The best life state of a woman

The three major needs of modern women: making money, becoming beautiful and reading.

When I was reading, a neighbor’s sister has always been an example for adults to motivate us to go forward . At that time, in fact, everyone said that they didn’t like her. At that time, I thought that if her grades were not good, the adults would not. It will be hard for us.

The first time I felt the pressure in my life, it came from her.

A few years ago, due to the pressure of parents, the sister had a feeling of failure.

After that feeling, the parents were embarrassed about her, and they no longer forced her emotional problems. It was also that time we became familiar with them.

At that time, my university just graduated and felt that there were countless possibilities in life. However, my family’s career planning and my life planning were contrary to each other, and the first-time graduates began to urge me to get married.

When we mentioned this problem, the old-fashioned sister spoke. Don’t look for a man who looks honest and honest, and don’t look for a man whose elders say a certain gram.

In her words, her disappointment with emotion made me sad, and when she talked about marriage and the future, she is no longer calm, sometimes she is extreme and very hurtful.

For a long time, we have not talked about this problem. First, I don’t want her to think of herself. Secondly, her extreme attitude makes me unable to feel normal about this issue.

At the beginning of last year, she hadn’t met for a long time. She asked me to go shopping together. When she met, she found that she was very different from the previous one. The whole person looked younger.

When I asked, I realized that she went out to play a circle the previous year. When she came back, she found a job that was ok. When she got busy, the person was enriched and unconsciously changed.

And when it comes to emotional conditions, she is no longer so cynical, and gentle, let it go.

Finally, she said that women still have to make money, and money is the best security for women.

There is a woman in Hong Kong called Zhang Xiaoyu, who opened a WeChat public account some time ago, almost 100,000.

Yi Shu once said: “In Hong Kong, I like Zhang Xiaoyu most.” Cai Kangyong praised her beauty and soul. Yang Fan simply chose her as the best woman.

Some women make people feel romantic, some people feel gentle, and some women just let people see hope – after thousands of sails, suffered setbacks, but still able to bloom. Zhang Xiaoyu is such a woman.

From glory to desolate to retreat to the rivers and lakes, the public has always been very demonized by her impressions – the defeated woman, the murderer, the deviant, the mourning star…

The more mature, the more envious of her, not every woman can live this kind of temperament.

Four years ago, Hong Kong media took a photo of Zhang Xiaoying and her friend’s dinner. At the age of 51, she had a signature black long hair full of thick and voluminous, and she saw that a woman was over 50 years old. There is no hope of getting rid of it.

Charming is not a figure, not a wrinkle, but a dazzling beauty.

If the former woman wants to find a sense of security in love, she hopes to entrust her to others for the rest of her life.

So now women are love, I want, bread, I give it, as for beauty, just to please myself.

For a woman, money is the foundation, beauty is the bottom line, and reading is the bottom money.

The best life state of a woman is not to put the hope and courage of life on others.