Strangle your pride

A female friend who has been in contact for many years, after all our young women are eager to marry and have children, she still keeps to her sweet girlfriends and cultivates her temperament. It is said that the man she is looking for is by no means an ordinary man like my husband. He must be handsome and considerate, and he must be more gold – focused.

Six months ago, the family really found one and brought it to meet everyone on the third day of their relationship. The man is in his 30s, mature and stable. He has a good family background and a high income. He really has a lover.

This is a happy thing, but since then, we have become earphones for free – my husband cooked a delicious meal today, and my husband washed clothes in a lovely way … you don’t have time, she gave you time to say; If you are not interested in listening, she will find a gap to talk to you. For example, you said: I was unlucky to die today and was scolded by the supervisor … she answered immediately: when I was scolded by the supervisor, my husband asked me to go home to be a full-time wife, and I refused. You said, I was tired of the children today. She immediately said: My husband said that after having children, don’t worry about me, he will take full responsibility. You said it was boring for me to buy food and cook. She answered: My husband found a nanny who worked as a cook, fearing that my stomach would be wronged … Therefore, the small talk with her at the scene turned into a battle of wits and courage. You go around, she stops, you hide and she chases. In the end, he was exhausted and broke up.

And then, when everyone gets together, they inform each other: don’t call that who who who ah! Then, her husband heard some of her gossip and did not know who did it. Anyway, her happiness was discounted.

No matter how good your husband is and how happy his marriage is, don’t show off in front of your friends. Everyone is living a normal life, but you leap to a higher level and everything is rich. then you will be happy to steal from behind closed doors.

People in Zhao Yazhi have not shown off how good men are for many years, but the world knows how good men are. Why – married for decades, that young, that beautiful, the husband is not good, keep it? The most powerful advertisement on TV is always fake, and the happiness that is often shown off is mostly mixed with water and not guaranteed.

True happiness is a kind of certainty and safety hidden in the corner of my eye and brow. Don’t need to show off, if you show off, you will lose your certainty, or there will be a big difference. Either, you are abnormal and willing to watch others’ jealousy burn.

The famous show-off king Shi Chong showed off his wealth to his royalty, not to mention burning money, but also to show off his woman to others – you know I have a wife named Green Pearl, that’s beautiful, chinese odyssey; That talent, that gentleness and cleverness … As a result, Green Pearl was targeted by others and asked for help from him, which led to the disaster of death. Combined with the beautiful Green Pearl in the whole city, it had to jump off a building.

Obviously, showing off is really not something that can be put on the table. You show off too hard and are coveted by others. You are showing off too lightly and being despised for no reason, thinking that you like bragging. A person who sings a monologue every day actually loves hunger and thirst in his heart and cannot find the north with a little rain and dew. Like an insect in a vegetable leaf, you eat happily in it while others only see a few holes in it.

Therefore, if you want to show off this matter, you have to endure it. if you can’t help it, you have to pinch it. don’t come out!