Inner peace, never desolation

  A state I really like and aspire to is called – peace.
  Living is a troublesome thing. There are many times of anxiety, impatience, and indignation, but few times of peace, calmness, and composure and stability.
  People who often complain about not understanding themselves are confused. Everyone is eager to understand, which shows that understanding is not easy, it is even more difficult to be understood, with endless complaints, explanations, debates, shouting to get understanding, but also only to scare people away.
  Not to understand itself should be understandable. Understanding “not understanding”, which is the initial understanding, is also the premise of seeking understanding. You can not even understand why others do not understand you, how can you understand others? How can a person who does not understand others ask for understanding from others?
  Don’t rely too much on words, and don’t always try to get the upper hand on words. Language can not be solved, the facts can be unlocked; language unlocked and the facts are not unlocked, language will lose value, and even only add to the chaos. People who think of letting the facts speak at every turn are more at peace than those who want to talk down a whole lot at every turn.
  Don’t think that with this there will be that, don’t think that with fame there will be credibility, don’t think that with achievement there will be happiness, don’t think that with power there will be prestige, don’t think that this thing well done the next thing must also do well.
  Some people worship brand names, some people prefer to pick on brand names; some people recognize achievements, more people because of the achievements of the next person and the tiger eye; some people desire power, there are also countless eyes on the use of your power.
  A success can bring a series of success, but also because of your arrogance and recklessness and a big failure. Without this side of the truth, only that side of the truth, there will be no drama.
  Serenity belongs to the strong, arrogance reveals childish; serenity belongs to the wise, angry look ridiculous; serenity belongs to the confidence, the fuss exposed in fact not much bottom.
  Tranquility also has been destroyed when, happiness and sadness are human nature. The question is, after the joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, can not return to the peaceful state up in time.
  If you make a fuss at every turn, if you have to drag everyone and argue that you are right, if you ask your spouse, your children, your subordinates to endlessly argue how good you are, if you get sad when you see flowers that do not bear fruit according to your wishes and do not grow according to your size, you should seek the help of a psychologist.
  You can observe quietly, you can judge by observing, and you can act by deciding clearly. If you are organized and do not panic, like cooking a small meal, you can talk about learning.
  Let’s talk about how to live a peaceful life.
  In order to be peaceful, my experience is.
  First, more contact, attention, appreciation, linger in nature. High mountains and flowing water, desert clouds and sky, sea tides, lake light like a mirror, flowers, flowers, moon loss, the moon is full, the four seasons, three stars in the sky, all things quiet view are self-contained, the world “dynamic view” is also appropriate. To the point of indifference to nature, only know the time of the dou dou dou, your cells will be out of trouble.
  Second, more appreciation of the arts, especially music. Can you listen to music, this is generally a sign that you need to consult a psychiatrist or not.
  Third, when things are more think about their own shortcomings, more think about the benefits of the next person. Don’t get into a bull’s-eye, don’t analyze yourself the more right you are, the more wrong the next person is. Do not always feel sorry for the next person, do not think like a drill drill an eye to open up the world, not to mention all the screws of the wind drill welded to death. In that case, you can not meet the wall?
  Fourth, whether you have a little “great”, you must be clear, in fact, you are no different from ordinary people, your physiological structure and function is no different from ordinary people, your language and language and the national people are no different, your likes and dislikes and most of the next person is no different. You are not very dashing when you are angry, and you are not considered a gentleman when you are hungry …… It is your good fortune that people look at you as an ordinary person. You see others as the same as you, is your maturity. The more you pretend to be, the more pedestrian you appear. Don’t do that again, my dear!
  Five, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, pay attention to the cortical excitation and inhibition of the role of the transfer, the play on the play, the release on the release, the rush on the rush, the wait on the wait …… never be furious, never hiss.
  Sixth, a little humor. To allow the next person to make jokes about themselves, to know how to self-deprecate. There are many things that feel as urgent as the stars for a while, and afterwards not without humor. Humor to relax, relaxed to be able to relaxed, relaxed to be able to choose. Do not make the sad posture so cheap, do not bluff half a day the next person did not become, and finally scared to death of their own.
  Seven, a little silly on small things. The forgetful will be forgetful, the careless will be careless, the unclear will not be clear. The past is the past. If you will only remember will not forget, will only calculate will not be a big estimate, will only see clearly will not see the public opinion pay, will only be smart and tough will not lose three …… your mental insufficiency – than mitral insufficiency is more trouble, you have to take medicine.
  Eight, but also the most important, to have a few more “world”, more points of interest. You can write, you can do, you can read, you can play cards, you can logic, you can image, you can create, you can translate, you can sketch, you can write, you can be elegant, you can not avoid the vulgar, you can be a little foreign, you can be a little earthy, you can treasure the yin like gold, you can be as leisurely as earth, you can be light, you can be heavy, you can be out, you can be solemn, you can be harmonious, you can respect the objective law, you can ask yourself to struggle, you can lose the mulberry, you can gain the east. What more do you want?