I never compare with others.

In 1968, Pascal Kreman was born in Toulouse, a small town in southern France, because his mother chantal Kreman was in poor health and used a chemical drug to protect the fetus during pregnancy. As a result, the negative effect of the drug had a great impact on the children in the belly, causing Pascal Kreman to have congenital disability at birth.

When he was old enough to go to school, his grandfather took him to school, but the principal was unwilling to accept the child. Later, with the help of a priest, he went to a smaller school. His parents hired a nanny to help him with his life, including reading and writing.

Pascal Kreman decided to get rid of this situation. He longed for growth and independence. He asked his father to install two artificial limbs for him. Due to the limited technology at that time, the artificial limbs were bulky and inflexible. Apart from allowing him to imagine his arms in front of a mirror, the artificial limbs did not bring him anything. He loved music since he was young, but because he had no arms, he could only play with a whistle as an instrument. One summer, he was sitting on a small chair blowing a whistle, and accidentally the whistle fell to the ground. His artificial limb could not pick up the whistle. At this moment, he noticed the tender little feet in sandals and slippers. When he subconsciously reached out his feet and clamped the whistle with his toes, he suddenly found that his toes were more effective than artificial limbs. At that moment, he came up with an idea: replace his hands with his feet!

From then on, he began to practice self-care with his feet, reading, writing, playing video games, playing guitar and electronic organ. Summer is ok, winter is too cold to bear, but he insists on barefoot indoors, even when he goes out, he drags a pair of cotton slippers, because his feet are always used for shopping, food and newspaper reading. His toes were purple with cold and skinned, and he would not stop practicing. Day after day, year after year, his feet have gradually become his ” hands”, even dressing and cooking can be done independently. When Pascal Kreman was 21 years old, he also achieved good results in legal studies and obtained a degree.

He has already adapted himself to the life of reading and writing with his feet, and there is no obstacle for him to engage in legal service. If obtaining a law degree is an invisible freeze-frame for his future life, it is music and an indomitable spirit that make absolute changes in his life.

It was a campus concert before he graduated from university. Some students playing DJ music used their own DJ music to make the whole concert climax after climax. People danced to the rhythm of DJ, making people feel that even the earth was trembling for these wonderful music. He was fascinated! At that moment, he decided to be a DJ musician.

Chantal Kreman, Pascal Kreman’s mother, raised strong objections because he had worked hard for more than ten years to study law and had also obtained a degree. It was a natural thing to squeeze into the legal service industry. And now he suddenly decides to become a DJ musician, which means giving up everything before. His mother said to him, ” I believe in your musical talent, but you must use your hands to be a DJ. can you be like those musicians? In addition, you can already see a very good prospect in the legal profession now. Many people have struggled for years to obtain a degree. You cannot give up so easily! ”

Pascal Kreman replied: ” I don’t compare with others. I just want to do what I want to do!”

Opposition is ineffective, and the family can only support him. His parents bought a computer and a record player for him, and he began to practice rubbing dishes with his feet at home. With tenacity and talent in music, a few years later, DJ music films he produced began to enter the local market on a small scale. In Toulouse, many dances and bars began to use his DJ music. Shortly afterwards, his DJ works came into the sight of French DJ musician Laurent Geinier. Laurent Geinier immediately found Pascal Kreman and invited him to join his music team to perform in Paris. On the day of the performance, when the audience learned that there would be a DJ musician without arms in this performance, they expressed strong dissatisfaction and demanded to replace Pascal Kreman’s program. Until Pascal Kreman stepped onto the stage, the shouts did not stop. Pascal Kreman said: ” I can live happily without arms because I never compare with others. I am willing to give up my law major to make DJ music without arms because I have never compared with others. The reason why I come here to perform is because I have never compared with others! I just love DJ music, so I just hope that everyone will not compare me with others! ”

They are all music lovers. Pascal Kreman’s remarks raised some admiration and moved the audience from the bottom of their hearts. The audience did not object to his performance any more. With his passionate performance and his music, the whole performance hall was shocked and applause rang out from under the stage again and again. People threw admiring glances at him in the dance. After the performance, all the people present said thank you to them. The previous dissatisfaction completely disappeared!

At present, Pascal Kreman is already a very influential DJ musician in France. Apart from performing sometimes, he spends most of his time in his own music studio, using his feet to operate acoustics, equalizers and computers, discs and various electronic equipment. As a result, excellent DJ music works are booming in music markets everywhere. In 2009, his new album VA-Psylove set a world record of 5 million copies, which is unique among French DJ musicians.

Pascal Kreman has no hands, but he has a pair of wings that cannot be seen by naked eyes. With these wings, he flies freely in the paradise of DJ music. Some people say that his feet are his wings because he has created countless excellent DJ works with his feet. In fact, this is only half right, the real name of his wings should be called – faith!