The weather is “sick” not light, and the “high fever” persists.

Kuang Zhaowu, the captain of the patrol police, was enjoying the air-conditioning in the office while “mourning how difficult people’s livelihood is”. He made a rough calculation, and since mid-July, there have been no rain stars for more than 40 consecutive days. The rain seems to have forgotten the earthlings. The policeman who came out of the mountain has an innate compassion for farmers and the land. He is worried about the conceivable reality: the corn on the mountain is filling, but the nutrition is suddenly cut off; the tobacco leaves in the ground have not yet grown. , it turned yellow in advance; the citrus in the garden just entered the mature stage, but it was prematurely saccharified… If it continues like this, the expectations of the common people for a year will really come to nothing.

What is a little gratified is that his brothers can breathe a little easier – in such extreme weather, going out is equivalent to taking a sauna, so he predicts that no one will cause trouble for the patrol police for the time being. The duty of the Patrol Brigade is to patrol 24 hours a day and be responsible for maintaining the public security and order in the urban area. It can be said that half of the gates of the Public Security Bureau are supported by the patrolmen. In the eyes of the citizens, as long as the police are swaying, their hearts will be at ease; if the urban area is quiet, the social order will be stable, the people will be satisfied, and the evaluation of the leaders will be good. Therefore, the public security’s face and stature largely depend on the patrolman’s performance — Kuang Zhaowu is full of awe for his profession.

He envy the police since he was a child.

He believes that the most amazing job in the world is to be a police officer.

This recognition comes from some kind of distant memory. When he began to remember, the township also held a “public arrest and judgment” meeting, which was called the “ten thousand people meeting” by the villagers. The climax of the “10,000 Conference” is undoubtedly the announcement of the host: Bring the criminals to the stage! It can be said that this sentence has the greatest impact on all the host’s words. It is a shot of stimulant, and most of the people attending the meeting are directed at this shot. At that time, life was monotonous and boring, not as diverse as it is now. What an exciting scene is the “Ten Thousand People Meeting”. When people heard this inspiring line from the loudspeaker, they all stood on tiptoes and bowed their necks, trying to see the person on the podium with the black card on his chest. a distinct. At that time, all the people in the venue had grown five centimeters taller, and their eyes were bigger and rounder than usual. At that time, the venue was surprisingly quiet, and only the police were busy.

Kuang Zhaowu believes that those busy police officers should have themselves.

Therefore, he simulated various scenarios since he was a child.

He first rehearsed the arrest. When no one was there, he used a stick to his waistband as a gunner. He flew with a kick, pretended to kick the “door” open, shouted “Don’t move” violently, then pulled out the “pistol” around his waist and pointed at the imaginary “enemy”. The “enemy” is very dishonest, not only resisting arrest, but also intending to violently resist the police, so there is no politeness to talk about. With a “bang”, he pulled the trigger, and the opponent’s head was blown up in his imagination…

He also envisioned interrogation. Opponents are very cunning, open their eyes and talk nonsense, and do not move the obvious facts. He admits that he is impatient. He even thinks that a policeman’s limited patience should not be spent on people who don’t deserve it. So, he decided to “fix” the opponent directly. As a result, the opponent quickly became subdued, and spit out all the feces like “beans in a bamboo tube”. On the issue of whether the police should take action, Kuang Zhaowu persuaded himself: the police do not beat good people, but bad people can still be taught a proper lesson. Because you don’t let him taste a hammer, he doesn’t know that nails are made of iron. His skin would often itch, just like psoriasis. If the police didn’t scratch him a few times, he would lose his memory.

There is a dream in my heart, and there is a universe under my feet. After the college entrance examination results come out, you can fill in five volunteers. Kuang Zhaowu’s first choice was “XX Public Security College”. In the back four blank columns, he only wrote two words: Ibid.

The head teacher says you can choose from five different schools. The teacher took another form and asked him to fill it out again.

No, I only have one volunteer. Kuang Zhaowu tightened the cap of the pen and threw it on the table to show his unshakability and determination to win.

The head teacher said worriedly that you will lose four opportunities by choosing this way, and you may have regrets and regrets at that time. Young man, you are at a crossroads in your life, so don’t be impatient.

Kuang Zhaowu looked at the teacher with retaliation, saying, for a persistent person, lost opportunities are not opportunities.

philosophy! The head teacher was speechless. He suddenly felt that the student had grown up, even the wings of thought had grown out, and he could soar in the free sky. He felt relieved. However, even if you apply for the police academy wholeheartedly, at least the format is not right.

Kuang Zhaowu thanked the teacher for his forgiveness and understanding. He unscrewed the cap again and wrote “XX Public Security College” five times in a row on the volunteer form.

Later, the classmates made fun of Kuang Zhaowu, saying that the public school was moved by his dedication and sincerity to admit him. Otherwise, the score has just been launched, and his luck is not so good.

Kuang Zhaowu said, don’t think about it carefully, why do I only take that score? I just took the admission line to do the question, and I went to the public college. Know what my biggest worry is? The thing I am most worried about is that I accidentally performed exceptionally well and was unfortunately admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University. If so, isn’t my ideal shattered?

Kuang Zhaowu’s grades are mediocre and his mentality is super good. He is lucky to be admitted to the public college. I have to say that his black humor is not entirely out of self-joking, but also contains a life choice. But the reality is very skinny. When Kuang Zhao graduated from the Armed Police Academy and the state abolished the distribution system for college students, his desire to be a police officer became a dream. Before he hated the introduction of the new system, he hated his parents once in his heart—couldn’t you guys get on well ahead of time? If it’s too late, getting pregnant out of wedlock won’t cause the son’s current passivity.

The past is like a cloud.

This morning, a squadron was on duty.

Kuang Zhaowu never thought that even though the weather was so hot, the pickpockets were not idle. A squadron leader reported that a middle-aged woman’s 5,000 yuan was stolen on the bus. Kuang Zhaowu was a little annoyed at him, so it was interesting to report such trivial matters?

The captain of the squadron replied, the interesting thing is that the victim was lying in front of the bus and refused to let go, which has caused traffic jams, the car horns turned up, and the drivers scolded Chaotianniang.

Are the people on the bus under control?

The squadron leader said the passengers were all present except the pickpocket.

What about vehicle monitoring?

The news is still bad. Monitoring is broken! What happened two days ago, the driver said that there was no time for a new one.

Kuang Zhaowu said angrily, good luck, good things made your first squadron catch up. Feeling that this was a bit too much, he softened his tone a little and informed the traffic police if they didn’t and asked them to assist.

Their people will be here soon. The squadron leader said, Kuang Brigade, the scene is almost out of control, and the three of us are about to be overwhelmed.

From the phone, Kuang Zhaowu could clearly hear the other party’s snoring and the noise at the scene. Having worked together for many years, he has no doubts about the intelligence and ability of a squadron leader to deal with complex situations. It seems that things are a bit tense this time, and reinforcements must be dispatched as soon as possible. At this moment, the director’s phone call came in, and he asked, “Brigade Kuang, where are you?”

Kuang Zhaowu knew something was wrong, and he said, “I’m going to lead a team to deal with the police.”

The director said that the county magistrate’s hotline was almost overwhelmed by someone at the scene, and the magistrate asked me if he wanted him to go there in person. I want to ask you to answer this question now.

Kuang Zhaowu was stunned, please rest assured, the director, I promise to solve the problem within ten minutes. When he turned around, he called Xiaosun, the office worker, and asked her to prepare 5,000 yuan in cash immediately to follow him to the police.

Where did the money come from? I don’t have much money on my personal card either. There is no small treasury in the second-floor unit of the Public Security Bureau, and Xiao Sun is quite embarrassed, but she knows what the captain wants money for. He wouldn’t do it unless he had to. Once he decides to do it, there is no reason to speak.

Kuang Zhaowu moved his lips from the mouth of the teacup, that’s your business.

got used to! Kuang Zhaowu had to drink a full cup of tea every time he was in an emergency, just like he had to fight alcohol at some point.

The person Kuang Zhaowu hated most was the pickpocket.

Why? Because he personally encountered pickpocketing once. Although the money is not much, it is only fifteen yuan, but I feel embarrassed when I think of it. Pig urine is not painful to beat, but it is irritating. At that time, he was still in high school in the county seat, and that happened on the way home by bus during the school’s monthly vacation. At the time, he was sitting in the last row. At a stop, an old grandmother got into the car with a large bag and a small bag. Her legs and feet were not easy to use, and a bony hand was clinging to the door of the car, trembling and she could not get in. There were so many people in front of them that no one was willing to reach out to help the old man. Classmate Kuang couldn’t stand it, so he took off his jacket and put it on the seat, walked across the long aisle, and went down to carry things for the grandmother. After the shuttle started again, the neighbor reminded him “kindly” that your money seemed to be stolen. He looked through his jacket and saw that the money in his pocket was really gone. Thinking of the moment when the car door was about to close, a young man suddenly shouted and got out of the car. He remembered that the guy was younger than himself, and Kuang Zhaowu was so angry that his teeth itch. He angrily said to the “kind man”, why didn’t you say it first? Isn’t this an afterthought? The neighbor was a timid woman. She told Kuang Zhaowu that she saw the young man digging out the pocket of his jacket with his own eyes, but she did not dare to act bravely because when the pickpocket got out of the car, he deliberately shook the blade in his hand towards her, intending to tell her “Mind your own business,” she didn’t want to make trouble for herself. She said, you are too careless, who told you to throw your clothes on the seat? May I kindly remind you that there is something wrong?

Kuang Zhaowu almost collapsed.

For someone else, this matter can be told to others as gossip, and it’s a joke. A mediocre life needs fun, and it’s not worth fifteen yuan. However, Kuang Zhaowu later became a policeman, so he felt uncomfortable no matter how he thought about it. It was a stinger embedded in his flesh, a fishbone stuck in his throat, a grain of sand rubbed into his eyes, a shadow cast in his heart. The wicked pickpocket shouldn’t take advantage of his good deeds to do evil, this is an insult to “Living Lei Feng”!

This experience is a bit shameful to say, it made Kuang Zhaowu even more determined to become a qualified policeman, and he vowed that he would be ruthless to those pickpockets, and he would spare no one.

Kuang Zhaowu’s admission to the police is a matter of later.

After graduating from university, he went to Chengguan police station as a joint defense team member. He felt that among all occupations, only the defense team was the closest to the police, so he gave up a few good options and went straight to a uniform. At that time, almost everyone who knew him knew that Kuang Zhaowu was going crazy for wanting to be a police officer. Sooner or later, his dream would come true. He’s not a policeman, but he’s more of a policeman than a policeman. His performance was recognized by the leadership, and the hat of the joint defense captain was quickly moved from the head of an “old fritters” who was occupying the ditch to his head. The institute gave Kuang Zhaowu a tricycle with a side bucket. The body was sprayed with blue and white paint, and the handlebar was affixed with the sign of a shield. When people got in, the car sped up and rolled into a whirlwind in the county seat. Kuang Zhaowu and his teammates became a dazzling sight on the streets. Citizens may not know the director, but they must know “Captain Kuang”.

The director told Kuang Zhaowu that the joint defense team should not be underestimated, you have irreplaceable advantages, and many things that the police cannot do depend on you. You have to sink and deal with those people, and then some situations will come to you. The director summed up his remarks into a professional vocabulary commonly used by the police: diving operations.

Kuang Zhaowu knew who “those people” were. Among them, “missing teeth” is one of the “those people”, and it is also the first one he encountered.

This is something.

The situation at the scene is not optimistic. Kuang Zhaowu’s most conservative estimate is that there are no less than 200 vehicles blocked on the road, and the crowd of onlookers is less than 300 people. The woman who was pickpocketed was lying on her back in front of the bus, silent and indifferent, looking very unsightly. Her hair was scattered on the road, a black mess. Occasionally, a gust of wind lifted the hem of her dirty clothes, revealing a piece of white flesh on her belly. Kuang Zhaowu squatted down and was trying to talk to her. A traffic policeman in a white hat came over to please him and said, “Get rid of people quickly, and leave the rest to us.”

Kuang Zhaowu stabbed the white hat a few times with his eyes, waved his hand and said, “Fuck you.” We took people away, what’s the matter with you behind?

In normal times, when Kuang Zhaowu encountered such a police situation, he would not hesitate to instruct his brothers to take away the woman who was blocking the car first, and then deal with the aftermath. However, the current situation is very delicate. With so many eyes on the police’s every move, people’s mobile phones have long been switched to video recording mode. The slightest physical contact between the police and the woman lying on the ground will be recorded from different angles. , and spread at the speed of modern technology. A harmonious society is people-oriented! At this moment, lying on the ground is a superior person.

Kuang Zhaowu said in a low voice, “Sister, I’m the captain of the patrol police. You can follow me to the Public Security Bureau. I promise to help you recover the money, okay?”

The woman said, I want money now. If I don’t see the money, my legs are weak and I can’t even walk steadily. She kept talking with her eyes closed, and turned her head to the side when she finished speaking, looking really bad.

Kuang Zhaowu said, we are catching the pickpocket.

When will you catch him?

Kuang Zhaowu choked.

My son wants money for school the day after tomorrow, and I can’t wait. The woman howled as she spoke, with sweat, tears, saliva and snot splashing together. Perhaps the wrinkles are too dense and deep, the sweat cannot flow on the forehead, and the flow can only flow sideways. Her hands and arms were covered in sweat, and with a vigorous shake, the sweat and sunlight were sprinkled on the road, making a rustling sound. After blowing her nose, she said, “The man is dead, and I am living a pig and dog life with my son.” I went to work in a brick factory, doing the hard work that a man should do, and earning some hard-earned money. If I can’t get the money back, I’m left with a dead end.

Kuang Zhaowu thought to himself, if you continue to consume it like this, you will also be killed by the sun.

At this time, the chief called again. Kuang Brigade, what’s going on? Are you in Washington? Are we jet lag?

Kuang Zhaowu looked at his mobile phone. It had been almost half an hour. The anxious director had been waiting in the office for the result of his handling of the police. The county magistrate should also be waiting for the director’s reply. The glass of water that Kuang Zhaowu drank when he left the office was successfully converted into the liquid secreted by the sweat glands, which quickly soaked his short-sleeved uniform. The director only wants the result, not the process. He has been here all these years when he was the captain of the patrol police. Don’t think that being a policeman is powerful, and only the moon knows the helplessness of the policeman, only the stars know it, and only the wind and rain know it. He gave him a wink, and after Xiao Sun understood it, he got up and went to the squadron leader to “do things”.

The next episode is simple.

This is a routine that Kuang Zhaowu and his subordinates often play together. A squadron leader Pi Dian came and said that the pickpocket was caught and the money was recovered. The woman lying on the ground really saw a pinch of money. Her eyes suddenly glowed, and the blood returned to her cheeks. Although the handkerchief that wrapped the money was gone, she believed that the money belonged to her, and it had her smell on it. It was a mixture of sweat and spit, and she could smell it. She almost snatched the money from the lieutenant commander, then threw herself on her knees, knocking her forehead on the hard and hot road again and again. Kuang Zhaowu pulled the woman up. There was dirt and grit stuck to her face with sweat. She tried to smile, but her expression changed too quickly, and her smile showed obvious signs of stiffness.

The crowd of onlookers did not know the truth, thinking that Kuang Zhaowu and the others had really become detectives. Seeing this scene, they applauded and praised the bravery of the police. One by one, the short videos of positive energy were immediately spread, with the sincere comments of the producers, presumably both the county magistrate and the director saw it.

Kuang Zhaowu was forced to meet “missing teeth” during a gambling operation. At that time, his joint defense captain just became popular.

The scene was big enough. There were more than 40 people including the dealer and the gamblers, and all the police were dispatched. After the scene was under control, cash was thrown everywhere on the ground, and one after another “old man’s head” lay on the ground very aggrieved. When asked who it was, everyone said “it’s not mine”. Well, no one acknowledges that it is the state’s finances. The director arranged for a few policewomen to pick up the money, count it, and register it on the ground, and they were all elated.

The manpower was tight, and the gamblers were escorted one-on-one by the police and the joint defense team into the minibuses parked outside, which were temporarily rented. Kuang Zhaowu was responsible for escorting the “missing teeth”.

As soon as he came out of the door, Kuang Zhaowu only felt that the “missing teeth” rubbed against him, and his movements were as fast as electricity and wind. Immediately, he felt that the left trouser pocket was a little heavy, and when he reached out to touch it, he actually touched a large pile of cash, which was estimated to be several thousand yuan. He was about to have a seizure when he heard “missing teeth” buzzing in his ear. Don’t make a sound. Your director and I are relatives.

Kuang Zhaowu immediately glanced at the “missing teeth”. “Missing Teeth” lowered his head and pretended nothing had happened. He looked back at the director, and the director’s expression was rather vague, making it difficult to understand. A series of questions suddenly flashed in his mind: I don’t know this young man who is missing half his front teeth, why would he put money in my trouser pocket? And the action is so clean and neat, no one can see the slightest flaw. Could it be that he and the director are really relatives? Or was it deliberately arranged by the director? Why would the director do this? Is he testing me?

Time is short, and Kuang Zhaowu cannot think too much. As soon as he put the “missing teeth” in the car and sat down, the director announced that the team was closed. As a result, that pile of gambling money fell into Kuang Zhaowu’s pocket, which became his lingering heart disease for a long time later.

If “missing teeth” is not said to be a relative of the director, Kuang Zhaowu must give him some color. He would take out the “stolen money” stuffed into his trouser pocket with “missing teeth”, smash him in the nose to expose him on the spot, and let him go in and have a good experience. However, this guy’s nonsensical words suppressed Kuang Zhaowu’s active mind, and the hand he put in his pocket was uninterestingly withdrawn after hesitating for a while. He thought, even if you are a relative of the director, you and the director must give me an explanation when you get there. I’ll save face for you, no, it’s for the director, and we’ll see how you end up.

The strange thing is that after working all night, neither the “missing teeth” nor the director mentioned the gambling money, as if it never happened at all. Kuang Zhaowu couldn’t hold his breath. Seeing an opportunity to be alone, he patted his pocket at the “missing teeth”, and asked in a low voice, what should I do about this? “Lack of teeth” still pretended to be inexplicable and ignored him. Kuang Zhaowu thought that the “missing teeth” didn’t respond, so he twitched his fingers quickly, “Hey, this?” “Lack of teeth” seemed impatient, he deliberately raised his voice and said, “Captain Kuang, what the hell are you doing? If you have something to say, just say it.

Kuang Zhaowu was startled by the “missing teeth”. That’s right, money is in his pocket, and if Kuang Zhaowu jumps into the Yangtze River, if he lets the “missing teeth” bite back, he won’t be able to wash it. “Lack of teeth” deliberately provoked him because he bet he didn’t dare to say a word. Kuang Zhaowu slapped the “missing teeth” in a fit of anger, and squeezed out two cold words between his teeth: Despicable!

Kuang Zhaowu decided to ask the director to clarify the matter immediately, hand over the gambling funds, and prove his innocence. If the “missing teeth” is really a relative of the director, I will leave this shit for him to clean up. Kuang Zhaowu doesn’t want to take the blame for others; .

However, the director tossed all night and went home to rest first. Kuang Zhaowu called him and turned it off.

After the wife heard the ins and outs of the incident, she had her own thoughts on this embarrassing incident. She asked Kuang Zhaowu, can you be sure that “missing teeth” is a relative of the director?

Kuang Zhaowu said that he told me personally, and he went back to the office to ask him again, but he pretended that no one was present.

So you don’t think he’s a relative of the director?

The wife’s words are like a multiple-choice question that must be answered, and you can choose one of the two. This is a bit beyond Kuang Zhaowu’s expectations. His original intention was to find the answer from her mouth, but the ball was still kicked.

That’s an ecstasy array that they deliberately set up for you to protect the director. Wife’s implication, “missing teeth” may really be the relatives of the director.

Kuang Zhaowu was suspicious of his wife’s words.

Are you sure the director really goes home to rest?

After tossing all night, everyone is sleepy, not to mention the director is not too young. There is a clear tendency in Kuang Zhaowu’s words.

I think he is avoiding him on purpose and doesn’t want you to go to him.

Kuang Zhaowu didn’t think about this issue. But what’s the point of that?

It means a lot. The wife analyzed that in this gambling case, if the “missing teeth” had no money, he was just a spectator in the casino — who didn’t join in the fun? In this case, the police have no way to take him because there is no evidence, and he can escape punishment.

The wife’s judgment was correct. After dawn, “Missing Teeth” walked out of the police station struttingly, humming “The Hero’s Song”, and the ending was dragged on by the old man: When it’s time to make a move, make a move.

Also, “missing teeth” presumably has enough money to gag your mouth. When you get a benefit, you naturally dare not tell the truth.

Let him dream! Kuang Zhaowu doesn’t get angry, so I’ll go and make things clear now.

It’s too late, there’s no chance. The wife said that if you don’t hand over the gambling money on the spot, who will believe your words, but people think that you are trying to retaliate or frame someone. Did you speak clearly?

From then on, Kuang Zhaowu seemed to have done something wrong and felt that he could not be a man in the unit. Through years of hard work, he built the Great Wall with honor and integrity in the depths of his heart, which ruined the “missing teeth” bastard. It was a nasty start to his career, a humiliating memory that would last a lifetime if he didn’t make a decision.

The woman was brought to the patrol. The huge sum of money was “lost and found”, and she needed to cooperate with the police to make a record and get a receipt – the money was temporarily withdrawn from the counter by the back office Xiao Sun. She is only a private advance, and it will eventually be recorded in the account of the patrol police brigade. It is easy to say that the money can be recovered. If the pickpocket cannot be caught, the five thousand yuan has to be instructed by the director to do “technical processing” through the financial office. Such embarrassment and embarrassment Kuang Zhaowu was the first to encounter. Forced by the situation at that time, Kuang Zhaowu and the others had no choice but to fake it in order to quickly ease the traffic and give the leader and the victim a satisfactory explanation. The onlookers on the spot witnessed the “touching” scene and gave their praises to the patrolmen, which made the Public Security Bureau win the honor. Now if the truth is revealed and spread out, wouldn’t it be a big laugh? The good reputation of the police is sometimes bought at the price of “dumb eating Huanglian”.

The next day, a burst of firecrackers rang out at the gate of the Public Security Bureau, attracting many citizens to watch the excitement.

In order to thank the police, the woman specially invited a trumpet and drum team to whistle and beat, and to give a pennant to the patrol police brigade. Look at the antithetical sentence written on the pennant: Migrant workers were pickpocketed on the bus, and the patrol police were fearless and quick to recover their hard-earned money. This is simply to add to Kuang Zhaowu’s heart. Because TV reporters and newspaper reporters with a keen sense of smell came to report the news one after another. Kuang Zhaowu and his colleagues not only have to come forward to accept the pennant, but also to be interviewed. In the face of the long guns and short cannons laid out by the reporters, Kuang Zhaowu had to open his eyes and talk nonsense. His level of writing lines is relatively poor. When the reporter asked about the progress of the case, he suddenly remembered a cliché in the diplomatic field: “The case is under further investigation, and there is no comment for the time being. Thank you!” past.

The woman’s troubles forced Kuang Zhaowu to the cliff. It is impossible to explain the case without finding out the truth.

In this way, he thought of “missing teeth”.

Since that gambling catch, a special relationship has been established between Kuang Zhaowu and “missing teeth”, which is roughly equivalent to “underground work” in the past.

Not long after the gambling case, Kuang Zhaowu secretly tested the relationship between the director and the “relatives” who had “missing teeth” in his own way. He was 100% sure that he had been tricked by “missing teeth” and that the director was innocent. . But as his wife said, he has lost the opportunity to prove his innocence. However, this is far from over. Kuang Zhaowu couldn’t let the “missing teeth” hold the handle because of a few thousand yuan gambling capital and play himself in the palm of his hand. He decided to give him the money back and simply let the “missing teeth” win. What’s more, the director has already hinted that he should have more contact with “those people”. Judging from the farce of stuffing money alone, “missing teeth” is brave and resourceful, and maybe he is a good candidate.

Kuang Zhaowu intends to “develop” him.

Kuang Zhaowu still clearly remembers the first time he met “missing teeth”.

It was a teahouse by the river, with a booth.

Kuang Zhaowu got straight to the point, didn’t expect me to date you?

“Lack of teeth” was exactly what I expected.


Because you want to give me that money.

Why should I give it to you?

Because you are a qualified defense captain. For a man of integrity, that little bit of money is a bomb buried in your heart.

Kuang Zhaowu looked at the wide-mouthed purple sand cup on the coffee table, and the Mingqian green tea inside floated up and down, just like his mood at the moment. There is a faint tea fragrance on the mouth of the teacup, and the curling heat and the light music lingering in the tea room are so suitable and suitable for the scene. Kuang Zhaowu picked up the cup and gently blew the hot tea on his mouth, saying, “You are really cruel.”

What we are playing is a game of cat and mouse, the competition is intelligence, we can’t say who is more ruthless than the other. “Lack of teeth” speaks at a slow pace, but his mouth is not closed to the wind.

Kuang Zhaowu took out an envelope, put it on the table, and pushed it in front of “missing teeth”. It’s yours, put it away so that people can’t see it.

“Lack of teeth” pushed the envelope back. Your gesture is enough to impress and admire me. Why take it too seriously?

necessary. Kuang Zhaowu said that this incident is unforgivable.

you mean me?

Including myself.

Your baggage is too heavy, in fact, it is unnecessary.

I don’t understand what you mean.

Because you have reasons to forgive yourself.

OK, fresh, might as well say it and listen.

Simple because you are not a policeman yet.

Not the police! This sentence deeply hurt Kuang Zhaowu. Yes, I, Kuang Zhaowu, are not a policeman yet. I am just a joint defense captain on the way to the police, a person who looks up to the universe and pursues the stars and the sea. For a person who is busy on the road, it is inevitable that some temporary “supplies” will be needed, and various unexpected temptations will be encountered. But the police are the end of my life. I can’t indulge my behavior and do things that go against my original intention just because I’m not a policeman for the time being. If I tarnish the reputation of the police, what is the meaning of my running to the end? Kuang Zhaowu wanted to tell his thoughts to “missing teeth”, so that he could open his eyes and know what the police’s soul and perseverance are. Didn’t Na Ying sing, “I don’t understand the darkness of night during the day”? What Kuang Zhaowu urgently needs to do now is to find out the details of the “missing teeth”. He wanted to approach him.

Change the subject, I’m very interested in your profession. If possible, we could even be friends.

I, how should I put it, you must have heard a popular saying: mixed society… “missing teeth” stop and shake your head, we are people living on opposite sides of the world, how can you say we can become friends?

Kuang Zhaowu smiled, the police have the responsibility and the ability to transform you into good people.

As I said, you are not a policeman yet. “Lack of teeth” is not afraid to stimulate Kuang Zhaowu, continue to poke his sore spot, don’t forget his identity.

I will definitely become a policeman, please believe that.

Later, Kuang Zhaowu was finally admitted to the police, and he worked steadily step by step until he reached the position of the current patrol police chief. He has always regarded “missing teeth” as an “inside line”, and through this clue, he extended his sense of security to some hidden corners of society in order to win the initiative. “Lack of teeth” did play a role in helping Kuang Zhaowu crack several cases. Especially when the case was stuck at a certain key point and could not go down, Kuang Zhaowu often asked the “missing teeth” to help secretly with the mentality of “dead horse as a living horse doctor”, which really opened up the situation several times. . In the process of dealing, they acted according to their own rules and logic, just like the two sides of the game were fighting and attacking and defending each other according to the established order around the Han River and Chu borders. Therefore, after a few years of dating, Kuang Zhaowu and “missing teeth” are familiar but unfamiliar with each other. They use a tacit understanding to get out of the quotation marks, cross the professional gap, and establish a kind of trust in the sense of work. Friendship, become “friends” that depend on each other.

Now, because of the pickpocketing case on the bus, it is Kuang Zhaowu’s turn to seek help for “missing teeth”.

In Kuang Zhaowu’s office, “missing teeth” was the first to catch people, and the team leader must be in trouble again.

Kuang Zhaowu told the whole thing about the police in the morning. He said that the patrol police brigade is now forced to go to Liangshan, and it will be difficult to live without digging out the pickpocket.

Finding people is not a problem. “Lack of teeth,” said confidently, and I wonder what you’re going to do with people.

Hearing the tone of “missing teeth”, he knew everything, and the pickpocket seemed to be under his control. Kuang Zhaowu did not go around the corner. Pickpocketing on the bus is a criminal case, and you should know how to deal with it.

If someone voluntarily surrenders and surrenders all the stolen money, can you let him go?

There is no negotiation when I go in, but you can consider taking it lightly, which is also a matter for the court.

What if I beg you for mercy?

plead? Kuang Zhaowu asked “missing teeth”, do you know what kind of person I hate the most?


Then, Kuang Zhaowu told the story of being pickpocketed on the bus home that year to “missing teeth”. He was emotional, with accusations and denunciations. At that time, I was still a student, and that little money was the living expenses that I had saved because of my parents’ hunger and half a meal…

“Lack of teeth” listened to it, itchy all over, and felt a burst of thirst in my heart. It wasn’t until Kuang Zhaowu’s angry speech came to an end that he murmured, “I’m sorry, that pickpocket is unlucky…

Kuang Zhaowu and the thinking of “missing teeth” are not on the same channel. He said angrily, do you still have any justice and conscience?

The “missing tooth” continued. For the mere fifteen yuan, he lost half of his front teeth while escaping… This kind of price is enough for you to forgive him once.

Kuang Zhaowu opened his eyes wide and stared at the “missing teeth” in front of him, unable to recover for a long time.

That’s when I said goodbye to that profession…

Do you also have a conscience to discover?

No, my missing teeth are too obvious for “work” in the car. For a long time, I had to step back behind the scenes.

It turned out that you actually went underground.

you can say it this way. “Lack of teeth” is like recalling a glorious past, with an unwarranted pride on his face. The pickpockets in the county are all under my control, and I have divided roads and trains for them…for many years.

The words “missing teeth” made Kuang Zhaowu finally understand why he was so confident in finding the pickpocket on the bus, and why he was so intent on interceding with the pickpocket.

“Lack of teeth” is still talking to itself. Later, I dismissed them and asked them to go out and find a decent job. I told my brothers, now that life is rich, people’s money in their pockets has been transferred to mobile phones, and surveillance cameras have been installed on buses. The profession of pickpockets is destined to decline, and everyone should stop worrying about buses. We all have a pair of dexterous hands and cannot live up to the gift of God.

Three days later, Kuang Zhaowu suddenly received a WeChat message of “missing teeth” and asked him to immediately take someone to the No. 3 private room of a certain restaurant to arrest someone.

At that time, “missing teeth” promised to lead the pickpocket out of the hole, but Kuang Zhaowu was still skeptical, and he didn’t expect it to be so fast.

Action is neat. The pickpocket is not wary of his former “boss”. When the police handcuffed him and was about to take him away, he looked at “missing teeth”, his expression was calm, his lips were trembling, and he just said, “Boss, I don’t blame you, I didn’t listen to you, control yourself. hands.

“Lack of teeth” patted the pickpocket’s shoulder, go, it won’t be too long… After saying this, he turned his head to the side. Facing the light, his eyes sparkled…