Do not be silly, 80% of the good job is not on the recruitment site

Work for more than three years, still using the recruitment site job, is your failure
Do not be silly, 80% of the good job is not on the recruitment site
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one question

If you find a job, the first step you want to do?

Some people are sure that the first reaction is – to write a resume, and then upload to the recruitment site up. Search for the required posts, and then post everywhere, wait for an interview with the opportunity.

Do not be silly, 80% of the good work is not on the recruitment site. Especially the recruitment of working people.

An observation

The boss is not the same as you. We think about it – if you are a boss, how is your job posted?

The first step, internal promotion

Have a good job, the boss will give priority to enhance the full-time, positive part-time, or overturned before cooperation. In short, the more important positions, the more to control the risk – to see this person worked, know is Kaopu; and this person contacted, that he is loyal.

So in fact your organization every day flying a lot of good career opportunities. There are opportunities for your high-quality social circles.

It is said that Kai-fu Lee just entered Microsoft, one by one please executives lunch, and they talk about life to talk about work, but also for their own brush sense of existence.

A meeting, he suddenly received a message, a look from the same venue in a senior executive, asked him, “you are interested in XXX jobs?” Kai-fu Lee immediately reply to each other, then the other side to propose: “This Position, I think Kai-fu Lee is more appropriate. ”

– not let you meet the phone, is to let you more and high-level contact, they are often looking for outstanding and loyal people.

The second step, find those who can let me experience the people

The boss wants to let him experience your ability to let him know how you are a person.

If you are a designer, mail your work; if you are a programmer, bring your software; if you are a consultant, list your success stories.

“Super individuals” column on the line, I received a lot of lectures, advice, write the book invitation, but also because my work so that more people intuitively understand my ability.

Further, in the Internet age business failure, project failure can not be terrible? In fact, not afraid, the key is to do the process, so that the outside world fully understand and recognize your ability, so we are willing to give you the next opportunity. You do more times, it is difficult to succeed.

A lot of high-quality opportunities, from here to find people.

The third step, I hope I trust people recommend

The boss began to find those who trust their own, professional discrimination ability to help recommend.

For job seekers, you can find someone who works at your target company and find someone who speaks in a professional circle. Let them help you recommend, delivery resume, the opportunity will be much larger.

Recently, when the line is very hot, and the founder Ji 13 chat, he was very aware of the role of social recruitment in the line – not only provide knowledge services, the key is to find a link you want to see the opportunity. Often talk with the experts chatting, if you really good, the other will ask you, “you have not thought about … …” may be a chance – excellent love, recommend to friends is also social money.

But remember that do not come up directly to the job demand – because the direct job, it is in the release of “I was Cock silk, I do not want to” social signals.

Many people want to be a consultant, trainer, or want to do their own knowledge products, will meet me, a chat down, if really appropriate, even if their company do not, I would also like to recommend to friends around.

A lot of good posts have been finalized here.

The fourth step, it can not find, try the headhunting and human resources it

It can not find the right person, the boss only need to use the headhunting and human resources in the major recruitment website published recruitment inspiration. This time you can through the search, see job recruitment.

You think about it, a good job after: internal promotion, personal experience, acquaintances recommended, and finally open recruitment – this time, the real good job has been little, but also in a variety of thousands of people Resume and then filter again, can find you really Amitosu.

Employers ‘thinking and job seekers’ thinking are graphically shown like this:

Do not be silly, 80% of the good job is not on the recruitment site

A strategy

What does this map give us?

1. Select the path

You find the ordinary people’s job search path, and good job recruitment path, almost exactly the opposite. Choose the path, you can almost out of 80% of the people. Most of the victory, are the mental mode of victory.

2. Write resume, do not vote resume

A career development of a good person, should be able to come up with resume at regular intervals in the social media, headhunting where to update the resume, but rarely “vote” resume job.

Because he has been in front of three rounds: endorsement, endorsement works, endorsement of the organization was selected to go away – so we often listen to cattle people said, “I graduated from college did not vote after the resume,” because no need.

3. serious work, good life. Do not donate it.

Power is not Tang donation is “Fahrenheit” a word, meaning: “gifted industry is not white to be donated, it will use a way you can not understand, back to you.”

In an era of interconnection, input and feedback are faster, excellent super individuals can be buried.