How to relieve pain during a gout attack

Gout symptoms are common clinically. Once this kind of disease occurs, it will cause pain and make it unbearable for patients. Therefore, this kind of disease will not only affect the patient’s health, but also affect the patient’s quality of life. For the treatment of gout, the main focus is to relieve pain.

How to quickly relieve gout attacks
1. Ice compress analgesic method. After gout occurs, severe pain will occur, and many patients cannot tolerate the pain. In order to relieve the pain of patients, ice can be used, which is the fastest way to relieve pain. After the patient has pain, the ice cube can be wrapped in a towel, and the towel can be placed on the gout pain, which can quickly reduce the patient’s pain. If the patient does not have suitable ice cubes when the gout pain occurs, they can use a towel to wet and cool water, and then lay the towel on the gout pain. This method can also relieve the patient’s pain. In addition, during the ice compress, the patient should also pay attention to recuperation and try not to compress the affected limb.

2. Elevated part of the pain relief method. In the process of gout pain, the main cause of pain is the formation of edema. Many patients with gout pain mainly occur in the lower extremities. For patients with lower limb pain, the method of raising the affected limb can be used to quickly relieve the pain.

3. Drink water to relieve pain. Because the patient has high uric acid content, uric acid is not excreted from the body, which causes the patient’s gout pain. In relieving the pain of gout, patients can excrete uric acid and reduce the body’s uric acid content, which can effectively relieve pain.

4. Drugs to relieve pain. In the process of gout pain, in addition to physical therapy to relieve pain, patients can also use drugs to relieve pain. In general, many analgesic drugs in clinical practice have analgesic effects on gout. Therefore, patients can use medication to relieve gout pain. Of course, long-term use of analgesics has serious side effects and can affect the body.

5. Divert attention to relieve pain. In the process of pain, gout can be treated with drugs when it is severely painful, and physical therapy can be used when it is moderately painful. If the pain is mild, psychotherapy can be used. The so-called psychotherapy is to divert the patient’s attention and reduce the patient’s attention to pain. This method can also relieve pain. The patient can listen to relaxing music, or watch TV, etc., to divert attention.

Change bad habits and reduce the number of gout attacks
The occurrence of gout is closely related to our lives. In daily life, patients need to change their bad habits and use a regular lifestyle to control the onset of gout symptoms. For example, first of all, it is necessary to adopt a standardized diet. Patients need to monitor the degree of body obesity at any time. If they are too obese, control their weight. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the use of greasy food in the diet, which is easy to cause high uric acid. In addition, patients need to drink plenty of water in their daily lives to speed up the body’s metabolism, which can excrete uric acid from the body. The second is to develop a regular schedule. Patients need to sleep every day and sleep regularly. In summary, patients can first choose physical therapy to relieve pain when gout attacks, and if the pain is very severe, they can use drugs to relieve the pain. If the patient’s pain is mild, the diversion method can be used to relieve it.