From your world

There is no story on Monday.

Really. Very routine.

Three days a day, rush to end, and then because of a “I am lovelorn to comfort my comfort,” far away in Xi’an girlfriend called, chat for an hour and a half, halfway to send a dress, after dinner to the library Study, 21:47 from the library out, walking in the teacher on the road to see the moon, sleep at night to 1:00.

One, you, okay?

You will always meet some people, with the church to leave you, the most important people lost.

I was in the library, listening to the plot in the radio, and writing my own story. Where are you, where are you doing

The story said, love each other and hurt the people, will gradually grow into the same face, to develop the same habits. I do not know if I have ever loved, but I do not like myself now and you are getting more and more similar.

Always feel sick. Grew up, lost love and the courage to be loved, afraid of their injuries, but also afraid of others because of their injuries. Can be the last, hurt others that, but always me.

Later, I always dreamed of the boy who called my son Jun, think he has always calm but because I am sad screaming look. Then later, I let myself a person, used to spare time to stay in the library, listen to music to read and write homework. Occasionally encountered in the teacher on the road, but also do not say a word, watching his figure slowly disappeared in the sea

I asked my friends, you said, our campus is not big?

Not big.

is it? I feel pretty big.

Big to us obviously with a school, and I always meet you.

Night 21:47, out from the library, in the division on the road to see the super moon, because the camera technology is poor, just read all the way. Xu is because the heart filled with too many things, obviously the beauty of the current, and I have chosen to give birth to a desolate feeling. Sorry to stand by me, not you Unfortunately, we look through the same round of time across the moon. Unfortunately, even in a dream, are sorry.

I only wish, those who happen in the dream of the story, it is best not to staged in reality, and you, will live better than me.

 Second, the first love season do not understand love

May you leave the man first, bear all the happy life, rather than crying late at night, tossing and turning on the side of the tea do not think, to be a painful man.

Remember, you promised me a love. Ruoyaorui, plain water. The end of a cold wave, ending in the early winter.

Because I have seen too many points combined with the story, I have seen the best of love, are in the fairy tale, in the Tang poetry of the vast smoke waves.

Always believe that every girl’s heart, have the most beautiful romantic love dream, like a northern woman’s heart is the most warm and soft Jiangnan dream the same. Possibly, when we were young, we had more or less the standard for the future to come, but later found that, with you, did not you have to imagine the way.

In this world of light speed in the world, full of fast food is love. Those who life and death Xu, love at first sight, the era of life and death has been gone, and then there will be no “see Yang missed life,” the first encounter, there will be no “care for the silent, only tears thousands of” memorable, There will be quietly waiting for the forest.

In the ever-changing crowd, I did not become an exception that would not change. Now I will not pay for anyone who does not seek any return, only for the other side of the occasional joy, nor strong to hear a word is not heard, do not want to explain and do not say anything.

Time summer had said to me, you this character, really not suitable for love. Because you always easily wronged yourself, so in love, too no self. Your future boyfriend, must be particularly careful and considerate of the kind, can be the general boys, are big nerve.

I remember one writer once said: sweet words only in the words of the most effective. So you said you like me. I believe. You want to live with me. I believe. You say that unless I choose to let go, otherwise you will not leave. I still believe it. Believe that you are affectionate, but I do not believe in the promise and the oath – will always be a bad check, not true.

Later later, when I realized that I could accept all the other good and bad, but can not accept in such a relationship, become affected by the loss of the nerve of their own, I gave up.

Probably, too hasty love, destined to be able to bear fruit The original, the most difficult thing to open is that the first time to say hello, and the final farewell.

A friend said to me, Enron, do you know? I would rather you like an ordinary girl, will cry will be downtown, will be spoiled will wayward, rather than stubborn Tolerance, all thoughts are buried in the heart. So cold and covered with thorn you, really let me know what to do.

Some people say that the first love season do not understand love, always constantly tempted between each other, and ultimately hurt himself. Perhaps, wait until we are willing to sharpen the edges and corners of the other, 1 +1 = 2 love proposition evolved into 0.5 + 0.5 = 1, is the most complete love.

Three, scattered and parting, are a kind of singing

Storytellers, there is always a story do not want to talk; listen to the story of the people, there is always a story do not want to hear.
Like me, do not like to tell their own stories, do not like to listen to others that parents are short. Because there is a little scholarly atmosphere, but do not like to listen to people burst foul language, saying vulgar words.

I have asked friends, who made you a storyteller, and who makes you a story?

She laughed, I did not have a story, no one because of me and have a story.

Later, I do not like to write a story, do not like to listen to the story. Because I always feel that no one will empathy, and no one will really understand, I also began to reluctant in the beloved words again to live up to those years of their own.

Thus, nearly five months, I did not write about the past and now the word one sentence. Only in a sunny afternoon, a person reading books in the library, through the rainbow bridge, watching the sunset, my mind flashed a lot of fragments, they want to write something to record the recent life.

Later, we always regret the original choice, but also always lament, if how to just fine. But we have forgotten, when we are the best of us, can do the choice, is also able to do whatever they can. And thus can not stand on the later mature position, to regret the original did not how their own, that once their own, not fair.

So later later, we can only say that although through a lot of regret a lot of distance, but it does not regret it. Because no matter who met, who missed, are fate dictates, forced useless.

Fourth, Enron alone, quiet growth.

I hope that all the efforts will not be wasted, I hope to be able to dream come true after the trouble.

Teacher on the road. Cold wind blowing. Indus leaves off. Have been numerous. I and the notes from the walk, leaves like butterflies like flying back shoulder. Suddenly can not remember when to start, in addition to class time, I always wear a headset. I remember one day get out of class, met the particularly hearty, people feel warm and practical girl, she said with a smile, long time no see.

Yeah, long time no see

You see you, every time I see you, your ears are stuffed with headphones. Do not you hurt your ears?

I smiled and got used to it.

Argentinean National Library Director Borges once said that if there is a paradise, it must be the appearance of the library.

Later, I slowly like the kind of wearing headphones through the bustling crowd feeling, but also used to a person in the library to work hard. When I slowly put his life and calm because of his appearance, think of someone told me: When you pass by the wind and rain, through the pain, you can smile when the breakdown of sadness, you will feel that everyone Is tired.

At that moment, I believe it.

Friends say, farewell and forgotten, is the rest of his life to do serious things.

With the parting of the sensational romance extremely happy, as you clean and leave without leaving words. And then wait for the day, you go to your favorite city, live your favorite life, it is brightly look back to all the suffering experienced, no longer live up to any meet, no longer any dreams, getting better and better.