. When the child had a fever or cried at night, the mother-in-law believed that the child was entangled in the dead soul of the family when the medicine and injection were not used. Mother-in-law put half a bowl of fresh water on the floor of the living room, and then tried to stand three chopsticks in the water, still talking in his mouth, is your grandfather tangling Xiaobao?

Chopsticks fell.

Isn’t it your grandfather, is it your third grandma?

The chopsticks fell again.

Is it your grandma?

Chopsticks stand in a bowl.

“Ka” mother-in-law waved the kitchen knife in her hand, and her aunt was cut down.

Grandma, his aunt, give you some noodle soup and go away, and let Minger let your army send you money. The mother-in-law pinched a pinch of flour and put it in the bowl. The noodles were poured into the door. There were also bowls and chopsticks.

At that time, at dusk in my hometown, on the half-dark side street, old people often used bamboo rakes to pull their little clothes to shout their souls for the children, treasure, go home! go home! When the dog heard it, he barked loudly, and was immediately yelled at by the owner.

When he got out of the elevator, Su Bai first put on two masks for the two children. There were so many catkins outside. There were clumps and clumps, like something chasing behind, making them flutter forward regardless of them. In the grass, under the tree, and on the manhole cover, it took only half a day to work. It was already a piece of white flower, and even a lot of papaya tree was covered with it. It was intricate and chaotic.

When Su Bai knocked on the door of Unit 3301, Lin Nian was still wearing pajamas. The curtains in the living room were pulled, the room was very dark, and the night’s muddy breath choked and coughed. Su Bai asked her, just woke up in a nap? Lin Nian grabbed her long hair and said, “It’s not a nap, it’s been sleeping from early this morning till now.” I came to read a novel on my mobile phone last night. I originally thought that reading a novel can hypnotize it. Su Bai said, it is really blessed. Lin Nian said, there is tofu? It’s hard to meet a rest day, it’s better to let the waves go. However, I will have to work and rest in the future. After all, what do I need? Su Bai asked her, did you really think about it? Lin Nian nodded with a toothbrush in his mouth. Su Bai said, I advise you to consider considering becoming a family. Lin Nian put the gargle jar on the washbasin stand, maybe heavier, and the gargle jar made a “dong” sound, do you know? Just like the vegetables in the vegetable garden, as soon as the cucumber and green beans were born, the creator arranged a wooden stick for them. They would spend their lives with each other, but how about me? After so many years of experience, I can see clearly, I am a fucking born potato radish! You said where did you ask me to find that stick? Because of the excitement, Lin Nian’s square face swelled a little bit red, the thick black eyebrows moved quickly, and the tip of the eyebrows rose more. Su Bai felt that Lin Nian’s nose and eyes were beautiful, but the pair of eyebrows were a bit cold, which softened the softness of her face.

Lin Nian walked to the balcony and pulled the white gauze curtains to the sides. The outdoor sunlight swarmed immediately, and the brown-red solid wood floor shone like a layer of glaze. For a long time, Su Bai had been envious of Lin Nian. This woman lived in a house of nearly 120 square meters by herself. She would go out and play for a while if she was happy or not. In the middle of the night, Su Bai was awakened by the ringtone of her mobile phone in her sleep. As soon as she switched it on, Lin Nian’s excited and transposed voice came, Su Bai, do you know? I am in Thailand now. Haha, I finally saw how shemales were going to the toilet. Su Bai responded to her with her eyes closed, it was so good, and went out crazy again. Lin Nian sighed over there, alas, this time I had a less fun time. My money was lent to my younger brother to do business. This trip was all borrowed from colleagues. Su Bai hung up the phone, thinking that she and Lin Nian really answered the sentence: People are more dead than people. When she first got married, Jun Hao proposed to take a few more days off and make up ten days with the wedding leave. The two went out for a trip. At that time she calculated the expenses, the money for the travel agency plus the wages of two people absent from work, that was tens of thousands of yuan! What is the concept of losing 10,000 yuan? It is equivalent to pulling a piece of meat from her heart! Can a honeymoon without a piece of meat be called a honeymoon?

I’m thirty-five, I can’t wait, and I dare not think about what happens when I get old. Lin Nian said.

I knew so, last time… why?

You don’t understand, it’s different.

An undergraduate from a good university, a woman who can be regarded as a good-looking woman, is still in charge of dozens of people in a company, and she can’t find a man to marry. Su Bai feels that some things are quite confusing.

Not long ago, for the marriage of Lin Nian, Su Bai harassed all his friends. Some people have introduced a few similar men, but the two people have either been in contact for a period of time without any problems, or they met after a meeting. Especially Su Bai’s master classmate, after listening to Lin Nian’s situation, did not even meet her. The reason given by the master was that he didn’t want to look up at his wife for a lifetime.

If you really decide that, go. Su Bai hugged her son, Lin Nian picked up her trench coat, and the two went out together. In the elevator, a man in a jacket glanced at them from time to time. The man took out a cigarette, caught fire, and just smoked two times. Lin Nian said angrily, did not see the no smoking sign above? The man glanced at Lin Nian, said nothing, and smothered the smoke.

At this time, there were two more children under the papaya tree, and a wooden stick was used to poke the kite wrapped around the tree. Let’s bet to see if they will climb the tree to pick it later? Lin Nian said, Lin Nian said so, Su Bai smiled.

Lin Nian said it was last fall. It was evening, when Su Bai was about to sleep, he received a call from Jun Hao. As soon as the phone was connected, Su Bai felt the gunpowder on the other side of the phone: you go and see what you did! He said that Su Bai was a little dazed. What the hell are you doing today? Go check it out in the community’s WeChat group. Su Bai remembered the WeChat group that hadn’t opened the cell for a while. At the beginning of the property, for the convenience of management, the owners of the same building were added to a WeChat group. In the group, each owner’s name is his own house number. The name of Su Bai is 1 unit 3304.

Su Bai opened the WeChat group, flipped up, and saw the picture: the woman on the papaya tree. The woman was wearing a black dress, stepped on a wooden pile with her feet, grasping the branches with one hand, and reaching for the papaya on the tree with the other. Under the tree, several old ladies are looking up. The owner’s message has been refreshed:

This aunt is really capable, not only of square dance but also of white cranes. With such a good physique, I don’t have to give up my aunt when I get on the bus.

That’s not necessarily. You didn’t read the news. It’s all aunts who grab the steering wheel with the bus driver.

Everyone hurried to help the aunt to forward the photos, and called on everyone to learn from the aunt and carry out fitness exercises to have such a good skill.

Isn’t this just her? At noon, she and a few old ladies watched the children together. The children couldn’t cope with the trouble. She climbed the tree and picked two papayas. Aunt! She became an aunt? ! It’s no wonder that this short hair, this black dress, and the rounded waist after giving birth, aren’t they aunts from the back? It’s no wonder that those people are mean, they are people who are squeezed by life and are about to transform, and they have accumulated a full of grievances before they have a chance to be released. The abominable thing is the person who posted the photo. Su Bai turned the information to the forefront and found the initiator-unit 3301.

Su Bai picked up the child and went out angrily.

The door of Unit 3301 was knocked open, and the woman in the door was half wet with her hair on her shoulders. Under her hair was a slightly square face, thick black eyebrows, the shape of a man’s eyebrows, the same as the eyebrow sword Slightly up…

The medical examination agency is next door to the provincial hospital. Fortunately, there are not many people in the queue. It took more than an hour to go through all the procedures. Su Bai came out of the medical examination institution and was transferred to the provincial hospital. When he was about to enter the outpatient building, he saw a security guard came by carrying a metal “ill” word, which was very red and flashing in the sun. The dazzling luster, the thing dragged to the ground from time to time, rubbing the floor tiles and making a chirping sound. The security guard carrying the word “ill” also explained to the people around him that the sign of the “ill” in the ward building was blown away by the wind. Fortunately, it did not hit anyone.

Su Bai took the elevator to the third floor, Lin Nian was still waiting in the hall with her baby. Lin Nian asked her, how is it going? Su Bai said, let the results be checked from the Internet in a few days. Lin Nian said, wait a few days. In previous years, I checked from a special website. One side of the waiting hall is the Department of Reproductive Medicine, and the other side is the Department of Pediatrics. Especially in the pediatrics, the children’s fearful cry was mixed with the noise. Both felt a bit noisy and took the child to the corridor of the Department of Reproductive Medicine.

In the doorway corridor of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, a couple with different expressions, all without exception, turned their phones down, as if to cover up their anxiety. The door on the other side of the corridor opened and closed from time to time, and there was always someone coming in with the wind. On the wall, a pregnant woman was stroking her belly and watching all this. Su Bai stared at the woman on the wall, feeling for no reason that the child in her belly might be a deformity. If you didn’t come here in person, Su Bai really didn’t know that there are so many couples who can’t bear children, probably because of her own three-acre land, just like the old man said that it is the kind of chopsticks. Types that can germinate. Apart from her daughter, her son, and her third son who did not know whether it was a man or a woman, none of them greeted her when they got into her belly.

The third incident happened in the gynecology department of another hospital. It happened last winter. She came down from the operating table and was pushed into the observation room by the nurse. After Jun Hao helped her to lie down on the hospital bed, she held her hand and said that they heard that there was a kind of Bao Gong soup in their hospital. I’ll buy it for you. Jun Hao glanced at the hanging bottle, where the liquid was dripping in a hurry. Jun Hao comforted her and turned to go out. She lay for a while with her eyes closed, listening to someone being pushed in again, and the new woman was helped by the nurse to the bed next to her. You are not accompanied by family members, you must pay attention to the infusion bag by yourself, and after dripping, call us by the pager on the bedside. The nurse was talking, but no one answered.

Su Bai turned her head and looked at the woman on the bed next to him in amazement. The woman’s hair was scattered and half covered the slightly square face, and a pair of men’s sword eyebrows were born on that face. The eyebrows were very dark and the eyebrows raised slightly. Because of the highly discerning eyebrows, even though she had only seen her on that night, Su Bai still recognized her at a glance. The woman clearly recognized Su Bai, she closed her eyes and her long hair almost covered her face.

Jun Hao walked in with the soup and poured it into a disposable paper bowl. The soup is made with red dates, longan, and wolfberry, which is quite sweet. When Jun Hao gave Su Bai the soup, the woman turned her head to the side.

Su Bai stopped and gestured Jun Hao with his eyes. Jun Hao filled the soup with another small bowl and handed it to the woman. The woman shook her head. Su Bai looked at her and said to drink, don’t be angry with anyone’s body. The woman looked at her, Su Bai smiled at her, and said, at this time, the women here are all in a trench. The woman took the soup and drank it spoon by spoon.

The woman finished her last soup, put down the soup bowl and said, thank you. Last time…

No. 69, Lin Nian. Hearing the call, Su Bai and Lin Nian stood up at the same time. When they entered the door, Lin Nian turned around and took Su Bai’s hand. Su Bai said, don’t be afraid, I’ll be waiting for you outside.

Lin Nian went in and the door of the clinic closed. Su Bai heard Lin Nian talking, but the voice was very low, and people outside could not hear clearly.

Did you come alone? Do you love To be a test-tube baby, the couple must come together, and the couple must be examined first.

A test tube baby requires a marriage certificate, a spouse ID card, and a birth certificate, which are aimed at infertile couples. Currently, the National Sperm Bank will not provide sperm to single women. The voice of the doctor inside sounded breathless, and Su Bai felt that he must be a very healthy person.

Is there no other way?

Yes, abroad. Some countries abroad can lend fine to single women, but…you are still so young, it is better to find someone to marry, so that you have your own children…

When Lin Nian came out, the child in Su Bai’s arms was asleep. Su Bai tentatively asked Lin Nian, would you like to sit outside and go again? Lin Nian nodded. The two sat down on the chairs in the hall, and for a long time they were silent, without saying a word. Probably because of getting off work soon, the number of sick patients waiting in this hall was much less, a cleaner was mopping the floor, and a gray mop swept around their feet.

Lin Nian said that the classmates gathered a while ago, rely on! The children of one classmate are all in college. However, that classmate is older than me.

Su Bai said that it is early to have the child get involved early.

Lin Nian said that when he was twenty-five years old, there was a boyfriend I liked chasing me. At that time, my brother was not married yet. At thirty, a man who liked me chased me. At that time, I The younger brother is not yet married…my brother and my younger brother, they haven’t read much books, they are both at home now…

When Lin Nian said so, Su Bai thought of her mother-in-law. Before that, every time I thought of mother-in-law Su Bai, I regretted it. She said that she loves the house and Wuwu, why can’t she do it? If the mother-in-law stays here to help bring the children, she will not be like now. Since that time the little uncle had a child, her mother-in-law never came out again. Su Bai wants to come now, even if she and her mother-in-law get along very well, her mother-in-law will never bypass the younger uncle’s house to help her family bring children. Her mother-in-law was buried in the soil of her hometown a hundred years later. She wanted to rely on the husband and wife. How dare she offend the husband and wife?

A four- to five-year-old boy ran to Su Bai and hugged her leg, looking up at her, mother, mother. Su Bai smiled and said, whose child are you? I am not your mother. The boy left her, turned to Lin Nian, put her chin on her lap, and shouted, Mom, Mom. Lin Nian froze, staring at the child with his mouth wide open.

A nurse ran from behind to grab the boy’s arm and said, Xiaohao, why did you run out again? The nurse turned to Lin Nian and said that the children in the orphanage had a little trouble in their brains. When they saw a woman, they hugged them and called their mother. The child had asthma again due to catkin allergy and had been here for several days.

The nurse took the little boy away. The little boy looked back as he walked. Lin Nian stood up and kept looking at him. Su Bai also looked at him. Lin Nian heard something strange, turned around and looked at Su Bai, and said, what’s wrong with you? Su Bai touched her face with tears. Su Bai hugged her son in her left hand and grabbed Lin Nian’s hand in her right hand, saying, if I have a…have…what, can you take care of my child occasionally? Lin Nian said, well what are you saying? Su Bai only feels that her chest is tightly blocked, and she cries and cries when she lies on the child. What do you think of you? Don’t scare the child, let me hold it. Lin Nian reached out to pick up the child, but Su Bai did not give it to her, but hugged the child tighter.

The pork rib soup in the pot opened and rumbling through the white splashes. Su Bai lowered the heat and washed a lot of white lotus root. Lotus root spare rib soup is Jun Hao’s favorite. Jun Hao came back from the night bus last night. It was already more than eleven when he arrived home. There are two days off a month, and there are wives and children waiting at home. Naturally, returning home is an urgent task. At this time, Jun Hao was lying on the couch watching a movie, two feet wearing slippers flipped high on the sofa arm, and his son was crawling on his belly, the two of them were in a state of exhilaration. Su Bai walked over and thought about knocking Jun Hao’s leg as before, but when he approached, he reached out and took off Jun Hao’s shoes and put those feet into the sofa. A last year’s award-winning film was placed in the computer. It is said that it was very hot. Su Bai glanced at it, but it was a group of people wrapped in smog. Everyone’s face was hidden in a mask. Su Bai’s heart dulled suddenly.

Su Bai was awake before four o’clock this morning. Listening to Jun Hao’s snore next to her, something circling in her mind like a bird. On the road outside, the rumble of engineering trucks rolling across the road surface was heard again. Several buildings on the opposite side are facing the capping. Perhaps, after a while, the road will be quieter. There was a voice from the next door 3303, as well as the sound of the security door closing. The crying child moved away. The migrant workers who had just moved in a few dry buildings seemed to be tenants. Yesterday, Su Bai also saw them crouching at the door with a big bowl and drinking noodles. Jun Hao turned over, woke up, put his arm on Su Bai, and said why didn’t you sleep? Su Bai said that a big spider climbed to the top of the tower crane, how could it not come down, and later, when the wind rose, the tower crane fell down… Jun Hao said, just a dream, always thinking about what it does? Su Bai said if one day I die, would you marry another woman into this house? Jun Hao, what are you talking about early in the morning? She said if one day I really left…you can marry another woman. However, don’t let her live in the house I bought so hard, you plug in the door. Jun Hao hugged her and said, don’t think about it, I won’t fall if I hold ours.

The old Chinese medicine doctor put three fingers on her wrist and closed her eyes slightly, as if she was asleep. She was about to ask questions. The slender eyes of the old Chinese doctor slowly opened and said that insomnia caused by Yin deficiency and anxiety.

Yin Xu? anxiety?

Now that the building is getting taller and taller, people are getting farther and farther away from the ground. When they are suspended in the air for a long time, they make the balance between yin and yang, causing a series of problems: anxiety, insomnia, dreaminess, waking up early…

The old Chinese medicine doctor said that the difficulty in falling asleep is mostly due to the vigorous liver, and the early wake-up is mostly due to anxiety…

The washing machine stopped, and the power was cut off with two beeps. Su Bai opened the lid of the roller and took out the thrown curtains. The curtains were too big to open on the balcony, so Su Bai had to carry the laundry tub downstairs to dry. The sunshine outside is just right, and the garden is full of flowers, like a scent of flowers. There was a small amount of flying catkins floating in the air, and it tickled on people’s faces. It’s been a month. Why is the catkin still flying? Child, Liuxu has fallen, and now it is Yangxu. An old lady is speaking. It was only a few years since I left my hometown, and I forgot the flowering dates of catkins and catkins. Su Bai thought. There, the stainless steel drying racks welded by the property have been filled with various clothes, and even the wooden fence next to them is hung red, green and green. When Su Bai was about to go back, the phone rang, it was Lin Nian calling, what are you doing? I am back. The weather is good today. Let’s go shopping. When Su Bai was about to answer, he heard someone talking over Lin Nian, an old lady’s voice: Where are you going? Your cousin has something to say to others. Let you meet at three o’clock in the afternoon. Don’t delay. Lin Nian said on the phone that she knew. Su Bai said, I was preparing to dry my clothes downstairs, and they all hung underneath. This wet curtain of pots didn’t know where to dry it. Lin Nian said, go to the rooftop, there must be a place on the rooftop. Su Bai said, you forgot, I’m a bit afraid of heights. Lin Nian said, what are you afraid, you are standing there at the stairwell, there is me.

The Welfare Home allows conditional single women to adopt children… On the night three days ago, Su Bai woke up to see Lin Nian’s message when he woke up. Children’s Welfare Home. Su Bai didn’t know what the result of Lin Nian’s home visit was this time. The guy who didn’t play cards according to the convention would surprise Su Bai every time she decided. Lin Nian wore a white sportswear, with a hair high in a ponytail, when she saw Su Bai, the first sentence said, my mother came, nagging all morning…the two entered the elevator, Su Bai ‘S eyes circled around Lin Nian’s face and asked, how to discuss? Lin Nian said, let me tell you later.

The elevator stopped on the 33rd floor, Lin Nian walked in front, and plain white followed with her clothes behind. After the door was pushed open, the empty rooftop was unobstructed. Su Bai stood at the door and dared not go forward. Lin Nian smiled and took the wet curtain in her hand and took it to the place where there was a rope to dry. When the wind blew over, the damp cloths blew straight, and the plain white hair was blown away, covering the eyes, and Su Bai gathered his hair and squatted against the wall. As she squatted down, her eyes were attracted somewhere in the corner. Perhaps it was the wind sweeping again and again, blowing the dust all over and accumulating a thin layer. Plus there was a rain a few days ago, and those little fluffy things, who settled there, had spit out a little bit of green.

Lin Nian walked over with the empty basin and took out a few pages of paper from his pocket. He said that all of your inspection results are out. For your convenience, I have printed them for you. Su Bai shuddered, taking over the few pages, her eyes staring at those black words, and she didn’t let go of them. She looked at it again, looked up at Lin Nian, Lin Nian was smiling at her, she looked at it again, and still didn’t miss a word. She looked up again, and this time she finally confirmed that she had not read the wrong content on the paper. Lin Nian still looked at her with a smile, she also smiled. Su Bai remembered a very distant thing, that was when she was in the fifth grade of elementary school, they rehearsed a dance in their class, preparing to participate in the city competition on June 1. She was chosen and still lead the dance. Every day after school she will practice hard at home. She had to go to the city to compete. Before, no child in their class had ever been to the city. When she remembered these, she was so excited and nervous that she couldn’t sleep every night. On June 1st, she fell ill, had a high fever, and couldn’t even get up in bed…after that time, she didn’t want to dance anymore.

Today, she suddenly remembered the dance that had been rehearsing for a long time. At this moment, on the rooftop of the 33rd floor, she strongly gave birth to the idea of ​​hopping on once. She couldn’t help stretching her waist, waving her sleeves and spinning her body. The sheets of paper in her hands touched her, and she tore them to pieces. She threw the confetti to the sky, and in that piece of air, she twirled and danced ecstatically…