The most taboo thing is to be too identifiable

Many people care whether they are decent, in order to be able to lift their heads in front of others, or to express their sense of identity.

Therefore, when such people interact with others, they are used to comparing by identity. High status, slaves and knees; low status, dog eyes.

Some time ago, the home committee of a primary school in Shanghai campaigned and smashed the circle of friends.

Many people are too particular about their sense of identity. They are good at finding the right time to show their different identities and status, and thus gain a sense of psychological superiority.

Moderator Meng Fei has a very good saying:

“All sense of superiority comes not from appearance, body, knowledge, family, wealth, status, achievement and power. It comes only from lack of knowledge and lack of compassion.”

George Bernard Shaw is a famous British writer. When he visited Moscow, he met a little girl.

The little girl is white and fat, a pair of big eyes are very gods, with a red bow on her head, it is really cute.

Shaw is very fond of this child, chatting with this little girl for an afternoon and talking freely.

When leaving, Shaw said to the little girl: “Don’t forget to go back and tell your mother, today you have an afternoon with the world’s great writer Shaw.”

Bernard Shaw thought: When the little girl mother knows that he is the world’s great writer Shaw, it will be a great surprise.

However, unexpectedly, the little girl learned the voice of Bernard Shaw:

“Please tell your mother after you go back and say that today you played with the Soviet girl Nata Yarn for an afternoon.”

Afterwards, Bernard Shaw said with deep feelings:

“No matter how much achievement a person can make, he can’t boast. For anyone, you should treat each other equally and be humble forever. This is the education that the little girl gave me.”

The value of a person is not because of his high status, but because he can always be humble.

Those who are self-righteous are not worthy of respect.

Don’t be expensive and swearing

Zhuge Liang once said: “Do not be expensive and swearing.”

A person who took his identity to say something, he lost at the beginning.

On one occasion, Mr. Lu Xun banqueted at home, and his son Hai Ying was present.

When eating a fishball, the guests are all amazed by the freshness and deliciousness. Only the son Hai Ying said: “The fishball is sour!”

The mother listened and immediately blamed the child for being arrogant and unruly.

When he saw the son who was sullen after being blamed, Lu Xun tasted the fish that his son had bitten, and it was not very fresh.

People are always used to being in a state of strong self-affirmation and stubborn.

But a person can’t be too identity-conscious. For example, a kindergarten teacher always acts as an adult to reprimand a child. The children’s feedback is only majestic and timid.

It is easy to get the children’s active cooperation and likes by being able to put down the identity of adults and the children.

For example, if a politician goes deep into the grassroots to conduct an investigation, he always speaks in a bureaucratic manner, and he is bound to get resentment from his subordinates and the masses.

A truly cultivated person will not show off his identity because he does not need to “bulk” others to raise himself.

The level of self-cultivation is often not based on his attitude towards his superiors, dignitaries, and friends, but on whether he respects those who are “lower than him.”

When a person bullies, he must be fascinated. Treating the weak is awkward, and treating the strong can only be mean.

People who are truly strong inside never have to step on others to prove anything, and they don’t need to deliberately please others.

The best attitude to treat people is to look at it.

When you are alive, you don’t have to look up on others with a self-esteem and self-esteem. You should not look down on others with a high self-esteem.

Learning to look at you, looking at yourself and looking at others is the most appropriate and most intimate social “view.”

Those who are accustomed to looking up to others, look at the faces of others in humble and fearfulness, camping and dying, why bother.

On the other hand, those who overlook others as a capable person are keen on condescending, pretentious, and arrogant. They often cannot see mountains outside the mountains and heavens outside.

The hardest part of the world is to set yourself up.

Head-up is a natural expression of a noble sentiment and excellent knowledge.

Only when one can dare and be willing to look at it, can he face the imperial family and will not swear by his anger, and he will not be arrogant in the face of the pawn.

In the bustling city, only when we are wearing sandals, we smile and look at everything. It is the civilized person in the real civilized era.