iWO-960 Microplate washer

Autobio iWO-960 is a state of the art microplate washer for 96-well plate, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s microplate based immunoassays.

Products Description


Plate Types:96-well microplates,8 or 12 way strips Flat-, U-and V-bottom

Manifold: 8-or12-channel

iWO-960 Microplate washer
iWO-960 Microplate washer

Liquid channels: 2 wash channels, 1 rinse channel & 1 waste channel

Dispense volume: 50-12500µl in increments of 50µl

Dispense precision: <3% CV at 300 Ml across the 96-well plate

Dispense Uniformity:<1.5% CV at 300 |jl across the 96-well plate

Residual volume: <1ul per well, gravimetric measurement

Soak time: Adjustable from 1 to 999s

Shaking time: Adjustable from 1 to 999s

Aspiration Time: Adjustable from 1 to 999s

Washing cycles: Adjustable from 1 to 250 times