Really good people, have these six ways of thinking

I have met a young screenwriter. He is very good and very hard.
He signed the screenwriter movie, last year there are two.
And in the first half of this year he has been practicing triathlon in Taiwan, the second half of the completion of a network drama creation.
Yesterday made a circle of friends, said his drama was trial.
I asked him what to do next, he said he would write a Jiangxi rural theme of the play, about to stay in Jiangxi for some time.

Indeed, and good people contact, the feeling is the same.
If the way of human degeneration is different, then the commonality of the excellent is also very similar.
After that conversation, I summed up the best people of the six most important way of thinking.

[Goal-oriented thinking]

Those who have no goals are always weak and lax.
Excellent people are living in a digger, and constantly deepen their wishes and goals.
The desire here refers to the real demands hidden in the heart.
They also understand that the goal is the first driving force of self, but also the fundamental reason for hard work.

Zhang is an old fritters that have been in the field of O2O for many years. At an operational meeting, I heard him ask all the staff questions: why did we try to get the company done?
Many people answer: for the dream.
The boss said, “No, in order to make money.” Then he asked, “Why do you want to make money?”
The meeting was silent for 1 minute before someone began to answer:
In order to buy a house, in order to buy a car, in order to marry a beautiful girl, in order to sleep to sleep, for the family had a better life, in order to one day no longer let others look down on their own …

CEO’s behavior, in fact, is to arouse everyone’s initial desire. This desire is the goal, they are often buried in some high-sounding rhetoric, need to ask again and again to ask out.

Ordinary people tend to target is not strong, so basically can not drive their own work. But the good people on the contrary, they do not set the target does not act, always use the target to guide their own efforts in the direction.

The first richest man of the Chinese screenwriter, Rich House, was at the meeting: “When I was young, I went to the film academy and wanted to go to the classroom and discuss the movie with the people there, and the result was driven out. At that moment, he vowed to become a screenwriter, will not let others so treat themselves.

He laughed and said, “Since then, a good screenwriter has become the goal of his life.”

[Altruistic thinking]

Have you ever found that those who are lovers are more good at altruising, and those who are hypocritical are more selfish.
The level of a person’s EQ, derived from altruism and selfish two thinking of the game.

Why do good people make better use of altruistic thinking?
Because altruism is to better self, the wise people understand this truth.
The reason why egoists are stupid is because they only focus on short-term gains, while ignoring long-term.
Elderly people are often black face, thinking closed, arrogant overbearing and stingy, there are good things will be exclusive, around the people at arm’s length. On the surface, he did everything that was good for himself.

But what did he lose?
He lost all the possibilities of helping him around him, and lost the possibility of being shared by others. Because not often exchange, occlusion, he will lose a lot of key information sources.
Eventually, he will lose the important interpersonal chain, lost a good word of life.
The profit of the beneficiaries is in a negative level.

Why are good people better at him? The reason lies in this.
The benefit of the altruver is far greater than the selfish.
Those who are willing to help others and provide value for others will often get the value of others.

[Iterative thinking]

Excellent people have a strong sense of crisis, they understand: in this era, a little attention will be behind others. If people do not learn to iterate themselves, update themselves, improve themselves, failure is minutes of things.
Like the product, the product has a 1.0, 2.0 version of the iteration.
Excellent people are also good at optimizing the personal version.
After three or five years, if you are still in place, this is the most dangerous thing.

There are many aspects of a person’s iteration, and an example of this, such as an iteration of a workflow.
When I was in high school, I was particularly slow at the same time, and then I looked at his papers and knew that the words he wrote were too much and wasted too much time.
A stroke of a stroke, a write a Na are clear. The key he has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and some strokes have to describe a three or five times to be assured.
He learned for a long time before learning to write cursive.

See here you may laugh, my mother read high school even the most basic cursive will not write, really fake.
In fact, many people have been writing habits for more than a decade, to change and not so simple, more terrible is a lot of people even “to change” awareness of no.
This is the so-called iteration consciousness.
Keyboard shortcuts to learn as long as 10 minutes, but many people too lazy to learn too lazy to use. With Wubi typing can be much faster than Pinyin, normal training can learn a week, many people are too lazy to learn.

Each small optimization, you can save time to increase efficiency.
Excellent work habits are not a day practice, is after more than ten years of iteration, will have today.
Think of yourself as a product, your soul is your product manager.
Are you still the old version of the past?

[Boring with busy boring]

The greatest feature of modern people is busy.
This is often criticized.
Li Zongsheng also wrote a “busy and blind”, which has a paragraph:
I’m coming and going to me in a hurry
From one direction to another

But in reality, busy should not be criticized, the most should be criticized, it should be boring.
Bored often accompanied by depression, sadness, nothingness and other negative emotions appear together.
No words to talk, nothing to do. Rotten on the sofa, rotten in bed, this is the most terrible.

Divide the state into three categories: boring, busy, busy and meaningful.
The third is the most high-order state, is more targeted busy.
The second kind of busy though not necessarily clear target, but people are still in motion. Since the movement, it can produce the possibility and significance.

Some people are not born to know what they should do, but can continue to find the direction of the movement.
Human vision and cognition, there is a border. You experience more things, your boundaries will be widened, individual extension will increase, inclusive will be stronger.
Excellent people are busy out.
Leisurely for them, is a luxury.

[Integrated thinking]

Excellent people, rarely exclusion of external information. They are like a sponge, as long as the water, will be sucked in to see, and then pick out the useful things.
So you will find that most of them like reading, watching movies, enjoying works of art, have their own taste for music, and have their own understanding of literature.
They are good at integrating, good from the external information to extract their own valuable things.

There was a reader asking me: “What is the use of reading?”
My idea is: if you hold the utilitarian demands to read, it is better not read.
Only quiet people, have the opportunity to experience the beauty of another layer of the world.

As the excellent people have a private, learn the way of nutrition.
Reading, music, film, painting, can be seen as an input. Excellent people hate to refuse, because they all understand: when a person began to unconsciously refused, he is about to fall behind.

I have visited a town on the west side of Shanghai, the district party secretary is very young, he was more than 30 years old.
Listen to the secretary of the live lectures, talked about the new rural construction.
Can you imagine? The secretary even fell in love with B station, also see the day, most like to see American movies.
He was inspired in the western part of the United States, thought of a proposal to benefit the construction of rural areas.

Just as Steve Jobs went to India to find inspiration.
Who would have thought of going to India to build one of the world’s most perfect products?

Excellent people are good at opening pores, fully feel the world of things, like a sponge as hungry, as humble as beginners.
Because some things seem useless, but it is really useless.
It will subtle transformation of you, affecting your critical time to make critical decisions.

[Attention to movement]

I asked a lot of people, why not fitness?
They said: “to practice so hard to do? Limbs developed, simple-minded.”
The meaning of movement has long been neglected.
So many people have a stereotype of the athletes. Think that they are just a simple mind is the development of human beings.
The fact is the opposite, the more people moving, but the better, the more intelligent.
In 1990, Arthur Kramer, a biologist at the University of Illinois at the University of Illinois, designed an experiment that allowed a group of people who did not love sport for six months of aerobic exercise and then tested the change in thinking and found that there was a real improvement. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature.

Sports can optimize people’s minds and make people smarter.
Even more critical is that health is the foundation of everything.
Excellent people will realize: how to ensure that their long-term struggle?
Is movement!

Excellent fight is not just mental, or physical.
In the Chinese writers also popular such a statement: write novels, the body must pass.
Do not believe you look Su Tong, Yu Hua, Mo Yan, do not belong to the kind of “weak” type.

Finally want to say: good people, often not for foreign objects move.
This time, can be around the personal will of things too much.
In other words, they believe in their own truth. In their own way to evaluate themselves, without having to prove to the outside world.
In the choice of the direction of life, good people often follow the heart, dare to refuse others advice.
Indeed, the views of peers do not listen, because you are not them. All the young people are on different runways, family background, background, wealth, luck, each person carrying something different, the way to go naturally different.
You do not have to compare with them, because the comparison, always only produce jealousy and narrow mind.

The older generation do not listen. You may often listen to your parents and relatives, “The civil servants are good to test the civil servants.”
But they are only trying to use the previous generation of outdated experience to domesticate you. Their thoughts and experiences to make them so now the state, if you do not want to become a few decades after their state, why should you listen to their words.

Really good people, have their own evaluation system.
Their courage and firmness, decided that they would take a very different path from ordinary people.