The ancients of the most wise ten letters “letter”, write to the moment you … …

The first one: write to meet

Encounter when it is difficult,
Dongfeng powerless flowers disabled.
– Li Shangyin

If life did not meet, he was still their own, day after day to run around, submerged in the hustle and bustle of the world.

Because they met those who are destined to meet, they are no longer the original oneself, because the kind of relaxation and blending, their lives from the more substantial and complete, vibrant and fresh.

All the encounters in life are worthy of gratitude, and all the encounters are worthy of waiting. So, we can be closer to the hearts of others, see their hearts.

The second letter: write to understand

One person knows that he is born.
– Qing Zhao Yi

The world’s most precious is to understand, the world’s most rare is a confidant.

The reason why people want to know, want to have friends, because they do not want to lonely, do not want the chest sinking fresh heart, cold down, dry down, quiet down.

After all, can not be met. So, every minute to understand, are worthy of gratitude; every friend, are worthy of treasure.

This is what we are to others, on their own, to the world, the greatest goodwill and the most beautiful mind.

The third letter: write to the effort

In front of how many difficult to do,
Since the ancient man when the self-improvement.
 – Tang Lee salty use

Do not complain about your current living environment is poor, poor work, not to complain that you are pregnant, no one appreciated.

Even if the reality is no more unhappy, life is the case, no one is the same. The so-called success, but in the dilemma to complete the breakout.

You see all the bright behind, have had been unbearable. You see all the glorious people, but also you do not understand the Hom.

Boil, outstanding; boil, out – this is life.

And efforts is the synonym for this road of life, to take a good, you have to work hard.

Article 4: write to growth

Time, such as death is difficult to recover,
A hundred years old to be happy.
– Ming Lu mining

Unconsciously, we grow up; day after day, we are mature.

Treat people more and more sophisticated, let us calm; some good things gone, but also let us sad.

There are a lot of people, will hate their later look, miss innocent and worrying in the past. But can not do anything, break free, so only as always.

Along the way, accompanied by gains and losses, suddenly sad hi hi. All the way through, the accumulation of more and more, more and more deep feelings and heart taste.

This road stumbled, that is, growth; thousands of taste, it is life.

5: write to loneliness

Gentleman alone,
Keep against.
 – “Han”

In the world, inevitably lonely. The road to earth, most of the time is their own lone. People are not willing to lonely, so easy to indulge, easy to give up, easy to get lost and even confused.

In fact, the test of a person’s texture, the best moment, it is his loneliness; practice a person’s quality, the best way, when he was alone.

Lonely do not deliberately, always free, just when it came, can not afford the waves, let it accompany you go.

Occasionally lively and accompanied, do not have to suffer, only safe to enjoy.

6: write to fate

Make a man,
Listen to fate
 – “mirror flower edge”

What is life? Life is not all well-ordered, but obviously there are thousands of possible, but it happens that kind of one.

Whether it is pre-set good, or just so, they have a common name – helpless.

But we still have to do our best, after all, cause and effect is still, do personnel to increase their weight; after all, people are people, always try to be willing and willing after the heart.

And for that helpless, helpless, that is called God things, we need is to put down, but not give up. There is always something in the world that belongs to “this is life”.

Do the matter, listen to fate This is the world’s largest calm.

Seventh: write to happiness

Juvenile music new knowledge,
I am sorry for old friends.
  – Han Yu

Always thought that happiness in the distance, can chase the future. So eyes have been forward, can not attend to look back.

Until the old age, until you read the world, only to find that those who embraced, holding the hand, singing the song, the tears flow, loved people … …

Those who used to be happy.

In countless nights, said the words, played the phone, seen the film, the tears flow … … see or see the invisible, we have had.

The original through, after, life has no regrets. Then understand that the front is worth cherishing.

8: write to repair for

If the real person,
Not seen in the world too.
 – “Six ancestral altar”

“It is not the wind, not the banner movement, benevolent heart.” This world, never less we can not see people, could not understand things.

Maybe those people and things are really wrong, but you from the heart, moved the idea, they also exposed your inner small and shallow, after all, is not enough cultivation

Red is a confused, life is all the way to practice. This practice of the door, but also nothing more than in front of the mood, more from the accusations of others, turned to the care of the heart.

The world has its own cause and effect, those who can not understand people and things, may wish to go with it.

And their own heart, after years of tempered practice, in order to have a repair, from the world can see the blooming flowers, Yunjuanyunshu.

Article 9: write to the true

Mencius advocates good,
Xunzi advocates sexual evil,
Zhuangzi advocates sex.
– Chen drum should be

Sometimes we will wonder: our heart and innocence, in the end is already lost forever, or just be covered and covered it?

Often hear people say that old people will be like a child – so the truth has never lost, but only by the years of buried, was our anxiety and anxiety forgotten.

We have too many right and wrong, the value of the standard, the interests of consideration, the fall of which only struggling strength, in the panting in the dying.

Only put down these, forget that all kinds of disputes, our true, will naturally evident before. Do not come, do not increase without diminution.

Until then, we can get back to the simple and natural happiness – like a child.

Article 10: write to tomorrow

The afterlife can not wait,
Can not chase the world
– Zhuangzi

People like to look forward to tomorrow, miss yesterday. Because yesterday is our memories, tomorrow we have expectations, they are beautiful.

And only ignored today, it seems that only today is not good.
Can today, is not yesterday’s tomorrow, tomorrow’s yesterday?

Yesterday has not chase back, tomorrow we will never catch up. People caught, but only today.

And everyone is in the next, few people carefully to feel every moment, bent on doing the moment, and wholeheartedly enjoy the current practical.

But only so, when today became yesterday, the memories were more real and moving; when tomorrow has arrived, that result is more substantial and heavy.