Holding a golden cooking skill

  There is a woman who does not cook at all, but she marries a husband who picks her mouth. Although I worked hard in the kitchen for a long time, I still couldn’t get the praise of my husband.

   This woman is very reluctant, thinking that she must find a way to burn a good dish, and sigh! So she secretly went to a famous restaurant and asked her chef to teach her to cook. But the famous chef is willing to share his unique skills so easily. The conditions for chefs to open are: to learn to cook, you can. But for every three dishes, you have to pay half of the gold for tuition.

   This is not a small amount! However, the woman’s mind has been decided, so she saved her money and saved her money in private school. I don’t know how much gold I sent before and after!

   Gradually, her husband turned her criticism from criticism to praise. This woman is very clever, thinking: Since “under the heavy” learning to cook, we must find a way to “earn back”!

   So she set up a shed in her yard and taught people to cook. At first, only the wife of the neighbors came to visit, and later by word of mouth, more and more students, even the official lady came to learn to cook!

   The woman’s reputation grew bigger and bigger, and the TV station even set a precedent for a cooking show for her. The result was very popular! The woman later published a recipe, and the book was sold. Her program broke the record of TV history and broadcast for forty years!

   This is a true story. The protagonist of the story is the famous street chef in Taiwan, Fu Peimei, a well-known chef.

   When I saw Fu Peimei’s story, I was deeply impressed by the heart, and I also felt that the old saying that “character determines fate” is really true! For other people, if they are repeatedly rejected by their husbands, “the dishes are not well burned,” they may be angry and angry, and they will lose their temper, or simply give up, and never cook! However, Fu Peimei chose to use “learning” to make up for his own shortcomings, and also created new business opportunities, which is why she succeeded! Perhaps, when she first started to hold the golden apprenticeship, she may have heard a lot of rumors, and some people may secretly laugh at her. It is really worthwhile to think that she is wasting money. But it turns out that she chose to “invest in herself” is right, and it is an absolute value for money investment!