Autof MS 1000 MALDI-TOF

Automated mass spectrometry microbial identification system.Professional spectrum identification platform with comprehensive databases.

Products Description



Innovative optical design minimize the size of focus spot, effectively enhances the resolution.

Real-time controlled XY axis moving platform by FPGA chip, significantly improved slide positioning accuracy and stability.

Test can be committed simultaneously as the target slide put inside with High power Turbo molecular Pump. (Ion source vacuum degree up to 10-7mbar)

0.01um high-precision pump filter(99.9% bacteria got filtered) to make sure effective biological safety risk control

Software Acquisition system

Efficient batch processing system, save labor cost

Rapid identification module obtains a single sample within 0.1 seconds

LIS connection available

Real-time acquired spectrums improve the concenience

Analysis System

Customized report templates and database self-built functions supported.

Autof MS 1000 MALDI-TOF
Autof MS 1000 MALDI-TOF
Multi-functional microbial mass spectrometry analysis supported.

Highly integrated functional design

Remote multi-user operations supported.


A large number of quality control strains from various fields

Real-time database updated to meet the needs of multiple industry standards.


Size(W*L*H,mm): 450×705 ×1280

Weight: 101kg excluding data system

Installation requirements

Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 290VA

Stable and continuous power supply are mandatory

Temperature: 10-30℃

Humidity: less than 70% Non condensing

Vibration free, firm, level floor, at least 101 kg supported at four points


Sample Pretreatment Reagent of Autof MS1000
Sample Pretreatment Reagent of Autof MS1000