AutoLumo A2000 Plus

A2000 plus is the fully automatic Chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer provided by Autobio. It combines sophisticated technology and high performance, A2000P is valued by its flexibility and quality.

AutoLumo A2000 Plus
AutoLumo A2000 Plus

Products Description

High throughput

1. Single module: approximately 200 T/H

2. Supports up to four modules online

3. Independent three-track, emergency unimpeded

Good user experience

1. Disposal Tips, lower cost

2. The reaction cup dumping type add, without manual arrangement

3. Rreagents, supplies can be achieved without stopping continuous loading

Accurate test results

1. High sample accuracy, less variation

2. Innovative magnetic separation cleaning technology, lower background

3. Non-contact mixing to avoid carryover

Comprehensive solution

1. More than 80 kinds of test items, the choice is more abundant

2. Professional and timely customer service, lifting the worries

Powerful supporting software

1. Material status clear warning, add more worry ahead of time

2. Test specimens, easy to master the report on time

3. Fault warning, remote assistance, active customer service more in

AutoLumo A2000 Plus
AutoLumo A2000 Plus


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