The most beautiful volume of the first and the opening of the collection

As the saying goes, the ancients have realized that reading and writing have a close relationship. Good text, good sentence read much, much more accumulation, thinking to expand, knowledge can be rich and wide, write articles to come in handy, literary and artistic!

Then the following, please parents to follow Xiaobian together with the seven “reader” the opening of the card, and give the children a collection of it.

“Readers” first issue of keywords – met

Program Title:

The reader is to read aloud, in my opinion can be divided into two parts to understand, reading is to spread the text, and people is to show life, will be worthy of respect for life and worthy of attention to the perfect combination of text is our “reader” The

How long have you read aloud? For a long time Because many people feel read aloud, it is the student of things, or it belongs to only a small number of people.

Read aloud belongs to everyone.

Program opening remarks:

Hello everyone, I am Dong Qing. Today, the first time the reader program is to meet with the audience, so the first issue of our topic, also deliberately selected – met.

Throughout the ages, there are so many too many words that describe all kinds of encounters. “This is the sister of the sister, I have seen.” This is between the gem and Daiyu, when the first meeting to meet with joy “Fortunately, tonight, how are you?” This is the “Roman Holiday”, Anne princess muddleheaded meet; “met before you, I did not want to get married, after you, I did not want to marry And other people. “This is between Qian Zhong and Yang Jiang, decided to meet life.

So, as if it were a magical arrangement, it was the beginning of everything. Also hope that from today, “reader” and everyone’s encounter, let us between each other, feel more beautiful.


Readers first season first phase, our keywords are met, because in a sense. All the world, are met, like cold meet warm, there is rain, spring encounter winter, with the years; days meet, with eternal; people met people, with life. So what will happen when the “reader” meets you?

“Readers” the second issue of keywords – to accompany

Program Title:

Why is it a companion? In fact, each of our key terms of choice, is very cautious. Sometimes for a key word will be repeated discussions for a long time, but the companion is the first to determine the keywords, and never changed.

I think because it is warm, it means that in this world someone is willing to give you the best things, that is time. Of course, companionship is also a very common word, day after day, year after year, to the last companion has become a habit, like our readers, Zheng Yuanjie, Joe hazel are talking about their own, between husband and wife Parents are accompanied by children.

In this episode, the most touched me is Yang Naibin, a child who lost his hearing in eight months, in order to be able to make him like a healthy person to grow. His mother, on the first day of his elementary school, became his classmate.

So, I think the companion is also a force. In this world no one is an island, lost companions, but also lost the meaning of survival, so I hope this period to accompany the subject of the program can also bring you a good companion.

Program opening remarks:

“The grass, the knot of its seed, the wind, the leaves that shook it, and the two of us stood and did not speak.” In the poem of Gu Cheng, the companion was so simple and beautiful.

And in each of our lives, will encounter a variety of companions, such as this moment, between you and me is a short companion; for example, our student age, and our classmates, that is A few years of companionship; there is a companion, life is bound by the blood of a lifetime accompanied, that is, we and parents, and children between the companionship.

So, below, we have the first guest …

“Readers of the third language” third topic – choice

Program Title:

Survival or destruction, this is an eternal choice of questions. So that in the end, we become what kind of person, may not be our ability, but rather our choice.

Choose to be everywhere. Facing the sea, spring bloom, is the choice of Haizi; people are not born to be defeated, is Hemingway’s choice; people inherent death, or heavier Taishan, or lighter than the feathers, is Sima Qian choice.

In this period of our program, you will see is that Xu Jinglei chose the challenge and change; Yale village official Qin Yuefei chose the field of hope; red ribbon principals Guo Xiaoping, chose the care and watch; the most touched me Mai Jia, who had rebellious him, now face the rebellious son, chose to understand and tolerance.

Choice is again and again self-remodeling process, let us continue to grow, and constantly improve. If life is a constant journey of choice, then when the thousands of sails read, and ultimately left, is a piece of their own unique scenery.

Program opening remarks:

The subject of our episode is the choice. People in this life, how many times to face the choice, small today we eat something, big to some critical moment in the decision.

One year, a French newspaper held a prize contest, which has a question is, if the Louvre fire, you choose to save a painting? In the end, the answer to the gold medal was that I chose the one closest to the door. So that choice is a kind of wisdom, and our life is also the result of choice again and again.

“Readers” the fourth term – the gift

Program Title:

In this world, how many kinds of love expression, there are many kinds of gifts.

Parents are selflessly foster care; experience after the growth of suffering; continue to learn the accumulated wisdom, this is the best gift.

Like the Nobel Prize winners cut by M. Milos, written in the poem “The Gift”: it was a happy day, and I strolled through the garden, and for the world I had nothing to ask for. This is a gift that the poet presents to his heart.

In our program, I was most touched by Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management of Zhao Jia and Professor, although he has left the world five years ago, but he sowed under a good seed is left to The best gift of all the children in this world.

With pure heart to create, to find, to sentiment, you will have their own gift.

Program opening remarks:

The subject of our episode is a gift. Gift, how beautiful a word.

Looking at the stars, the earth is the gift of the universe to the human; bow staring, a flower leaves, is the gift of nature to the world; the child is a gift to the parents; friends are accompanied by a gift; memories are time gifts.

That in our today’s program time, let us go together to open a different color, but also full of emotional gifts.

Before the start of the fourth period, “Lang reader” also recorded a section of the tidbits.

Dong Qing said:

Twenty-one years, it seems that should be a certain time, I finally have such a chance to do a file you want to do the program.

Thank you to my parents, they let me know that we do not just rely on eating alive, in addition to eating, we also need other things to nourish us, so that their growth, growth, become more perfect.

Reading is to let us meet a better oneself. “Shepherd’s Fantasy Journey” There is a saying: When you really want to do one thing, the whole universe will be together to help you.

“Readers” fifth issue keywords – first time


Program Title:

Our term is the first time, people in this life, to encounter a lot of the first time.

Like this memory, let me remember as deep as Liu Zhenyun, for the first time to the “Anhui literature” contribution, got more than 70 dollars royalties, flee to ask her girlfriend to eat.

Xu Jingqing for the first time in the Great Hall of the People, owned a concert belonging to his own, but he waited for the day for thirty years.

Wang Xueqi twenty years ago for the first time when the director, but the film photographed the last left three people, let him tears.

It was very valuable and memorable for the first time because they meant our growth.

Like the writer Wang Zengqi said, people first, often need courage, but for the first time will often have unexpected gains, because it is to explore, is the challenge, is the opportunity.

So, if your life, can have more first time, but also means that our life, the richer, the more colorful.

Program opening remarks:

The key word for our program this day is “first time”.

Our life, will experience many of the first time, memorable and valuable, it means that our growth.

In fact, think about it, everyone is the first time in their own life is not it?

This can not go back to life on the road, it is many can not be copied for the first time, let us from yesterday to today, to the future.

“Readers” sixth issue keywords – tears


Program Title:

Why is my eyes often with tears? Because I love this land deep.

The choice of the standard word, first of all it is the emotional tension, I hope that all the audience in hearing the keyword, there will be very rich life association – no matter who you are, no matter where you are, whether you are doing What, for example, tears.

This episode, Zhang Jiamin is a fight against breast cancer and twenty-three years old lady, she said: she used to do everything now, is to raise his head, let the tears flow down; director Lu Chuan is a tear Very low people, love tears, so sometimes, he will resist the tears; Siqin Gaowa, a person has been in the story of his tears in the outstanding actor, this time in our scene, she shed Every tear, belong to her own.

Tears are colorless, but it is clear and has the richest color of life.

Program opening remarks:

The main word of our current program is – tears. When it comes to tears, what would you think of?

weak? Tears are sometimes weak, sometimes strong; sometimes repentance, sometimes tolerance; sometimes shy, sometimes courageous; sometimes failure, sometimes successful. Just like everyone, are crying to the world, and when we want to call the curtain, it will be in others tears in the same farewell.

Today, let us in a crystal of tears, to feel the most real life mark.

“Whisper reader” Seventh term keywords – farewell

Program Title:

Farewell is a mood, farewell is also a decision.

South of the geese is a cold farewell to the north;

Autumn leaves are good summer farewell;

The rainy season is a farewell to the drought;

Rainbow is a farewell to the wind and rain;

After the heavy water of the mountain is the lost farewell to the lost;

“Breeze blowing Liu flute sound residual, sunset mountain outside the mountain;” sea confidant, horizon if the neighbors “is a bold farewell;

Every farewell, there is a story, or passion burning, or poignant moving, or thrilling.

Farewell is not forgotten, but turned, farewell is not to give up, but the beginning!

Program opening remarks:

Hai Zi said: “We eventually have to travel, and ultimately have to bid farewell to their own tender, farewell is the road to the growth of the ascetic.”

“Shanmeng Although, Kam book hard care”, which is Lu You and Tang Wan between the heart of the farewell farewell.

“I and who do not fight, and who I disdain, my hands baked the fire of life heating, fire wither, I am ready to go,” This is Mr. Yang Jiang calm and transcendent and the world farewell.

In this episode, let me remember is the writer Cao Wenxuan, he told us and his hometown and his father’s farewell. Let us seem to understand a truth “literature to write a hundred years on a thousand years, in fact, is an article: death from death.”

Farewell is the end is the beginning, is the pain is hope.

Face the farewell, the best attitude is to bid farewell!