Magic bracelet

  In the year of the 60th birthday of Empress Dowager Cixi, the Empress Dowager of the Harem came to the official residence of the Nanfu prefecture under the order of Li Lianying, the head of the palace, saying that he wished to celebrate the birthday of the Buddha and ordered a dushan jade bracelet.
  The Empress Dowager Cixi was in power, and even the Emperor Guangxu had to listen to her. The Nanyang Zhifu felt that this was a great opportunity for promotion and wealth. Fei Shui did not flow outside the field, he decided to give this business to his relatives, and immediately sent someone to engage in the jade carving industry relatives to the official residence. The governor Qian Dingwan asked that the beads must use good Dushan jade, and the line connecting the beads should not be ambiguous. In short, at any cost, it should be worthy of the status of Empress Dowager Cixi!
  The relatives of the prefect returned to the house, took out all the fine Dushan jade seed materials left by the ancestors, carefully selected, selected well, and finally chose a piece of transparent and turquoise green. He used all his powers, took out the housekeeping skills, and carved out 18 exquisite beads.
  The bracelet worn by the Empress Dowager Cixi, of course, can not be connected with ordinary silk thread. The prefect asked an old goldsmith in Nanyang’s largest gold shop to create a fine gold dark dragon chain. The precious Dushan jade beads, coupled with shiny gold chains, and elaborate dragon patterns on the gold chains, Zhifu felt that the Galeries Lafayette would be happy to see it, so he came to the residence where the Prince Duke stayed, respectfully Submitted to the bracelet: “Lafayette’s bracelet is completed, please look at the father-in-law.”
  Who knows that the father-in-law took the bracelet, just glanced at it, and immediately changed his face and scolded: “Why is this a thing? What does Lafayette want? Dushan jade
  bracelets , don’t want this shit worthless gold!” This grandfather is a Tianjin native, not only speaks Tianjin full of flavor, but also has a temper similar to the little fool on Tianjin Wei wharf. Nanyang Zhifu didn’t understand what he meant for a while, and he was there for a long time without speaking.
  At this time, the Prince-in-law became even hotter. He threw his string on the ground and said, “I said Master Zhifu, your head let the donkey kick? Can’t you understand the words of man? Is it true that Lafayette wanted Dushan jade bracelets? , To put it
  bluntly, this bracelet can only use Dushan jade, and don’t need other materials!” Nanyang Zhifu said tremblingly: “Duke, this bracelet does not have a gold chain, how can it be connected in a string?”
  ”I don’t care, anyway, Galeries Lafayette asks for the Dushan jade bracelets. If there are other materials on the bracelets, I can’t go back and make a mission.”
  Nanyang Zhifu said: “Aren’t you strongmen?” He glared and said, “So, do you want to resist the purpose?” Nanyang Zhifu quickly bent down to give a gift, saying, “Dare not to be humble, but not to be humble!”
  ”Our family said the ugly words ahead, the sixty of Lafayette Dashou is about to arrive. If the Dushan jade bracelets are not available, all the jade shops in Nanyang will close the door for me! But our family is not an unreasonable person. , You will be
  rewarded with money,” said the grandfather, and walked away. Nanyang Zhifu was frightened with cold sweat. He knew in his heart that the kind of bracelets his father-in-law wanted, his relatives could not do it at all. After returning to the government, he had no choice but to invite Gao Junbao, a recognized master in the jade carving industry of Nanyang. Nanyang prefect said to take it exactly the jade carving master again, and finally put down bureaucratic airs, deep Shiyi Li, said: “! High teacher, the officer try any, is given to you,”
  the high-handed Wang Gonggong threatened to turn off the all-Nanyang jade line, Bao Gao Jun also heard, indifferent smile he said: “! adults do not have to worry about, in order to Nanyang jade carving industry peers jobs, this matter to me,”
  but Nanyang Zhifu still has doubts: How can the beads be strung together without a chain?
  A few days later, Gao Junbao brought a beautiful pair of Dushan jade bracelets to the official residence of the Nanyang Zhifu. Nanyang Zhifu’s eyes were straight when he saw the bracelet. He turned over and looked at him, and kept saying, “What a clever trick, what a clever trick!”
  The material of this pair of bracelets is also transparent and smooth turquoise green, just the carvings and relatives of Zhifu The technique of the half hanging pendant is completely different. Gao Junbao used the hollow knife method. The entire bracelet was carved from a complete piece of Dushan jade. Eighteen exquisite jade beads were seamlessly connected together in a heavenly suit. Outrageous!

  The Nanyang prefecture sent a confidante to take this delicate bracelet and send it to the father-in-law day and night. Next, he waited happily every day to bring the money back to the Lafayette, and such a good pair of strings, the Lafayette looked at it, and it must not be so beautiful!
  Unexpectedly, after ten days, the government came back limpingly. Not only did he not bring back the reward of Lafayette, but he was also interrupted by a leg!
  Nanyang Zhifu asked in surprise: “What the hell is going on? Lafayette is not satisfied with such an exquisite Dushan jade
  bracelet ? ” Yayue cried, crying: “Duke Wang is very satisfied with this pair of bracelets, he immediately went to the palace It’s a mess. Lafayette is also very satisfied
  with this
  pair of bracelets , she will wear them at that time…” Nanyang Zhifu asked anxiously: “Then why did you get beaten?” Yaxu said, the Empress Dowager Cixi was too fat, bracelets It’s a little small. When she wore the bracelet, she broke it off as soon as she pushed hard! Angrily, she made the father’s board beaten; the father-in-law was beaten and took the bureaucracy…
  Nanyang Zhifu immediately found Gao Junbao and blamed: “Why don’t you make the strings bigger?” Gao Junbao explained that if the bracelet becomes bigger, it slips off the Galeries Lafayette’s wrist and will still have to be beaten. Generally, the beads in bracelets are made of silk thread or gold thread. The silk thread and the gold thread have elasticity and toughness, so they are easy to put on. This pair of openwork bracelets are all carved with Dushan jade, so there is no elasticity. It is inevitable that the Lafayette will break the string when wearing it.
  Nanyang Zhifu said: “Don’t tell me these things, or think of a way to make Galeries Lafayette wear bracelets!”
  Gao Junbao pondered for a moment, saying, “Master, you can only find Lilian Yingda, the most trusted by Galeries Lafayette. In charge.”
  Nanyang Zhifu led Gao Junbao into the study, the two closed the doors and windows, and had a full half-hour talk inside. When Gao Junbao left, he repeatedly told: “Adult, you know this and you know me, otherwise it is the crime of bullying who is going to be decapitated!”
  A few days later, Gao Junbao re-sculpted a pair of exquisite hollow skeletons. Shanyu bracelet, Nanyang Zhifu took the bracelet into Beijing in person according to the method agreed by the two.
  This time, Nanyang Zhifu not only was not beaten, but also received a full five thousand two rewards! It is said that on the day of the 60th birthday of the Empress Dowager Cixi, she wore the hollow Dushan jade bracelet.
  The story about this pair of magical bracelets soon spread in Nanyang. The two times were the Dushan jade hollow bracelets carved by Gao Junbao. How come the result is so different? A pair of bracelets kept the rice bowls of all the jadeware practitioners in Nanyang. People came to express their gratitude to Gao Junbao. Some people asked about the mystery of this pair of bracelets. Gao Junbao always smiled and did not answer.
  It was not until later that the warlord Sun Dianying robbed the tomb of the Empress Dowager Cixi in the Eastern Tomb of Qing Dynasty.
  Sun Dianying is also from Henan. He also heard about the story of the magic bracelet. The moment Empress Dowager Cixi’s coffin was opened, Sun Dianying saw at a glance that Empress Dowager Cixi wore the legendary Dushan jade bracelet.
  All the funeral items of the Empress Dowager Cixi were looted, but the string on her wrist could not be removed!
  At this moment, an adjutant surnamed Tong came and said that he had a way to take his hands down. I saw him stepping forward, holding up the cold hand of the Empress Dowager Cixi, and after a while, the finger gently pushed on a hollow jade bead. The complete bracelet was unexpectedly disconnected. The bracelet It was taken off easily!
  It turned out that when Gao Junbao sculpted this pair of strings, he made this connected small organ in advance. The prefect of Nanyang gave Li Lianying three thousand two dollars to the chief executive, and told Li Lianying the secret. Li Lianying told the secret to the empress Dowager Cuixi who specially served the Empress Dowager Cixi to comb her hair and wear jewelry. The bracelet was easily put on the hand of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Lieutenant Tong is a distant nephew of Cuixi. After the demise of the Qing dynasty, Cuixi also went to the folks and told this secret to his family before he died…
  In this way, the story of this magical Dushan jade bracelet became more widespread. Too.