No gout, hyperuricemia need to intervene? of course!

Speaking of hyperuricemia, people usually first think of gout. Over time, many people will be gout and hyperuricemia painted equal sign, that only the emergence of gout symptoms that suffering from hyperuricemia. Some people think that as long as no gout, hyperuricemia without intervention.

However, in fact, with or without gout, hyperuricemia is a huge harm to the human body! Even without the gout of the symptoms suggestive of the “stealth” hyperuricemia greater harm! Take a look and see, perhaps, the truth about hyperuricemia, far more than your imagination.

How high is the incidence of hyperuricemia?
In recent years, hyperuricemia more and more appear in the public eye, in the normal purine diet state, two times the same day fasting blood uric acid level male higher than 420μmol / L, women higher than 360μmol / L, can be diagnosed For hyperuricemia.

This is a purine metabolic disorders, uric acid excretion disorders caused by the disease, easy to cause damage to multiple organ tissues.

According to the statistics of the past two years, more than 100 million patients with hyperuricemia in China, accounting for 10% to 13% of the total population, of which the incidence of hyperuricemia in China is increasing. In coastal areas where seafood is eaten, the incidence of inland herdsmen is higher than 13%.

So on average, every 10 people have 1 person suffering from hyperuricemia!

High uric acid is not necessarily gout
Speaking of hyperuricemia, people usually first think of gout. Over time, many people will be gout and hyperuricemia painted equal sign, that only the emergence of gout symptoms that suffering from hyperuricemia. This understanding is one-sided.

Generally only when the uric acid in the body tissue deposition caused damage, the patient was gout. Clinically hyperuricemia is divided into “symptomatic hyperuricemia” and “asymptomatic hyperuricemia.”

In fact, more than 80% of patients with hyperuricemia have no clinical manifestations. Regardless of whether the symptoms, the two on the degree of damage to human organs is the same, relatively speaking, “asymptomatic hyperuricemia” more dangerous, like “silent killer”, because there is no warning symptoms, but not even more Easy to be vigilant.

What is the risk of hyperuricemia?
According to the large-scale clinical investigation of hyperuricemia and cardiovascular system in recent years, high uric acid can damage the endothelial cells of human blood vessels, leading to the contraction of blood vessels, resulting in hypertension, heart ischemia, atherosclerosis Series of questions. Foreign research data show that hyperuricemia caused by the risk of coronary heart disease death can even increase more than 50%.

In addition, uric acid crystals deposited in the joints can cause gout, deposition in the renal tubules, renal interstitial, easily lead to renal inflammatory injury. In addition, studies have shown that hyperuricemia and diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia, metabolic syndrome are closely related.

Syndrome Differentiation of Hyperuricemia in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese medicine believes that hyperuricemia, gout occurs, and more related to spleen dampness.

Main symptoms: check the blood uric acid more than normal, sometimes dizziness, fatigue, anorexia, no joint swelling and pain. Pale tongue, white fur, slow pulse.

Governing Law: spleen and dampness.

Ingredients: Sanren Tanghe Sheng Yang Yiwei Decoction (Coix Seed 20g, almonds 10g, white cardamom 10g, Magnolia 10g, through grass 6g, talc 10g, Pinellia 10g, light bamboo leaves 10g, Astragalus 25g, white peony root 10g, ginseng 10g, Poria 10g, fried Atractylodes 15g, licorice 6g, Notopterygium 10g, independent live 10g, wind 10g, Bupleurum 10g, Alisma 10g, Coptis 4g).


(1) Chrysanthemum tea

Will be white chrysanthemum tea, long-term drinking. This tea can be antihypertensive, lipid, alkaline urine.

(2) lily gourd soup

Will dry lily water is made good, decoction for 15 minutes, to slag juice reserve. Wash the sponge gourd into the cauliflower juice after cooking, add seasonings can be eaten. This soup can nourish, blood circulation, Tongluo.

(3) Coix seed porridge

Will Coix Seed and glutinous rice were washed, into the pot, add water 1500mL, fire boil, and then simmer for 20 minutes to millet for the degree. Add appropriate amount of rock sugar seasoning. This porridge can spleen dampness.