Automatic Microplate chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay Solutions

Simultaneous detection of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and chemiluminescence method was carried out to meet the needs of laboratory microporous Plate Immunology test.

Products Description

Instrument performance

Powerful Multi-channel sample module

1. Four sample channels, each channel can be operated independently, supporting the failure channel shielding

2. Can be batch or continuous sample, can be single board, multiple boards, veneer multiple items, sample samples

3. No need to renumber the samples, the running state can continue to add

4. Disposable tip head to avoid cross-contamination, with liquid level detection, condensate block detection function

5. Gas replacement sample, high accuracy, with a sampling multiple project allocation function

Automatic Microplate chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay Solutions
Automatic Microplate chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay Solutions

high efficiency of large flux washing plate module

1. 96-Channel wash plate to avoid towing pollution

2. 3 washing plate positions, 3 plate can be washed at the same time, 3min can wash 3 plate

3. Anti-overflow design, less than one plate without filling holes, washing plate residue ≤1ul

4. Have the liquid monitoring function of the washing plate process

High accuracy multi-plate incubation module

1. 12-piece incubation plate, which can be turned off any incubation bit

2. Independent temperature control, adjustable step size, high accuracy of temperature control, temperature control of blanket heating system is fast, with incubation cover, temperature is constant

3. Incubation position can be independently shaken, vibration frequency and time is adjustable, vibrate smoothly

Comprehensive Dual System interpretation module

1. Chemical optical immunoassay system and enzyme-linked immunoassay system can be operated independently

2. Automatic chemiluminescence test or enzyme-linked immunosorbent test based on experimental requirements

Intelligent Multifunctional Software syste

1. Intelligent layout function, circular insert function, project puzzle function, fault emergency handling function


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