The heat of these staples is higher than you think.

The cooking oil is easy to see, but the fat absorbed into the inside of the starchy food is often invisible. In particular, when the staple food comes to eat, accidentally it may lead to excessive heat.

Fried rice Since it is fried, it is inseparable from oil and salt and other condiments. Otherwise, it is not only not fragrant, but also easy to stick. This has led to a large increase in the amount of oil in the fried rice, especially in the fried rice in the restaurant and even on every rice. Also eat a bowl of fried rice about half a catty, eat more than 100 ~ 200 kcal of heat than ordinary rice.

Fried cakes, fried rice, and fried rice cakes are similar to fried rice. The fat content of fried cakes, fried rice, and fried rice cakes is generally about 5% to 8%. The fat content is also several times higher than that of raw materials. Especially eating fried rice cakes, the rice cakes that were originally made with glutinous rice are very sticky. If you put too little oil during frying, it is easy to stick the pot, so you need to put more oil.

The bread fat of different breads ranges from a few percent to a few tens of percent, while the “cuffed bread” such as crispy and layered bread is the highest in fat content, its crispy taste and three-dimensional The level of the oil can not be separated from the contribution of oil, similar cakes and pineapple cake, money cake, peach cake, oil cake, etc., are big fat.

Hemp, twist, fritters These fried staple foods, the whole bath in the oil pot, the fat content soared. According to the reference data of “China Food Ingredients Table 2004”, the fat content of the hemp group is as high as 30%, the fat content of the twist is 31.5%, and the fat content of the fritters is 17.6%.

The dough is not fermented when the food such as sesame seed cake or oil cake is made. If it is not made of oil, it will be very hard. For the taste and texture of both harvests, there will be a lot of oil in the package, such as the fat content of the oil cake is 23%, the fat content of the sesame sauce is more than 10%, so the sesame sauce has sugar, nutrition and heat. Can be classified as a pastry snack.