It is a kind of well-being

  Some time ago, a friend of mine quit her job to teach in the countryside. She was a little anticipating, but also a little nervous. Before she left, she drank a drink with her little sister to give her a treat. We all bet that she would come back in a few days.
  However, two months later, we did not receive her complaint as scheduled. The photos she posted in the circle of friends were all wildflowers and shepherd boys walking on country roads. The plump grass blades and crystal clear dewdrops don’t seem to have a flavor.
  During the teaching period, she set up a music introduction lecture for the children in the village, taught the children to improve the chorus level, and also taught local farmers how to do e-commerce live delivery. After 100 days of teaching, she had a vivid life. Even her husband, who is not optimistic about her support, also looked at each other, “I really didn’t expect my wife, a girl who grew up in the city to
  live in peace and contentment in the countryside.” At the same time, another friend of mine, always complaining Among. Some time ago, she was isolated at home. She complained that she was too dull. After lifting the ban and returning to normal life, she was anxious about the next business. My friend told her that India has a different style. She went to the trend, but when she arrived in India, she complained all the time that the locals were not hygienic, the food was unpalatable, and the environment was messy. Even the children who traveled all the way had fun, but she complained.
  In the journey of life, having the ability to live with oneself sometimes determines whether we can have happiness.
  Some people can enjoy leisurely in the face of abalone and lobster, and enjoy spicy hot food on the street. Some people have a colorful life when they are forced to stay at home. Once the ban is lifted, they can adapt It can run at high speed.
  Just like Su Dongpo, when he was demoted to Hainan at that time, some people might feel dark, but Su Dongpo had formed a deep relationship with the Hainan people in the days of exile. Not only did he play a well, run a private school for the villagers, but also healed the sick, The bitter days of exile have a taste.
  Each of us will continue to encounter various changes throughout our lives. If you are proud, you will be frustrated, if you are successful, you will be frustrated, and when you meet each other, you will be alone and lonely. In the face of changing circumstances, it is difficult for us to change the environment outside and let everything follow our own wishes. But there is one thing we can do, as written in “The Prisoner of Thinking”: “There is a space between stimulus and response. In that space, we have the freedom and ability to choose responses, and our growth And happiness is all in our response.” The meaning of this sentence is that, in the face of the turbulent meeting of life, if we can live in peace, then we have the ability to grasp happiness.
  Of course, being in peace is not a negative attitude to life. It means: when we cannot change the trajectory and situation of a great destiny, we may as well recognize the reality, and in the limited reality, let our lives live more meaningful and more Some quality.
  To have this ability to live with oneself, one must have a childlike heart. This is actually a bit difficult, and not everyone can do it. Some people start to worry about things when they are about to go to sleep. This is not the case with children. Perhaps at this moment he was crying for missing a toy, but the next moment he was already jumping and laughing happily with the children. Their emotions flowed freely in their hearts, they came when they came, and they passed after they passed, without tangling.
  To have this ability to live with oneself, one must learn to look for the positive side.
  This is especially true for many women who are emotionally dominant. When the husband is at home, enjoy the sweetness of the duo world. When the husband is not at home, don’t ask and keep an eye on it, because it’s a good time for girlfriends to have afternoon tea; when there are no children, the husband and wife can walk freely and easily. Children, you can also enjoy the fun and excitement of the mythical beasts.
  No life is perfect, nor is there a life that does everything well. If we can always find fun and find coping strategies in different life situations, then this ability to stay with you will ensure that no matter where you go, it is spring. Even from a young age to old age, life has its own beautiful beauty of the four seasons. Such a life is full of happiness and constant scenery.