Late at night

  It was very quiet at night. Even in a turbulent city, he fell asleep deeply. I am very awake, fear is engulfing me, it is because of watching horror movies.
  I looked out the window, and the lights of one house after another went out, as if one star after another dimmed. The streets were extremely empty, and the streets were covered with silver foil by moonlight. From time to time, a few people who had not returned home were walking down the street, their leather shoes collided with the ground, making a “ta-ta” sound, and the sound became smaller and smaller until it merged with the darkness and was swallowed by silence. Dogs barking from time to time, echoing over the city.
  In the room, all the objects are “blackened”, only the reflections on some objects, such as a pair of white reflective eyes, have been looking at me, I was very scared, as if there will be one in the next second The hideous, terrifying monster rushed to tear me to pieces. Sometimes, due to the loud noise from the construction site, my heart was shocked, and it almost rushed out of my body. At this time, I found that there was a crack in the door of my cabinet. Suddenly, the cabinet was suddenly covered. Open it, and a picture of a female ghost in white crawling out of it makes me dare not to come out, and my hands shake uncontrollably. At this time, I looked at my watch. It was 11:30, and I told myself: “Go to sleep, hurry up, stop thinking about it!”
  I felt like I was on fire, and I was too anxious. But the more anxious I get, the more sober I am. I really wanted to get angry at the time, and I began to scold myself: “You coward, it’s useless at all. I’m afraid of this. What can I do in the future!” Finally, I cried. At that moment, I forgot my fear. It was all sadness and tears. It came out from the corner of the eye and reached the root of the ear, and the tears were cold.
  Finally, I couldn’t cry anymore, and my eyes became red. Tears and sweat wet the pillow towel. At that time, everything in front of me darkened and I finally fell asleep.