Three people in an office

Twenty years ago, I was transferred from the grassroots level to the city newspaper as an editor. There are three people in an office: Mr. A has a kind face, graduated from a prestigious school, and is three years younger than me. He is the deputy director of our department. Mr. B has thick eyebrows and big eyes, is well-proportioned, five years younger than me, and is a handsome guy.

Except for work, we rarely chat. I have worked longer than them, but I am a latecomer when I am transferred to the city, and I feel somewhat inferior. Mr. A has a diploma, a high position, and strong writing skills; Mr. B belongs to the second generation of officials and has a gentle temperament.

The edition that Mr. A manages is a cultural supplement, and people often find it and ask for a manuscript. Mr. B is a journalist, able to contact and contact many groups and individuals, and have many friendly relations. However, he rarely went out to interview and write manuscripts, because the quality of manuscripts was poor and often failed when submitted for review. But his literary works are outstanding in our newspaper.

Mr. A is an easy-going person. Although he has the highest official position among the three of us, he never publicizes and takes care of us everywhere. Mr. B is a tolerant person, and he doesn’t care about anything, such as the evaluation of professional titles, and the promotion of positions. He doesn’t care about it. Therefore, he has always been an ordinary editor and reporter, and his title has always been junior.

As time went on, Mr. A was promoted to the deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper. I took over the position of his deputy director, and Mr. B succeeded Mr. A and took charge of the supplement.

I no longer interview and write manuscripts everywhere. I am on duty for half a month, and I am fine for the other half. Mr. B also has his own world, editing a supplement every week, and there are more people begging him.

We are all moving in a good direction.

On the National Day holiday ten years ago, Mr. A drove his mother and nanny back to his hometown in the northern county. He died in a car accident. When attending his funeral, my heart was particularly uncomfortable, and my mind was full of our past in an office.

After Mr. B managed the version, he was full of confidence and thought that he could be awarded an intermediate title, and then he could be promoted to deputy director. However, the deputy editor-in-chief of the final review was always dissatisfied with the version he painted, and severely criticized him every time he reviewed the big picture.

He has consulted many people, including me, in order to make the prints well, but the deputy editor-in-chief is still dissatisfied. I don’t know what the deputy editor-in-chief wants him to paint the prints.

One day, after get off work, the pattern he drew was still not approved by the deputy editor-in-chief. He didn’t know what to do, so he broke the jar and drew a pattern indiscriminately, took it to the deputy editor-in-chief, and waited. Trained. Surprisingly, the deputy editor-in-chief said to him, I said you don’t want to paint, you are still not convinced, look at how good this print is!

He collapsed completely. He didn’t know how to draw patterns in the future, and he couldn’t scribble every time, so he took sick leave and stopped working. I occasionally bump into him on the street when I commute, and I always see him walking towards home with a few bottles of beer. I asked him if he drinks like this every day? He said that he must drink, that is, watching TV and drinking while watching.

Later, I didn’t see him again for two years, and heard from my colleagues that he died of alcohol poisoning.

The death of these two people catalyzed my mentality. What job title, job title, bonus, and everything else is not that important—compared to them, I have got too much.

All of us have ideals or have had ideals, but ideals cannot be fully realized. When leaving the world, who has no unfulfilled desire?

Life is a process of constant struggle and many regrets.