Spring, poke a curl

The early spring of the new buds have been infected with Liu Shao, that little bit of light green, like a cluster of green small flames, can be Yingyingchuochu see. Some cold wind to pull up the wicker left and right shaking, the spring of the sun across the translucent windows illuminated on the body is the most warm, this time if the sun standing outside the window, although not like the winter biting cold, but also cold cold.

Winter cold is already some of the past, the spring of the North is always quietly kicked off and ended. The fifth spring it, although it has not yet fully understood the meaning of the northern spring, but also has been for five years. Every year this time will say “Shandong is no spring, always take off the coat directly on the short sleeve.” Having said that, but still trying to find the traces of spring. Often this time, the total can not help but think of his hometown: four distinct seasons, spring is spring, in the warm wind in the flower language, foot song.

I remember the school in the mountains of the pear trees, the language teacher shouted: “We talk about ‘suddenly as a spring spring, thousands of trees million pear tree open’ that is what season ah?” In that pear open , Fragrant around the tip of the nose, mosaic into the flowers of the flowers, who would like to think that it is Cen Shen winter snow a parting. Warm air, mature flowers like each other admire each other to invite each other, the sky dance a little bit of stars even into pieces into the branches, the return everywhere, but no regrets. The only extension to the top of the cement trail seems to be embroidered female hook embedded point, the foot of the pace of light moving, fear of the broken line of this needle. However, this spring will be sent to the picture so fragile, underestimated but turned into a disappointment, then moved to the footsteps, point up the mountain, jumping, enjoy the soft spring in the spring.

And then remember that year, April eighth day, Buyi family of special days. Although the background can not understand the significance of this holiday, but all remember that day called April 8, eat eight meals, to bring rice to spring. April 8, parents will prepare a good meal for the children, pick the best home to see the dishes loaded, neatly arranged in the larger bamboo baskets, and then each carrying a small, with dyed red and green Bamboo prepared “rice basket”, which is dyed or red or yellow or green or black glutinous rice, each person’s neck are hung with a color line prepared by the “egg cage”, which stood two Three red eggs. Mighty, together to find a good place to “enter”.

To find a tree can be the most shade of trees, the tree spread out a layer of tarpaulin, the tree is cooked ripe slightly slightly astringent fruit. Children do not just this mouth it? Slightly acidic slightly astringent slightly sweet, one into his mouth, close your eyes, nasal lip compact, eyebrows on the pick, the game who chew first swallowed. Perhaps just do not want to try a small partner, but in the end, without the other small partners deliberately lure, the smell of acid in the air and “crackling” crisp enough to make its saliva DC. Actually could not hold back, Bingzhe “Warriors gone” like tragic, “snapped” a bite, with the face of the expression of change, a small partner laughter is continuous. As long as there is a start, then the more rich expression seems to be just for the show. Until you think of that basket full of basket of food, sitting around a circle, come up with their own food fight together to do tasting, but it is even the most soft and sweetest glutinous rice are chewed. But this is what important, April 8 to eat eight was considered successful, one day also long, since brought out naturally did not bring back the child, just play for a while will naturally eat a naked, then the “Rice basket” filled with fruit, go back after the effort to come back to a game.

Daylight fade after dusk, a group of singing, the name of the child marching clear moonlight shaking to the direction of running toward home. Meet the parents of farming work, the twitter can not wait to share the joy of the day. The adults check whether there is the rest of the food and ask if there is a waste. “No no”, and then respect the fruit with a few go.

Luminous floating in the water of the dam, a stubble on the seedlings just planted lightly on the wet ridge with mud on the sandals, along the water to a rinse, jump on the spacious road, find their own homes The. Moonlight night, attributed to the quiet Enron.

Those who are soaked in the fragrance of flowers, sprinkled with the cool days, dressed in the warm days of the wind up the scale is actually nearly ten years or even farther things. University of the end of the five years, in a hurry to find the gap in the work, recalled that kind of scene, although the heart is not clear, but also warm one. The darkness of the cool in the thin thinking of today’s own, although not as good as others and their expectations so outstanding, but only once left in the heart of the bright and warm light, but also enough to make me have the courage to find a want to go Flowers between the way, listen to the voice of the roadside forest, it may be deep inside the cry: both you, the warmth of the Ming and Qing dynasties.