XiongAn will be a loud slap in the face

This time the concept of speculation that the fire of the fire, did not hold back the attention of a bit, see the details of a very frightened, can not help but anger.
Reform so far, the construction of a variety of new areas have a dozen. Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong, in the domestic demand is extremely strong, low labor prices on the basis of only a few years to be successful, feeling the stone for the economic development to find a bright road. Shenzhen’s success has opened the curtain of China’s reform to Shenzhen as the main body of foreign trade, the Pearl River Delta for the production of wings of the economic new area is still China’s most important production base.

The hypothesis of the market economy is: “rational people to take their own interests to take action.” Shenzhen reform means that people are allowed to get rich in law, the outbreak of the great momentum to make China only three decades, from the bottom of the world economy into the top two.
Thirty years later, in addition to Shenzhen, the successful circle only Shanghai Pudong. Shenzhen rely on Hong Kong, Pudong is dependent on the Jiangnan people over the past century of human accumulation. Shanghai opened a hundred years, a large number of private capital deposition and capital awareness, the surrounding is concentrated after the founding of light industry and service industry. Relying on savings, Pudong can stand out from a dozen circles, becoming China’s second successful circle.
There is only a large cost of land is very low, limited knowledge of the labor force, and in close proximity but touching Beijing, Tianjin. To the production capacity of the big tone, Beijing, Tianjin stripped of the industry, can only be the industry to be removed. Moved to Xiong An, can only be a burden, He hi of the? Although the proposed innovation in the file industry to transfer, but have a high level of knowledge of professionals, such as in Beijing, Tianjin, a living, why power will go to Hebei “innovation”? If it is forty years ago, blood young people may be a “mountain to the countryside,” the slogan from their homes. But as people know more and more proficient today, ask ourselves to give up the high-paying work of the North, the children’s good educational conditions and reliable medical care to join in the revolutionary cause?
The country is the fate of the demolition of state-owned enterprises or can bring some opportunities, but these opportunities and Shenzhen, Shanghai, the opportunity is quite different. State-owned enterprises to see the door are his uncle’s two uncle’s niece’s cousin, and ordinary people have little relationship. But it seems that the development model is a planned economy?
Judging from the comments, Xiong will cancel the sale of commercial housing, large-scale construction of public rental, migrant workers to the male security can be proved by the work of rented low-cost housing.
If unemployed or retired, may also be the lack of rental qualifications, only the back to each home, find the mother, obviously this does not meet people’s inner expectations. The old saying goes: “There are constant people who have perseverance.” The great cause of socialism is by no means one day, and requires a long-standing dedication and relentless vigor. Pointing to a group of precarious workers, it is clear that the completion of the socialist building will be in the foreseeable future. Unless Xiong’s wages can be doubled over Beijing, it is difficult to imagine whether the workers will leave their homes to a place where they can not buy “constant production” eager work. At least, migrant workers are not happy.

These people can always be our society can not look into the lower corner. If they are also eligible to rent low-cost, how to assess their qualifications? After all, they will not for their own social security, health insurance, and even a little bit of sesame credit. If not them, what kind of city will it be? People are hungry eating canteens, bored to the auditorium, weekend group picnic, square dance This scene in the “1984” repeatedly described, of course, 60,70 after no stranger. Only the liberal 80,90 back door will allow the optional power to be deprived.
Understanding the “supply and demand curve” of the reader is easy to draw the male supply and demand curve, flexible demand curve and almost no elastic supply curve will make the real estate prices completely out of control, and even more than the north and south several times. “Part of the market economy and part of the planned economy” model is obvious in the security control, so that the real estate prices there is a complete distortion. (Supply and demand of the article before the turn, although not easy to understand, but can understand the understanding of the majority of the market price of the operating context)Singapore real estate reform before a long time of the rule of law, the control of the power of rent is very harsh. Coupled with the small soil, governance is not difficult. But the land of China is not the case, as long as the power of hand, corruption is essential. Public rental itself is a welfare cause, almost no profit, who has the enthusiasm to promote it? Rely on the enthusiasm of the revolutionary building

This sentence is difficult to refute, in power in the construction of public rental housing will inevitably rent.
From planning to construction, from construction to subcontracting, from subcontracting to distribution, from distribution to management. Every link if there is no supervision of the rule of law, are rent-seeking corruption, really have cadres can adhere to fair and honest? Do you have anybody else? I would like to have a greater probability of the real cost of these houses will be somehow lower some of it Affordable housing across the country did not become a model of building quality. People really have the courage to live in the quality of the house is not guaranteed it?
Glittering Zhan’an stands among the world’s attention, becoming the ninth wonder in the world.
Is that lucky? Xiong An early economic relies on the relocation of large state-owned enterprises, these countries have to move a move, money who give? Bank loans? Country subsidy Both are possible, in fact, the source is the same, are our deposits and our tax. If only bank loans, is still benign. But now there is no surplus grain bank, a large number of foreign exchange outflow, the decline in domestic GDP, the bank’s monetary policy is not loose. If the bank can not get the money, it can only be the government to pay. GDP decline, so many civil servants to feed, so many state-owned enterprises to subsidize, but also to improve the welfare of foreign residents. Our government will not have surplus.
This view in our reform three decades has been verified many times, this is an exception?
In order to make up for the lack of printing money, most will still flow into the powerful pocket. Embarrassing state-owned enterprises workers dilemma, Hebei native is difficult to stop hometown. Crowded Beijing in the end for the dumping operations to reduce the number of people flow? Lack of migrant workers in Beijing or Beijing? This mind did not shoot their minds, but to show their own ignorance in economics.