Late cruise ship

  When I graduated from high school, I went to Golden Island with my classmates Bowen, Afrey and Marion. We will spend three days of vacation there.
  There are only two round-trip cruises to Jindao every day, leaving at 7 o’clock in the morning and returning at 5 o’clock in the evening. While waiting for the ship at the pier, I turned around in front of a newsstand nearby and saw a magazine called “Once Upon a Time”, and the topic of that issue was “1943 in World War II.” I was very curious about this topic, so I paid for it.
  There are more and more people on the pier, and everyone is waiting for the cruise ship, so I read the magazine while waiting. Time passed by, and people around started complaining because 7 o’clock had already passed, but the cruise ship hadn’t arrived yet. Some complained whether the person who sailed the boat was sick, and some satirized whether the cruise ship went to New Zealand.
  There are more and more impatient people, some are smoking while frowning and looking into the distance; some are simply sitting on the ground, idly in a daze; my classmates have been laughing and chatting just now, and they are not chatting anymore, especially Ai Tomori complained while looking at his watch.
  I didn’t complain about anything, because I was reading a magazine of interest. In order to avoid the noisy crowd, I simply went to read it under a big tree. I don’t know how long it took. I finished reading the magazine. After a while, a distant siren sounded and the cruise ship finally arrived. It is 9:22 and it is nearly two and a half hours late.
  I put away the magazine and walked to the pier. The people on the pier also saw the cruise ship, and people were still complaining. On board the ship, the crew kept explaining that the ship was broken. They set off immediately after repairing it, but this still failed to stop some people from complaining. They all said this damn cruise ship wasted their precious time…
  But I I didn’t feel that way, and I was even a little grateful that I was over two hours late for reading the magazine and adding a lot of knowledge.
  In fact, no one or anything in the world can delay a person’s time, it’s just that the order of the schedule has changed.