iWO Microplate Washer

Autobio iWO is a state of the art microplate reader, designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s Microplate based immonuassay.

Products Description


Plate Types:96-well microplates,8- or 12-way stripsFlat-,U-andV-bottom

iWO Microplate Washer
iWO Microplate Washer

Manifold: 8-or12-channel(user exchangable)

Liquid channels: 4washchannels,1wastechannel

Dispense volume: 25-3500µl in increments of 25µl

Dispense speed: adjustable in 5steps

Dispense precision: <2%CV at300µl across the plate

Residual volume: <1µl(with flat bottom plate)

Soak time: 0-3600sec.in increments of 10sec.

Shakingtime: 0-990sec.inincrementsof10sec.

Shakingamplitude: adjustablein10steps

Shakingspeed: adjustablein10steps

Aspiration time: 0 to10sec.inincrementsof0.1sec

Aspiration speed: adjustablein5steps

Washing cycles: 1 to 9cycles

Priming and rinsing: manual,automatic,periodic

Wash modes: Bottom-andoverflowwashing

Cross-aspirate function:yes

Wash procedures: upto100

Wash cycles: upto100

Plate setups: upto80

Power supply:100-240VAC,50-60Hz,55VA24VDCoutput

Display and keyboard: 2x16charactersbacklitdisplay,key-boardwith5functionkeys,powerindicator

Communication: RS232

Liquid level detectors: yes(optionalforwash/wastebottles)

Dimensions: 40×25.5×22.5cm(LxWxH)

Weight: 6.7kg net