Zhao Yu, who made pearls, once dreamed of raising pearls with the villagers. In the first two years, the sparkling pearls really made him earn some money. However, as this business method is constantly being recognized, the number of people who raise pearls increases sharply, and pearls can no longer be sold. Later, the pearl almost reached the point where no one bought it. Just like many industries in the world that can make people follow the example of repetition, people who think they can make a fortune for a long time because of surplus and flooding have become desperate, plunged into the mud, and even died in this business.

   Zhao Yu and many people who raise pearls, large-scale farms not only no longer create profits for themselves, but become a burden of losing money, paying for one year to pay for one year, seeing not only lose their own income, even His own old books also lost a good light.

   There are trees in the tall, wells in the short, and he has the idea of ​​dying. Pearl, this gleaming world of the baby, actually let him go bankrupt, and began to kill his life day by day.

   It has been a long time, no one has come to collect pearls. On this day, finally, a Hong Kong person walked into the farm of Zhao Yu. The Hong Kong people said that I only selected 100. In the past, he sold them in baskets, and sold them in a dozen baskets, which was calculated by tens of thousands. Now that there are only 100 people, his heart can’t bear this kind of blow.

   Hong Kong people say that according to my standards, you can pick me out. Saying, the Hong Kong people took out a pearl and threw it in Zhao Yu’s pearl pile, mingling with thousands of pearls. Zhao Yu was shocked, are you not afraid to mix with my pearls?

   Hong Kong people laughed and said, how come, good is good, how can it be mixed. Zhao Yu looked into the pearl pile. Sure enough, the pearl of Hong Kong people had doubled his pearls, and the gloss was so bright that they could not be mixed. Hong Kong people said, I know that you don’t have such a good pearl, and that it is smaller. Zhao Yu reluctantly picked 100 pieces, which is still much worse than the standards of Hong Kong people.

   Originally pearls and pearls, some pearls should be thrown away. It turns out that not all pearls are good things, and some are worthless. People are damned than people, and goods should be thrown. Zhao Yu went to the market in Hong Kong. He found that the pearls that could not be sold in China were selling well here, and the price was surprisingly high. However, those pearls are really one of the best in the world. They are all big and round and bright.

   Zhao Yu came back from Hong Kong and began to cultivate new pearls. He bought the best varieties for hybridization and careful breeding. A few years later, the pearl he raised became the best in the country, big and bright, and all sold to the international market. He became a pearl of a private enterprise and his career was constantly developed.

   Many newspapers and magazines came to interview him and asked him about his success. Zhao Yu said: “Many people in the world think that they are pearls. I was also at the beginning. Even if you are a pearl, you will not necessarily be appreciated because there are too many pearls. If you want to make pearls, you have to do it again. The one that is bigger, brighter, and more dazzling. In short, if you want to be truly successful in this world, you have to be the most special and unique one, not the one that is the same as most people.”