A trader will never see never tired, always treasure the article

An old text, very classic:

Trading the way,
Just easy to fold.
Only to Yin to soft,
Can only vertical and horizontal world.
The world is weak as water,
Then good water.
Equal to a small loss,
Plus large and small profits, accumulated several times.
Do not appear big loss is very simple,
To survive as the first principle,
When there is a danger that hinders this principle,
Abandon all other principles.
No matter what you used to,
How many have 100% of the outstanding performance,
Now as long as the loss of a 100%
You have nothing at all.
Trading the way,
Keep undefeated,
Attack the enemy.
100 million loss of 50% has become 50 million,
500,000 to 100 million to 100% profit only Caixing.
Every success,
Will only make you take a small step.
But every time it fails,
But it will make you a big step backwards.
From the first floor of the Empire State Building to the top floor,
Take an hour.
But jumped from the roof,
Just 30 seconds,
You can go back to the floor.

In the transaction,
Always have things you can not think of,
Will make you a loss.
Need to stop the most simple way,
Just ask yourself a question:
Assuming that there is no position yet,
Whether it is willing to buy at this price.
If the answer is no,
Immediately sold,
Without hesitation.

Contrarian operation is the beginning of failure.
Should not fight against the market,
Or try to beat him.
There is no need to be savvy than the market.
When the trend comes,
Should be followed.
When there is no trend,
View of the static.
Waiting for the trend finally clear,
Do not start too late
This will lose a small chance,
But won the security of the funds.
Your goal must be consistent with the market,
Adapt to market trends.
If you are consistent with the market,
Profits from rolling.
If you look at the wrong trend,
You have to use the old and reliable umbrella – stop single.
This is the relationship between trend and profit.
Trader the success of the two most basic rules is:
Stop and hold.
on the one hand,
Cut off losses, control passive.
on the other hand,
Earnings trend is not finished,
It is not easy to play,
To make full profit growth.
Long on the market,
Most stocks can not be afraid of being temporarily quilt.
Because the next wave of rising will soon get rid of,
Even profit.
At this moment,
Buy also want to know how to sit still,
Regardless of wind and waves, is like a stroll.
The key to trading,
Is to continue to grasp the advantages.

Quick claims,
Is an important principle in short market transactions.
When the position suffers losses,
Do not increase the risk and then stroke.
In the short market,
Do not lose or lose or win.
Do more wrong,
Less less wrong,
Do not do well
In an obvious short market,
If you are afraid to suffer a small loss and refused to leave,
Sooner or later will suffer heavy losses.
A struggling stock in the long-term downward trend,
It is right to sell at any time.
Even if it is sold at the lowest price.
Passively hold it to the bottom of it,
This view is dangerous,
Because it may not be at the end.

Learn to let the funds in batches.
Once the first entry position loss,
The first principle is that it can not be overweight.
The initial loss is often the smallest loss,
The correct way is to play directly.
If the market continues to be detrimental to the first entry position,
Is a bad deal,
No matter how high the cost,
Immediately claim compensation.
Hope at the bottom or head to get a person,
Always get hot potato.
Bear market down on the way,
Money can not win.
Institutions are often more ugly than casualty.
Small capital is not necessary for strategic Jiancang,
Do not need to prepare for the next year unknown market ahead of time.
Do not need and the main difficulties in the end.
A clear downward trend,
20-30 points of the small rebound,
It is not worth the excitement and participation.
Do not have to do something.
Action is not necessarily effective.
Sometimes do nothing,
Is one of the best choices.
Do not worry about missed opportunities,
Good hunters will be good to wait.
In the absence of great opportunities,
To be as quiet as a stone.
The way to trade is,
Patiently waiting for the opportunity,
Patiently waiting for the most favorable risk / reward ratio,
Patiently grasp the opportunity.
Bear market
There are always some institutions,
Holding someone else’s money,
Even if only a few million hope,
Also desperately looking for opportunities to struggle,
In order to break through the difficulties.
We are holding their own money,
To be particularly cherished.
Do not go blind to the bottom,
Do not blindly fry the bottom
To know,
Bottom and top,
Are the most easy to lose money in the region.
When you are confused,
Do not make any trading decisions.
Do not need to barely trade,
If there is no appropriate market.
There is no chance of winning a higher chance,
Do not reluctantly approach.
Stock market such as the battlefield,
Money is your soldier.
In the right direction,
Can be calmly put into combat.
To win and then fight,
Can not win before the war and then win.
Speculative core is to try to avoid the uncertainty of the trend,
Only bet on the obvious rally.
And before there is a considerable grasp of the action,
Give yourself to buy a insurance (stop bit out of)
To prevent their subjective mistakes.
make a deal,
Must have the ability to re-secondary,
Including capital,
Confidence and opportunity.
You can be defeated by the market,
But must not be eliminated by the market.
We came to this market is to make money,
But this market is not a full cash dispenser.

Into the stock market,
Is to rob the people who are ready to rob you at all times.
Stock speculation about the timing and skills,
Opportunity is not every day,
Even if there is,
Not everyone can catch.
To learn to analyze their own good at grasping the opportunity,
To their long, attack the other short.
Have the opportunity to fishing a ticket,
No chance to wait and see.
If you do not know what they are good at,
Do not act rashly.
With the crocodile swimming risk,
Be cautious in the market.
make a deal,
The most taboo use of pressure funds.
Once the funds have pressure,
Mentality will be distorted.
You will be because of the normal fluctuations in the market and panic out,
And even after the discovery of their original in a very favorable position.
You will be subject to the use of funds by the time,
In the absence of the opportunity to desperate,
The final full disk are lost.
Money management is a strategy,
Trading stock is tactical,
The specific price is fighting.

In ten transactions,
Even if the six transactions you failed,
But as long as the loss of the six transactions,
Control the loss of 20% of the total principal of the transaction,
The remaining four successful deals,
Even with three small profits,
To fill the entire transaction principal 20% loss,
Left a big profit,
Will make your income is not low.
You can not control the market trend,
So do not need to control their own situation in the waste of energy and emotions.
Do not worry about how the market will change,
What to worry about is how you will respond to changes in the market.
It is not important to judge right or wrong,
The important thing is when you are right, how much profit you get,
When you are wrong, how much you can bear the loss.
Before admission,
Stop and think about it,
Think about how many professional skills to support their own in the market,
Think about their own mentality can be tolerated ups and downs of the big wind and waves,
Think about whether the limited funds in your pocket have to deal with unlimited opportunities and losses.
Stocks such as the sea, safe to safe.
The wreck of the sea has a pile of navigational charts.
The most important transaction success factor,
Is not used in which set of rules,
But in your self-discipline.
Time to decide everything.
Life is not just a strategic battle,
To some extent also the time and life of the competition.
Baptist live for 10 years,
Every year even if only 5% sustained profit,
The total growth of its wealth,
Also enough to proud of the world.