Seems to be a storm immunodiagnostic systems

During the following days, June 13th, 14th and 15th, the barometer fell on a slippery, but constantly, non-rising, and said that there would be no sudden fluctuations in the weather between rain or wind and storm. The wind rose considerably, turning southwest. It was a wind against Dream : the ship had to fight against somewhat strong waves that hit the front. So the sails were rolled and had to be driven by a propeller, but at moderate speeds to avoid bad impulses.

Godfrey did quite well with these torture and torture tests, for a moment without losing his mind. Apparently this brave boy loved the sea.

But Tartelett did not love the sea, and the sea was distracted by him. One should have seen an unfortunate teacher of stubbornness, who no longer stayed in his arms, the dance master dancing against all the rules of his art.

Staying in the cabin during these fillings, which shocked the steamer down to its bottom parcels, was impossible for him.

“Air, air!” he sighed.

He no longer left the deck. When the storm swung the ship, he fluttered from one side to the other. When the ship tilted, he stumbled forward, then pulled back almost immediately. He held the handrails, grabbed the ropes, took positions that, according to the principles of modern dance, were absolutely unacceptable! Ah, that he couldn’t get up in the air with the ball in order to avoid the rolling of this rolling platform! A dancer among his ancestors had said that he agreed to step on his feet again on the stage to not humiliate his comrades. Again, Tartelett would never have wanted to step on this bridge, whose waves hit the sinking bottomless pit.

That William W. Kolderup’s foundation had been able to send him here!

“Does this bad weather last long?” he asked Captain Turcott twenty times a day.

“Um, the barometer doesn’t calm you!” the captain replied without exception and wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Will we arrive soon?”

“Soon, Mr. Tartelett! … Hm, soon!

“And this is called the Pacific Ocean!” giggled between the unhappy two nicks and two swings.

Let’s say that the teacher Tartelett not only suffered from the sea stones, but that he was also scared when he saw the waves of the big foam heads that were flowing to the height of Dream’s flags; when he heard the sharp impulses raised by some flaps lurking as he left the steam to escape through the downpipes; and when he knew the ship like a throwing cap on those waterways.

“No, it must go down!” he repeated his creating his pupil with an inanimate look.

“Fuck me, Tartelett!” Godfrey replied. “The ship has been created to float, a thousand of the newcomers!

“I’ll tell you it’s not!”

And in these thoughts, the teacher had used his salvation zone. It had been the days of her tightly bound over her chest. He wouldn’t have been given up on it even if there was gold. Whenever the sea gave her a moment of breath, she blushed it again, blowing heavily into the air. It was never really full of him!

We ask the reader to be kind to the frightened Tartel. For those who are not accustomed to the sea, its rage can certainly cause a little bit of fear, and it is known that he did not dare to go even in the calm waters of the San Francisco Bay to this day. So you can forgive him for the nausea on the big storm and the frightened awakening of the foam-headed waves.

Besides, the air was getting worse threatened by Dream with an impending windshield that would have been spoken by the word forceps if it had been visible from the coast.

Even though the ship, which in the course of the day received terrible crashes, was only running with little steam so as not to spoil the machine, then the propeller in this fierce turmoil alternately rose from the waves and sank underneath them. This resulted in horrible swaying in the deepest waves or tricks below the waterline, which can be dangerous to a solid structure. In this case, there were gums on the back of Dream , and the pistons moved so fast that the operator hardly dominated them.

But Godfrey was due to draw attention, which he did not immediately understand. He discovered that the impulses on the steamer at night were incomparably milder than during the day.

So did he come to the conclusion that the wind then took off and that after the sunset there was a momentary base?

It seemed so remarkable that he wanted to be clear about what had happened on the night of June 21-22. The day was just a great storm: the wind had risen, and it seemed that the waves would not fall for the night, because the wind was many hours of unruly awkward sea.

So Godfrey got up halfway through the bed, dressed warmly and stepped on the deck.

The men in the guard were in the front fork. Captain Turcotte stood on the bridge.

The wind was not diminishing. But the impulses of the waves, which had to strike Dream’s bow, were much weakened.

But as he lifted his eyes towards the smokescreen of the ship, which was covered by black smoke, Godfrey discovered that the smoke, instead of escaping from the bow, was hovering in the opposite direction, following the direction of the ship.

– So the wind has turned? He wondered.

And very happy about this, he stepped on the bridge and said captain approaching:


The ship’s captain, dressed in a hooded sweater with a hooded collar, had not heard him coming and could not conceal his curvy motion at the beginning when he was seen by him.

“Do you, Mr. Godfrey, act… on the bridge?”

“I, Captain; and I’ll come to ask you …”

“So what?” Captain Turcotte replied briskly.

“Has the wind perhaps turned?”

“No, Mr Godfrey, no… and unfortunately it seems to be a storm!”

“But let’s blow it now!”

“Blowing our back… really… blowing our back!…” The captain apparently replied with his fury. “But that’s not my fault!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, in order to avoid the ship being in danger, I have to turn in the opposite direction and escape the wind!”

“That’s why we get a terrible delay,” Godfrey said.

“Really sad indeed,” replied Captain Turcotte; “but as soon as the day comes, if the wave wears off a little, I’ll take the opportunity to turn the bow back towards the west. So I urge you, Mr Godfrey, to return to your cabin. ! ”

Godfrey nodded affirmatively. He created the last restless eye in the low-hanging clouds that drifted infinitely fast, and then returned from the bridge to his cabin, where he continued his uninterrupted sleep long before.

The next morning, on June 22, Dream was returned to the right, as Captain Turcotte had promised, even though the wind was not much dampened.

This sailing during the day in the western direction and at night towards the east took another forty-eight hours; but the barometer showed the symptoms of rising; its fluctuations worsened. It might have been waiting for the winds to cease with the winds that began to blow from the north.

That really happened.

Thus, it was a fun northeast wind sweeping the clouds on June 25 when Godfrey clocked eight in the morning to get up on the deck. The rays of the sun were playing in tangle and screaming at their bumps on every edge of the ship’s edge.

The dark green sea then shone in a large circle with a direct light. The wind was no longer just a light flutter, weaving the crest with a thin foam, and the lower sails were removed.

Actually, the real waves are no longer sparked by the sea.
The long waves just gently tapped the steamer.
But the waves, or the strokes, were the teacher of Tartelett, who was ill as well when he was “too lazy” when he was “too dull”! So he stretched halfway down the deck, his mouth slit like a creaky corpse raised from the water to the dry land.

The telescope in front of his eyes stood at the first mate on the rooftop of the cabin and stared toward the north.

Godfrey went to him.

“Well, sir,” he said happily, “today is a bit better than yesterday?”

“Yes, Mr Godfrey,” replied the other, “now we are in calm waters”.

“And Dream has turned in the right direction?”

“Not yet!”

“Not yet! And why not?”

“Because it has apparently been displaced to the northeast during this last storm, and we have to precisely determine its position. direction of travel. ”

“Where’s the captain?” asked Godfrey.

“You left the ship.”

“Got off the …?”


“How long is it?”

“About an hour and a half!”

“Ah,” exclaimed Godfrey, “I am sorry that the matter revealed to me! I would be very happy gone by.”

“You slept, Mr Godfrey,” replied the mate, “and the captain did not want to awaken you.”

“I’m sorry about that, but to me Tell me where in the höyrypursi left?”

“That’s right,” replied the mate, “from the right side of the anchor reel … straight northeast.”

“And can’t it be separated by a telescope?”

“No, it’s too far away!”

“But should it come back soon?”

“Of course, soon,” the mate replied, “for the captain will definitely want to make his own measurements of the place, and for that he must return to the ship before noon”.

After receiving this answer, Godfrey went to sit in front of the front deck and ordered to bring his seabass first. He wanted to go back to returning to the steam break. It wasn’t that surprise that the Captain Turcotte had left for that inspection trip. It was natural that Dream would not dare to go to the sea where it was reported to be a warrior.

Two hours passed. Only a half of the eleven rounds began with a slender filamentous smokehouse appearing on the skyline.

Undoubtedly, it was a steam purse that, after examining it, returned to the ship. Godfree amused to follow it in the sight of his binoculars. He noticed that its contour would gradually become clearer, saw the body on the surface of the rising sea; the smokestack was already better separated, and some frost coils, which hit the clear bottom of the sky, were involved. It was an excellent, very fast-moving vessel, and because it was full of steam, it could soon be separated by the naked eye. At 11 o’clock in the road, a white whirlwind raised in front of its bow was detected on the front, and a long, foamy snake, like a tail of a tail star, expanded.

From the fourth to eleven captain Turcotte got to Dream and jumped to the bridge.

“Well, Captain, what’s the news?” asked Godfrey coming to squeeze his hand.

“Ah, good morning, Mr. Godfrey!”

“What about the lambs? …”

“Just imagination!” replied Captain Turcotte. “We haven’t seen anything suspicious. Our men are mistaken. And yes I guessed it!”

“Then go!” said Godfrey.

“Yeah, we’re going back to our direction; but before that, I have to do my location measurement.”

“Do you order that the barge be taken on board?” asked the first mate.

“No,” the captain replied, “we may need it. Attach it to the tow rope!”

The captain’s orders were implemented. And the burst that was left on steam stood behind Dream .

Three-fourths later, Captain Turcotte stood in the secstant hand, ordered the sun’s height and announced, after taking his place, what direction had to be taken.

After that, and after still having a look at the skyline, he called his mate and took him to his cabin, where they both stayed for a relatively long time negotiating.

The day was very beautiful. Dream could pass quickly, without the need for the sails that had to be dragged. The wind was very weak and it would not have been when the ship went so vaguely, it got enough power to bulge them.

Godfrey was thrilled. Wasn’t this sailing in the beautiful sea, as the sun shone in the beautiful sun, was it the most affirmative, the greatest satisfaction for the soul? But hardly even under these favorable conditions, the dance teacher Tartelettin was a bit refreshed, a bit more cheerful. Although the shape of the sea no longer gave rise to immediate anxiety, his physical being was difficult to bend. He tried to eat, but the food didn’t want to taste. Godfrey would have stripped him of a rescue belt that squeezed his chest, but he refused it sharply. Wasn’t that iron and wood-made flutter called the ship in danger of cracking at any moment?

It came in the evening, and it was accompanied by a dense worm that did not descend to the sea level. The night was much darker than what could have been thought of by the bright, clear air of the day.

But there were no underwater rocks to be feared in these sailing waters, whose position captain Turcotte had strictly ordered; but collisions are always possible and must be avoided on misty nights.

The shipwrecks were carefully lit a little after sunset; the white fire was raised to the top of the bow mast and the side lights, green on the right, red on the left, blinked lightly. If Dream were to hit something, then at least it wouldn’t be the reason – but the lean comforted it. Sinking is sinking even when everything is done according to the rules; and if any one of these things was in the ship, it was a teacher of Tartelett.

Now that good gentleman was still humbling, but still shaking with his cabin and Godfrey to his own, the latter sure, the former only hoping he could spend a peaceful night, because Dream hardly even rocked those long waves.

After leaving the guard for the mate, Captain Turcott went back to rest for a few hours of rest. Everything was fine. The steamer was able to sail in full safety because it was not believed that the tide would run.

Twenty minutes later, Godfrey was in the hills of sleep, and as usual, the insomnia of the Tartett, who had landed in his bed, was only expressed by sighs of the kind mentioned.

Suddenly, Godfrey woke up to a terrible noise.

He jumped from his hammock, got trousers and jumped over and pulled the sea boots on his feet.

Almost immediately, a horrible shout was heard from the deck:

“We sink! We sink!”

In the blink of an eye, Godfrey was out of his cabin and crashed into the officer’s dining room. There he poured into a formless mound that he didn’t know. It could not be anyone other than a teacher Tartelett.

The entire crew was on the deck running commands given by the captain and the mate.

“Yhteentörmäyskö?” asked Godfrey.

“I don’t know … I don’t know … there’s nothing in this cursed fog,” said the mate, “but we sink!”

“… we sink?” Godfrey repeated.

And the Dream , which undoubtedly had come across against the cage, fell considerably. The water rose to almost the deck. Probably the machine operator was already choking on the bottom of the oven.

“To the sea, to the sea, Mr. Godfrey!” shouted captain. “There’s no time to waste! The ship sinks in the eye! It swallows you into your whirlpool!”

“What about Tartel?”

“I like take care of him! … We do not like the side length of the cable from the beach!”

“But you? …”

“It is my duty to remain the last ship and I will stay!” chuckled the captain. “But you flee … flee!”

Godfrey hesitates to throw himself into the sea. But the water was already up to Dream’s nameplate.

Knowing that Godfrey was swiming like a fish, the captain grabbed his shoulder and served him the job of pushing him across the shore to the sea.

Time already. If it hadn’t been so dark, it would have been undoubtedly a whirlwind in the place where Dream was now.

But with a few strokes, Godfrey was able to quickly leave that damp stream in the vicinity of an attractive funnel!

All of this had happened in less than a minute.

A few moments later, the side lights of the ship went off one after another, with the cry of despair.

There was no doubt any more: Dream had just sunk into the bottom!

As Godfreyhin came, he had reached a high and wide rock from storms to safety. There, in vain, crying out into the darkness, without hearing the only sound of his own

immunodiagnostic systems