Why should she be the vice president?

  Lu Min University is a graduate of the engineering department. After entering the company, he has been working in the R&D department. At the beginning, the department manager simply used her as a handyman to call: keeping equipment and making meeting minutes; when working overtime, I went to buy lunch for everyone; when I was busy, everyone worked together on technical projects, but the manager asked Lu Min to clean the office. . He obviously does not use Lu Min as a technician, obviously it is to look down on girls. Everyone persuaded Lu Min to reflect to the boss. She smiled and said nothing. The chores were still working, and my job was not relaxed. I didn’t have any emotions, and I didn’t fight with my boss.

   Once, the R&D department carried out technological innovations on a product, and everyone spoke. Lu Min also actively expressed his views. The manager did not listen to it, and said impatiently: “You are very naive, don’t say it anymore.” Lu Min was flushed.

   The next day, Lu Min proposed annual leave and company leave. Everyone whispered, saying that the department manager took Lu Min back home and took a rest. The manager also had some guilt, calling Lu Min, and the phone was turned off.

   A week later, Lu Min returned to the unit. Although her face was awkward, she couldn’t hide her excitement in her eyes. She put up a large paper bag filled with full copying materials. She spent a few days in the Capital Library, and went to a university to ask an academician. The technical problem was finally solved by her. The entire R&D department was so busy that it didn’t work, and Lu Min actually solved this problem. Everyone was excited and very embarrassed: I thought that this girl made the little temper go home to visit relatives or travel. I didn’t expect that she actually went to sleepless nights to solve the problem, and took up the time of her vacation. Taking the rest time to work, everyone felt that Lu Min was a bit silly. Someone expressed this meaning to her euphemistically. She laughed happily: “I am not stupid. I said that the annual leave is to eliminate the interference from the outside world. If I go to the library to check the information, what should I do if the leader does not approve? What is the relationship between rest and a few days? Just do a good job.” Everyone shook their heads and sighed, thinking that she was too stupid.

   In any case, Lu Min helped the company solve the technical problems. The boss was happy and sent her a big red envelope of 30,000 yuan. Lu Min stayed for 10,000, and the other was handed over to the department manager for distribution. Her reason is that in this tacky, everyone has put a lot of effort into it. They are standing on top of everyone’s achievements and have gone a lot of detours.

   Everyone thinks that this Lu Min is really stupid and the money can’t go. In the next two years, she still rushed to pay, and when she made a result, she stepped back and gave credit to others.

   After the company’s development and growth, the boss is ready to promote a deputy general responsible for the company’s technical work. Everyone thought that it was definitely the manager of the promotion technology department. I did not expect that the boss directly promoted Lu Min as the vice president.

   Seeing everyone stunned, the boss smiled and said: “When I was a child, my father was a cook in the commune canteen. A flood occurred in the summer, the water in the upstream reservoir came out, and many fish cultured in the reservoir swam into a small river near the canteen. Many people took buckets or washbasin squid. Only my father took the big horse spoon that had broken a few holes to go to the squid. As a result, the father picked up the most fish and installed two full buckets. The reason is that the father knows exactly what he needs, and the water is leaked. The big fish are caught, and many people, even the water fish, are very small…”

   Listening to the CEO, everyone is convinced. Lu Min is not such a person. She ignores and misses some unimportant details. She only wants to create more performances and contribute more to the company. Such people are most qualified to be vice presidents.

   From the promotion of Lu Min’s legend, we understand that: Do not care about some small interests, you can be promoted; small benefits can be “missed” in order to achieve greater achievements.