These words, the wealth and human nature through


Something is more important than money – it’s not wrong to be in the absence of your money.

Trouble the money, rest in peace. Modern business community, showing a high degree of openness, and our hearts, always in the pursuit of peace and stability of the years of peace. Only fortune built long embankment, in order to protect our quiet life, happy peace, and simple happiness, not by the clamor of the earthly nuisance – more important than the money, and necessarily need more wealth to protect.

May wish to look at the ancient philosophers of a few words to the hole wealth and human wisdom, let our hearts, get happiness and tranquility.


Wealth of human first sentence, from the Laozi’s “Tao Te Ching”:

Day of the road, loss and more than enough. People of the Road, otherwise, the loss is not enough to have more than one.

How to explain this sentence Nie?

The world is flat and unbalanced – in fact, the Matthew effect in the Bible:

Said the king, to the two servants each 1 gold, so that they both go out to make money. The first to 1 gold as a capital, investment earned 10 spindles. The king rewarded him 10 castles. The second did not dare to invest, carefully put the gold hidden back. The king ordered the gold, and grabbed the first servant, and said, “What is the least, and even his last thing.” Any more, then a lot of to give.

– will make money, people will form a profit inertia, the more earn the more earn, the more money the more. On the contrary, people who do not make money, thinking and thinking of the line, everywhere with the wealth of law against the dry. Some people will even be a very hard life, racking their brains so that they can not make money.

Do not make money, always stressed that the reality of injustice – then goose, I have already said, people of the Road, the loss of less than enough. Not the world is not justice, but the people are not balanced. Is human beings constitute a never-ending world. Choose poverty against the world, is the poor bones. Cognitive human nature learn to adapt, is the wisdom of the rich.


Wealth of human nature of the second sentence: from Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions”:

In the end intended to peace!

– Road is Jinyu Liangyuan, I only read the wood before the League. Empty against the mountains of the gods crystal snow, and finally do not forget the world outside the immortal Shu lonely forest. Sigh between the United States and the lack of this letter. Even if it is a case of Qi Mei, in the end intended to level.

Even if it is Xue Baochai beautiful gentle and smart, but weak water three thousand, Jia Baoyu just want to drink Lin Daiyu that scoop.

As the story of the Buddha, the traveler walking in the desert, seeing to thirsty death, the Buddha pity him, the body of the body to give him a lake. But the visitors refused to drink, said: I just want to drink that one, and ultimately thirsty death in the lake.

Human nature so, do not pay attention to their existing, only concerned about their own lost.

American economist Dan Ereli had an experiment, the same thing, in their own hands to sell, the price will be higher than willing to buy the price of 15 times. It is this natural nature, so many people into the transaction anxiety disorder, always feel that they have suffered a loss in this life – now you know, the transaction so that everyone profit, you did not suffer, just just want, Do not want to lose, the heart is not anger, so it is difficult to level.


Wealth of human nature of the third sentence, from the ancient Greek scholars Protigola:

Man is the scale of all things, is the existence of things there is a scale, there is no thing does not exist on the scale.

If you feel this sentence, sometimes difficult to understand, then coupled with Carnegie’s words:

Respect others, let others feel he is very important.

People are self-centered. Many people are not happy, there is a sense of weak, because others refused to admit that he is the center of the world. The ancients said the believers died, what is the confidant? Confidant is to meet your secret desire to admit that you are the center of the world people. So businessmen pay attention to life and wealth, do not fight, no noise, no trouble, do not yell, as long as you are willing to take out the money, what things are good to discuss.


Wealth of human nature of the fourth sentence, from Machiavelli:

The respect of others is derived from respect for our status, not of respect for us.

This sentence highlights the status level, will make many people resentment – if you are angry, then think about the above sentence, everyone is self-centered. Even if it is a mouth that is equal to the people, inner consciousness, but also the self above others.

Equality is personality.

Unequal, always human heart.

– so many equal people, it is inevitable to exaggerate their own. The reason why a person to win respect for others, must be his own destiny to change their efforts. Everyone will respect an effort and action, but will not respect a person who is not willing to pay.


Wealth of human nature of the fifth sentence: from Taiwan writer Liu Yong:

People are incomplete, but do not accept the slightest flaws.

This sentence is the key to cognitive wealth and humanity:

Liu Yong has an antique: yellow porcelain bowl. He wanted to sell, but because the bowl is slightly flawed, to see the goods have shook his head, or someone to bid, the price is low to Liu Yong want to hit the point of hands.

Finally no way, Liu Yong to find a famous antique dealers.

Antique dealers looked at the goods, smiled, easily thrown the bowl outside the door, which makes Liu Yong surprised, distressed – and then, the antique dealer did not put the bowl out to sell, this time to see the goods, Out of high prices. The last to sell the price, more than Liu Yong psychological expectations several times.

Liu Yong very depressed, but finally understand that this is human nature: human nature itself is incomplete, but only accept the perfect. Would rather be cheated, and do not have a flawed reality.


Wealth of human nature of the sixth sentence, from Baltasar Grazian’s “wisdom book”:

Free things must be trickery. If a friend gives you a benefit but does not ask for a fee, he will ask for something more expensive than you would like to pay for him. This is the bargaining problem, including both material and psychological. Therefore, you have to learn to pay, but also to pay high prices.

For example, we have talked about the story, a person broke into a red light, met the traffic police acquaintance, removed a fine of 50 yuan. The parties are complacent and feel like they have a face. But then, the follow-up effect of free transactions appear, acquaintance traffic police asked his wife, arranged to the parties to the company, and traffic police on a few days on the class, but also can not adapt to the company environment – the result is that the parties in order to save 50 yuan, Forced to bear the loss of tens of thousands of dollars each year, while the other is also angry.

To remember the words of Grazian: expensive to pay, is the cheapest. Buy at high prices is the assets, you can let you take the surplus. Free to get the debt, every day you pay more.


Wealth of human nature of the seventh sentence: from the ancient Greek wise Democritus:

Be cautious and firm.

Caution is to speak to something to be retained, and firm and vice versa. The opposite of the two things, how put into a pot?

In fact, this is the realm of wisdom. Too cautious will lose the opportunity, too firm and will encounter great risks. Must be living in the two, it will not let their own gone.

How to live in the package does not lose the loss of both?

There is a joke, you can give us a little Tip:

Father to educate son: child paper, to remember that success requires honesty and wisdom.

Son: … what is honest?

Father: Honesty is to keep your promise.

Son: … what is wisdom?

Father: wisdom is not promise!

Be careful and stick to it, and do not promise to win your promise. To do this is not difficult, as long as you change the black and white extreme thinking, you can.


Wealth of human nature of the eighth sentence: from Winston Churchill:

Success is constant failure, without loss of enthusiasm.

Understand this sentence, first look at some time ago, pushing the popular American guy Johannes Haushorse. This person posted his resume online:

In 1999, the application for admission to the London School of Economics and Economics was rejected.

In 2003, apply for admission to Cambridge, University of London was rejected.

In the same year, apply for admission to Harvard University, Stanford University both refused.

In 2008, the application was admitted to the Stockholm School of Economics.

In 2014, the job was rejected at Harvard, where Berkeley was dismissed, and MIT was closed to his nose. The three were listed because he went to three sites and asked: I have a chance, I also you a surprise … … was the same as the dog off the dog. And he voted, but no echo of the place more, has been unable to list one by one.

This person is miserable, that he is now … … starved to death?

– he is a well-known professor at Princeton University, published in the United States authoritative science magazine published many articles. Internationally influential.

– People are accustomed to listing their own successful experiences, but Johannes Haushorh has listed his own failure experience, only to be surprised to find that he has more failure than any loser.

So he said: I tried most of the things ended in failure. Can outsiders can only see my success, fresh can see the failure. So some people think that what I do is successful. They are more likely to attribute their failure to their own, rather than the world’s random – in fact, success is a small probability of events, but the interviewer was good mood, let you only.

Repeat the words of Professor Johannes Haushorff: success is a small probability event, and failure is inevitable.

Whether you want to get wealth, or the pursuit of other things, success is the result of many attempts. Some people only see the wolf eat meat, did not see the wolf beaten, mistakenly believe that the success of others easy. So because of fear of failure, fear was ridiculed, and the delay did not dare to act.


Repeat the eight words about the wealth of human nature:

Lao Tzu – days of the Road, loss and more than enough to fill. People of the Road, otherwise, the loss is not enough to have more than one.

This sentence, that is, the integration of people and then, presented by the permanent unjust social laws.

Cao Xueqin – in the end intended to be difficult.

Proitigola – man is the scale of all things, is the existence of the existence of things the scale, but also does not exist things do not exist on the scale.

Machiavelli – the respect of others, from respect for our status, rather than respect for our people.

Liu Yong – people are incomplete, but do not accept the slightest flaws.

Barthesha Grazian’s “Wisdom Book” – something free of charge must be a trick. If a friend gives you a benefit but does not ask for a fee, he will ask for something more expensive than you would like to pay for him. This is the bargaining problem, including both material and psychological. Therefore, you have to learn to pay, but also to pay high prices.

More than five words, that is natural expression of human nature – in line with human nature, is likely to be recognized. But the rhythm of human nature and wealth, all that we have recognized, is the departure from the wealth of the law.

Democritus – be cautious and firm.

This sentence points out the wealth of thinking, but also the wisdom of itself, must be impartial, allow them.

Churchill – success is constant failure, without loss of enthusiasm.

Finally, this sentence is to say that the beginning of the line, the line is known to be. Speaking can not do, actually do not know. True wisdom is unity of knowledge and practice, only its actions themselves, only to reflect the value of life.

The last thing to say is: wise small people can not seek big, funny people can not be high. Your eyes are, is your life realm. Dare to face the inner heart, you will see the real, rich and happy themselves. If you dare not face life, life will face you sooner or later. Everyone has the most difficult moments, embarrassing embarrassing but the normal life. And its fear of failure and regret between the repeated wandering, as brave up, face their own heart, before others ridicule themselves, first self-deprecating. Self-deprecating is the sword and the sword, repeated defeated the most powerful weapons, can give us the ability to continue action, you can, you can, you can. Deliberately try to figure out the wisdom of the first philosophy, determined to do the meat of the wolf, endure the world’s stick stick stick hit weight forward, until completely change their own destiny.