The most advanced show-rich in this era is the family and the hustle and bustle.

In each of our families, as children, perhaps more or less complained or even blamed parents, thinking that they are stubborn and too frugal.

Even for the small things that they think are “correct” and their parents are arrogant, they are saddened by their parents. While hurting their parents, they are even more isolated.

In fact, whether it is the stubbornness of the parents or the rules of the past, this is the inherent mindset that they have formed over the years. It is difficult to change some of the behaviors accumulated in the past.

For example, even if you tell them over and over again, don’t eat leftovers overnight, but after they respond, they put the leftovers in the refrigerator.

You often say that you should not buy snacks for your children, but after they promised, they will take their grandchildren to the supermarket.

Children should understand that there are no perfect people in the world, and naturally there are no perfect parents.

Even if some of their behavior is out of your mind, it is no longer a matter of thinking about their inherent habits.

Who is right and who is wrong is not to be argued. The right and wrong of things are not as important as the mood of parents.

Don’t wait for the child to be filial and when you are not there, regret it.

We sometimes do our best to be children, and we forget to do it when we do it: our parents have tried their best to raise us up, educate us to become talented, and to marry and have children.

I finally hoped that with limited time and energy, I would do something I like, but I would be blamed, complained and saddened by my children.

In “Book of Rites,” it is said that ” the raising of the dutiful son “, first of all, is ” leaceful “, that is, to make parents happy.

As long as your parents are happy and some things that are not important, follow them.


Don’t compete with your partner for small things

Yang Lan said something like this in “We are awkward”:

Yang Lan and Zhong Shu had a quarrel on the ship going abroad, for the reason only for a French pronunciation.

Yang Lan said that his accent was accompanied by a local accent. He refused to accept it and said many words that hurt his feelings. Yang Lan also tried to hurt him.

Then Yang Lan asked the Frenchman who can speak English to be arbitrarily appointed. She said that Yang Lan is right, Zhong Shu is wrong.

In the end, although Yang Hao won, he felt bored and unhappy.

Many times, we are only arguing about trivial matters, but in order to argue for small things, it hurts each other’s hearts.

In marriage, the most important thing for a partner to get along with is not to argue for small things.


Home is a place of love

Home is the place where everyone’s life begins.

For the Chinese, the home is a place to live. Qi family can only rule the country.

When a family is together, what is the most important thing? Is living a tall and gorgeous house? Is it a luxury and luxury life? Is there an endless amount of money?


It is more important than anything for a family to be together, peace and harmony.

If the family is arguing every day, even if you have more money, you can’t wait.

If the family has a face every day, the cold eyes are opposite, even if they don’t eat and wear, they are not interesting.

The family is harmonious, the family is holding hands, and then it’s hard to be together again. It’s the way it should be to work hard together.

Home is a place to hide love, not a place to be reasonable.