Spiritual Secrets of Body and Energy

1. Spiritual awakening is the general trend, but there is no hurry. The universe has its own perfect pace. Everyone has his or her own time to wake up. You must first let yourself grow into a loving person and control your thoughts with love so as not to cause harm to yourself and others.

2. The future world is an era of spiritual guidance. Following the pace of the frequency adjustment of the universe, you are in a downstream state and everything will become easy.

3. Praise others is to send positive energy to others. Praised people should receive this positive energy and send positive energy to each other at the same time.

4. The trend of future development is a more compatible era, which means that you need to continuously expand your pattern, that is, to expand the space of your mind, and you need to be more inclusive of all existence without prejudice.

5. When a person talks with his finger at me, what I see is the pain and fear of the person. I will carefully wrap up the wound and hold her hand to make her feel more comfortable when pointing next time. ( Loving )

6. There is only one reason for catching a cold, that is, the body is tired and needs rest. Otherwise, you will not catch a cold even if it is cold.

7. You are the whole and also the role you play. When you start from the big pattern that you are a whole, you will do better what your role requires you to do, and you will be clearer and firmer.

8. The reason why the world is like this is because the world you see is like this. What you see depends on your thoughts. What you see is the projection of your beliefs.

9. The realm of thought is to take you from shore to shore. It is to set a goal and work hard to accomplish it. The spiritual realm is a miraculous state of life. You don’t know and don’t want to know what will happen next second. Follow the drift and enjoy the surprise!

10. When you decide to move forward on the spiritual path, the universe will support you to move forward by ten steps. This is why you are easy and happy to move forward on the spiritual path.

11, you respect others, not you give respect to others, but you show your respect to others. The more you show your respect, the more you become respect itself. You respect yourself

12. The future society measures the individual’s contribution to the society by taking the positive energy that the individual contributes to the society and others as the personal value standard, not your identity, status and money.