Young is poor, not poor

Every excellent quality is an opportunity for wealth

An economist said: “Poverty is actually a combination of two words. Poverty means your current financial situation is poor, and poor means exhaustion and no hope. Young is poor, but not poor. Young is human capital itself. It’s the greatest wealth, but it’s not yet the age to reap a lot of assets and realize it.” So don’t be so poor when you are young.

It is a pity that many people are wasting their greatest wealth and gradually becoming poor. While complaining about their low wages and crying poor all day, they are wasting their time comfortably and spending time on entertainment. Here is a PPT, and there is a variety show there. In the end, the PPT made a mistake and was scolded by the leader, but behind the back he said that the leader was targeting himself. I complain about the lack of personal time for overtime every day, but I don’t think about why other people can complete the work, but I have to work overtime to get it done? Looking at my meager income, I couldn’t help thinking: “Why am I so poor?” But I didn’t realize that this was the result of my inefficiency and inefficiency.

We all have the right to choose our own life state, but if you are content with the status quo and don’t want to move forward, don’t blame others for not showing you mercy. The most terrifying thing in this world is that at the age when I should struggle, I chose to be covetous and not enterprising. The book “The Essence of Poverty” reveals this truth to us: What causes us to be exhausted is by no means external factors, but our thinking. There are ladders to escape the poverty trap, but they are not always in the right place. And people don’t seem to know how to get on the ladder, or don’t even want to do it at all.

There is no essential difference between ordinary thinking and poor thinking. Going to the hospital to see a doctor, I obviously can’t understand, but subjectively, I feel that the doctor must have done unnecessary examinations. In areas where we cannot reach our cognitive level, we like to understand many things based on intuition and emotions. Study the poorest people in the world, find the real reason behind poverty, and summarize why they cannot escape the terrible poverty. You will be surprised to find that although the research subjects are poorer than us, many of their thoughts and ways of thinking We are the same. This also indicates that if we do not make changes to this, then we will not be far from being exhausted without hope.

We often say that we are poor and want to change our lives, but our behavior is completely opposite to our thinking. This makes us more eager to feel how important it is to change our thinking and behavior. Selected learning from the psychological, vision, communication, cognition, financial quotient and other aspects to inspire yourself, will help you to improve yourself in all aspects, and make us poor but not poor.